Friday 15 November 2013

Disabled man risks life to protest DLA changes

If ANYTHING shows how Iain Duncan-Smith's incompetent welfare reforms are targeting the wrong people, it's this story from the Northern Echo.

"Victory for Guisborough man who put his life on the line to protest Government disability allowance changes

A DESPERATE dad refused life-saving medical treatment in protest at being refused disability benefits.

Ian Calvert, 57, stopped using his kidney dialysis machine, despite tearful pleas from his wife, Jill, after being told that new Government rules meant he didn’t qualify for support.

Assessors changed their minds on day three of Mr Calvert’s protest and five days after he last used the machine.

The father, from Guisborough, who has worked his whole life and never claimed benefits before, is supposed to use the machine for two-and-a-half hours, five days a week. He has been told by doctors never to go seven days without using it.

Mr Calvert, of Guisborough, who continues to work 12-hour night shifts as a night supervisor at a chemical haulage firm, also has severe arthritis. He can’t bend, walks with difficulty and has problems using steps and getting into cars. Even sitting down is painful for him and he has special pads on his chairs at work. The Government has changed disability allowance to a new scheme called Personal Independent Payments (PIPs) which involves an assessor personally examining claimants........


  1. Pleased Mr Calvert got benefit, but he shouldn't have had to stop using his dialysis machine to prove a point. The whole disability subject has become an embarrassment and a farce. All because the government has tried to make stupid short term financial gains at the expense of people who deserve respect and care, ignoring the plight that they have been made to suffer. The government is totally inept and is becoming more of a shambles every day. It is disgusting they get away with it so much.


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