Wednesday 6 November 2013

BREAKING : Court of Appeal overturn Independent Living Fund decision!

Wonderful news! The Court of Appeal have overturned an earlier ruling that it was lawful to clos the Independent Living Fund. Crucially they concluded that proper consideration had not been made to consultations which may open the way for further challenge of the 20 metre rule for the new Personal Independence Payments.

According to the BBC :

"Five disabled people have succeeded in a legal challenge to the government's decision to abolish the Independent Living Fund.

The £320m ILF currently provides support enabling nearly 19,000 severely disabled people in the UK to live independent lives in the community.

The High Court ruled in April that the closure decision was lawful.

But the five argued the court had gone wrong in law and there had been a lack of proper consultation over changes.........

You can read the full article on the BBC here


  1. It shameful that any government should put its citizens through this, especially our most vulnerable. The anxiety placed upon these sufferers is immeasurable. The one’s implementing this cruel policy should be sacked, and the governing body must hang its head in shame!

  2. Indeed it is good news

    as for ILF this should have always have been part of DLA
    most of the benefits could have been incorporated in to just one but as the rules for each type of benefit very widely in what you can and cant do it's no wonder the system as always been in a mess

    very few people if anyone hand on heart can say they know the benefit system even i with over 33 years of studying it still today find it complexed and have never found anyone at all at any senior level at the DWP who is up to a level i would say satisfactory

    it's all worded in such a way and just goes on and on page after page of complete and utter nonsense making it look like a farce when in reality just a few words are needed for each type of benefit

    i just guess that's the Oxford way just thank god i never went there it would have made me mental listening to a load of bull day in day out

    i just pity those that go to this uni as trying to make a living on the backs of the vulnerable will never succeed

    my education was all about common sense in which i excelled to a standard not very often seen today

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  4. I do not believe this has any effect in law on properly carried out consultations - such as the recent one on moving from 50-20m.
    The government can make discriminatory and unfair decisions - if there is a policy objective behind them - and if they properly consult.
    This does _NOT_ mean that they have to agree with the consultation - merely that they need to weigh the responses before ignoring them on the basis that the other policy objectives (saving money) are more important.

    1. By 'ignoring' i am guessing you mean 'being uncaring/ unfeeling enough'? We all know the government does this on a regular basis.

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