Saturday 7 September 2013

Result of WCA consultations

After over 700 comments and years of passionate campaigning, this post will outline the issues I and other Spartacii intend to discuss with the Minister, Mark Hoban on Tuesday. Thank you so much. 700 comments is a credible consultation with a real mandate. There has been some discussion over whether this meeting should take place at all. However, after scouring social media last night, I saw much more support for engagement than refusing to engage. 

Many, many people go their own way in campaigning. Quietly, and secretly behind the scenes. They fear exactly the kind of backlash I've had this week. These meetings are happening day in and day out. You just don't know about them. People don't publicise them, they don't ask what you think and they don't involve you in the process. Spartacus will never do that. It will always be YOUR voice. Paid by no-one, beholden to no-one, influenced by no-one but you. 

This list will almost certainly cause controversy too. We have 45 minutes. There is no human way we can mention all of the vital things that are wrong with ESA and WCAs and why they need to change. It's impossible. Every time I wrote the list, someone reminded me of something else. 

We have ALL campaigned on these issues. We ALL want them changed and we ALL agree they would make WCAs less harmful. The minister already knows all about them, MPs, journalists and campaigners have explained repeatedly. There is absolutely no reason why he should listen to Spartacus any more than he listens to anyone else. But that's no reason not to try. 

Spartacus works for political change. We always have. From working with the Lib Dems to change their policy (incidentally, we persuaded them to vote to ABOLISH WCAs. That became Lib Dem policy) to fighting for amendments to the welfare reform bill. From lobbying parliament to compiling detailed reports and taking the government to court over PIP, they ALL attempt political change. 

It's inevitable that occasionally, we won't all agree. That's fine. We don't have to. But we do have to respect the right of anyone to campaign in any way they choose. It's called democracy. 

So, here are the issues we'll take forward based on YOUR recommendations and suggestions and the things that have upset you the most over the years. In some ways, they may not all be the most important (though I believe they are) but they are often issues the government have pledged to change already but have been slow to do so. Some are relatively easy for the government to implement, meaning there can be no true objection to them. Most are relatively low cost as we all know this government will refuse to spend a penny as an excuse to resist change. 

But they are all vital and if they were all implemented fully as government often pledged to do, the WCA would be a much safer and less terrifying experience. If that's not worth fighting for, I'm afraid I fail utterly to see why. 

Please try to be a little gentle over things we may not have included.

-Mandatory Reconsideration – Assessment phase payments MUST continue through MR. DWP MUST set a time limit. Sheila Gilmore has laid a lot of the groundwork for us on this so we shouldn't need to go into as much detail. the time period for submitting a WCA MUST be set back to 6 weeks. 4 weeks is not enough to collect all the evidence we need.

-Accessible Centres – No more excuses. New centres MUST replace the 29 inaccessible centres.

-Set Min Limits on Re-assessment – 3,6 and 9 month reassessment periods are ludicrous and only slow the system down. For us AND for government.

-Mental Health Champions – In EVERY centre. They promised this but there are still only 60 - less than half of all centres, It has to happen now. Why can’t it/hasn’t it so far & what needs to be done to achieve it?

-Division Cognitive and Physical point scoring as per ESASOS A person MUST be able to score under both physical AND cognitive descriptors again. Separating them is totally unworkable.

-Recording Assessments – Every assessment, every time, just like interviews, call centres etc. This would show a real commitment to transparency and change. Again, they've promised, no more excuses.

-EBR (Evidence Based Review) – New descriptors NOW. 5 years is too long, Too many people have suffered. We were due an update on this months ago. Not one more person should go through a test using descriptors that are biased against them. In this we will also discuss the MHRN case.

GPs and medical evidence - The minister has maintained from the start that the more medical evidence a claimant has, the more accurate the outcomes. He MUST ensure that GPs are able to provide this evidence and not allowed to refuse. Assessors MUST take all evidence fully into account, looking at GPs/Consultants evidence and claim forms first, before considering a WCA

So, that's eight things. There are 800 more. As it is, we will have less than 5 minutes per issue. I really hope that you think this is a good list or at least as good as it can be in the circumstances. I hope you think it represents what you told us faithfully. If all of these changes were implemented in good faith, many thousands fewer would suffer. That has to be a goal worth fighting for.


  1. I think an important thing left out of this is a demand to make ATOS (or whoever has the WCA contract) pay for costs of all reassessments & tribunals which find in favour of the claimant + compensation to the claimant.

  2. I'm glad you are including the stuff on medical evidence. Especially with GPs refusing to give it to us and the DWP/Atos refusing to request it.

    1. The goal post is shifted for every individual even with medical evidence. TRUE.

  3. Best of luck sue, to you and all involved. There will always be naysayers, who criticise but we have to give as broad a view on what is wrong (everything?) with WCA and those conducting them. Hard work for all who compiled the list, and I pray you can get through to Mark Hoban.xx

  4. Well done, Sue and my heartfelt thanks. Peta

  5. Very happy with that, most important issues covered. If they implemented those changes it would make an incredible difference to many. Hope the meeting goes well.

  6. Yes - I think you've done and excellent job. These are important issues and you don't have a lot of time to put them across, particularly given that the government (and Labour) seem to find it so difficult to listen to us.
    Best of luck!

  7. Mandatory Reconsideration – Assessment phase payments MUST continue through MR. DWP MUST set a time limit. Yes, it's introduced next month, so this really is a pressing issue, and the other issues on the list also good choices by those who participated in the selection. We cannot possibly address everything in one short meeting, and so we have to set priorities. These are really good ones

    Well done Sue, for all of your hard work. Thanks for meeting with Hoban x

  8. Sue you can't please all of the people all of the time.... but what your doing is greatly appreciated by so many who don't have the ability to speak out..... thank you x

  9. Give him hell Sue, make him know we vote in a very short time 2015 and we will remember!

  10. Do I agree with everything you say? No.........

    Do I agree with everything anyone else/any other grouping says? No........

    But I think you do excellent and thoughtful and important work, which I appreciate and for which I thank you. You're blogs and tweets etc are always worth reading, even (and sometimes especially) when I disagree with you!

    I have little hope about the outcome of your meeting, but see engagement as essential. It's why I always respond to consultations, even as I know my views will not be taken into account, despite the physical costs. I will not go passively along and allow anyone to infer my tacit acceptance of the brutal policies and attitudes of DWP and many politicians and media.

    The envious attacks that have gone on over the last few days are dangerous for us all. As others have pointed out, our division merely fuels the “rulers” as they seek to suppress us. I voted for choice 2 in that distorted/distorting survey. But it ain’t going to happen in the foreseeable future. Can I ask others to continue to be treated like worthless scum in the interim? No.

    So, I applaud you going to this meeting and think your list is, indeed, a “good” list. Good Luck to you all at the meeting.

  11. You're a very brave & determined woman (I would not wish to be in the same room as that slimy weasel of a man at any time)and I wish you every success. Thank you so much for representing those of us without a voice.

  12. Good luck to you all on Tuesday and thank you for speaking for those of us with only a whisper. We Are Spartacus SHOUTS;-)
    Plus IMO a good choice of points to raise considering how short a time you have with Hoban.

  13. Re "set min limits on re-assessments" - I think you should also add that the clock should start from zero again at the date of appeal. So, for example, if DWP thought someone should re reassessed after a year, the clock should restart from date of appeal, so the reassessment is a year after the appeal, not a year after the original decision. It's a software tweak, I imagine...

  14. Very sad to read that you have decided to ignore the collective wishes of the disabled community. You speak for very few people in the disabled community, only 19%.

    1. The survey is biased, leading and a total sham. People can vote as many times as they wish. As for 81% that's a total lie. There is no way on earth the % didn't change after I posted the survey here.

      You are a bully and all you wanted was for your views to win. Isn't it remarkable that as soon as I asked for access to the survey results you went very very quiet. I asked you 3 times, you didn't answer. I don't mean the results, I mean access to the survey itself, if it's legitimate.

      Have you heard yourself? You write a biased survey, you bully me into hosting it, you claim 81% approval for your position with no proof at all and you claim it represents what exactly?

      Enough, you're a fraud, you've caused untold splits in our community and your voice i no more important than any other.

      You're a fraud and a cheat.

    2. To RCA. Ripples change their size but never leave the stream of warm impermanence. Don't spit on Sue and Sparticus, when they are trying to make the world a better place.

    3. Sue you did ask for access to the survey. I replied asking you if you would adhere to the outcome of it. You choose not to reply.

      People should not be able to vote as many times as they wish. But even if they found a way they should be filtered out of the final results.

      I asked you to write your own survey on this subject but you refused to do so, and suggested I did one which I have done at your suggestion. Re bias i have recieved concerns from supporters of both opposing options that they believe the wording of the vote shows bias towards the option they dont support. So I am happy no party is disadvantaged.

      The 81% refers to the most recent results released. Updated results are expected tommorow.

      I have felt bullied and threatened by your reaction Sue towards me Sue. Additionally others have contacted me to say they dare not share their true opinion with you Sue for fear of retribution. This is why a private vote is so important, so people are not scared into sharing their true feelings.

      To give you access to the survey data would of course puts these individuals privacy at risk so I dont intend to give you access. Should you agree to be bound by the outcome of the vote then I may reconsider this.

      The thing that saddens me most about your behaviour Sue is how you have split our community for a little personal glory. DPAC for example have praised my conduct and denounced yours on their website. If you had approached wow and dpac and others and asked what everyone wanted out of this meeting and how it should be approached you could have built consensus accross all parties and unified everyone. You did not. I fear this is because you see a joint sucess as diminishing your celebrity.

      However it is not to late to unite all disabled people before the meeting. Contact and work with wow and dpac and others to find an agreed way forward.

    4. sue has vast more experiences then anyone else from the angle i view things on bad health and disability

      I have looked at all of your blogs from day one and sue has always been at the foreground with the best way forward

      she has a unique way of writing which is not only engaging but to the point

      more people view her blog then any other welfare blog including mp's

      I am not saying that DPAC isn't as good but the main problem with blogs with to many people behind them can be a problem as we have found out when someone from that blog starts picking holes with sue on this blog

      it's very difficult to speak as one if there are a lot of you in a group are running a blog

      sue and this blog is just that sue giving her views on how she feels she can proceed with very deceptive government ministers

      This in itself is a miracle and i feel that sue will speak for all sick and disabled when she has her meeting next week

      every time sue has put her point across over past few years it's as if i had written it it's been spot on for my line of thought

      Sue has not had any glory RCA and if you think that then that would confirm that the blog DPAC is false

      sue has suffered more then anyone that i can see over many years with a very debilitating illness and from my expert view point is lucky to even be alive let alone be involved in a blog or with the meeting of a minister

      Sue at the end of the day will do her best and with regret i don't see any other person sick or disabled or journalist that will match her in next weeks meeting with mark hoban

      As for myself i just gather all the names and links of those that have died in being transferred from IB to ESA having been told that there fit for work only and pass all this on to the united nations only so that hopefully a proper and full record is kept

      at this time there are no blogs with the full listing only the government numbers which means nothing

      the last figures are posted here but this number is out of date and the new figure is around 15000 but until all of the research in to all these dead sick and disabled people has been scrutinised no court action can take place

      It will however take some years to get on top of this death database and with more deaths planned this year by the government new measures on welfare what may take years to work through now may take decades

    5. one further thing Sue's database of those that have died will be as accurate as possible as I'm sure she keeps a listing for her own personal records

    6. Nick, I've had many beautiful messages of support in the last few days, but that is a really special one, thank you so much.

    7. not a problem sue and am always thinking of you :)

  15. These are great. I'd suggest that you try to prioritise the order in which you tackle issues, based on simplest/least debatable first. In this type of discussion they are quite likely to spend as much time as possible discussing the least workable/most complex demand, so as to avoid getting to the easier-to-implement demands. Then they can claim to have had the engagement but been met with 'unrealistic' requests, and conveniently forget to take action on the areas which are simple in practice but which will still cause them some embarrassment to take action on. If you can get through a few 'simple and obvious' issues with a way forward, and then bring up one 'complex and important' issue with at least 25 mins remaining, that might be about right timing wise.

    Apologies if this is all obvious! Best of luck and thank you so much for doing this Sue.

  16. Thank you Sue, and thoughts with you for the meeting.

  17. Thank you and good luck - you are a remarkable lady. And well said to the bully whose tactics this week made DPAC look like a joke which doesn't help any of us. You have my full support always.

    1. ...Not to mention RCA. Credibility is all and such tactics will destroy any hope we have of changing our lives for the better under this appalling government. (Can you tell yet how angry I was, and still am, when I saw those comments on DPAC yesterday?) Courage, mon brave!

    2. This. Thanks to the way RCA has behaved over the last few days, the bullying and plain dishonesty, I have lost all confidence in DPAC for whom I previously cherished considerable respect.

  18. A great job as always Sue. Thank you for all of your hard work and speaking for a large number of sick and disabled people that need and appreciate your assistance and the democratic way in which you go about it. xx

  19. I'm happy with this result. This post is fair and reasonable. DPAC are letting themselves down if they continue with this misguided spat; sorry guys but we have to work together. I want the WCA completely scrapped and I think that has to be the goal, but if the Mandatory Reconsideration can be scrapped if nothing else then that's going to save some lives. It's difficult, as I'm typing I find myself torn, but we must have solidarity.

  20. A very good list.I just hope you get somewhere with this. Good luck and thank you.. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  21. Can I just add I did vote for option 2 but I regret this now, you are right it"s better to get one thing changed than nothing at all.

  22. You'll do your best sue and that's all you can do if it were me with mark and co i would emphasis the many deaths and on how that is stopped immediately

    Be it a hotline set up so that those at risk of death be it medical or suicide can get to speak to someone at the DWP before their deaths occur so that all of those responsible in their case can be tracked and monitored for any irregularities which has led up to their failing for receiving ESA ETC

    This is a very important safeguard as it gives reassurance to a person that is on the edge of killing themselves mainly those with mental illness although not exclusive as some may just be too ill to fight on and just die of their illness without anyone knowing

    All deaths need to be recorded however with a full list that the DWP know about to date so that a proper remembrance day can be offered to the welfare victims

    We have to remember also that the survivors of welfare reform will in many cases feel guilt that they have lived while there friends have died will cause them long term depression which will lead them to take their lives in some cases

    This applies to anyone who escapes death and leaves a feeling of guilt that they have survived

    Mark needs to also understand that there are no winners and there are many like myself who have lost all their on line friends bar yourself

    For myself I feel odd at times of the day when my thoughts are with those that have died even that I never knew them face to face he does not make it any less painful

    If I were well I would leave the country as that is the only and correct course of action but I’m not and have to live in a country that I don’t even understand any more and that is a very painful existence especially for someone like myself already in a lot of pain

  23. Well done Sue. A perfectly achievable list.
    Good luck.

  24. Good luck for the coming meeting, Sue.

    All the best.

    Red Miner (twitter - @RednorthUK)

  25. Sue I wish you luck and a good bath afterwards to get rid of the contagion! Joking aside, I am in awe of your determination and fortitude. I'm sure the list is what is required, and the movement you need will be on your shoulder, to slightly misquote Paul McCartney!

    Talking about the "movement", I was livid when I saw DPAC/BT's diatribe against you. I've withdrawn from both groups. They certainly seem to have swallowed the Tory line of "divide and rule" hook, line and sinker. We all need to work together, and those groups need to grow up and stop sucking their thumbs in a corner.

  26. I think DWP could combine the WCA test with the one for PIPs too.

  27. I'd just like to say that in nothing I've ever seen you tweet or write about have you appeared to be out for personal glory. And I'm amazed that people have the audacity to say that given that it would probably be so much easier for you personally if you didn't have the added of stress of trying to fight the system on a daily basis.

    Anyway! As a non-disabled person, I didn't fill in the survey and usually veer away from trying to discuss topics I'm not 'justified' in discussing. However, I did want to say that I think you're taking the sensible route with what you;re focusing on in the meeting. The DWP *know* the preference is for the WCAs to be scrapped. Going in there and saying that will just lead to a polite smile and some nods. Everybody who has been following the various campaigns over the last few years knows that the DWP is aware of how divisive and dangerous their policies are, but them knowing doesn't change their approach. I think it will alter eventually but that may be down to a change in management rather than the ability to change the minds of those already at the helm.

    Going into this meeting with a list of immediate concerns means that you can hopefully improve the WCAs for people in the short term. All the things you've decided to focus on will contribute to a slightly better assessment process. While we're waiting for the government to catch up with public opinion on this, you can at least try and make the assessment procedures more stringent and sensible.

    Good luck with the meeting. I hope you have some success.

  28. Yours is absolutely the right strategy. I will also be supporting the WOW petition event on 28th Sept to scrap the WCA but a campaign like this has to be fought on every front, including negotiating. I really do admire your guts. And for anyone to claim that you're just in this to cosy up to a Tory minister is just bizarre and insane.
    Your list of demands has my full support.
    Good luck

  29. Thank you all so much. Your comments and support gave me the confidence to stand my ground and it looks like there may even be a solution if you follow my twitter account tonight.

    Let's all pray for it. That all groups will put ego and fear aside and believe in their power to change things. If we can present a viable alternative that all sign up to, it would be very hard to ignore forever.

    Whoever you are, whatever groups you might support, this is a chance for everyone. Read the tweets and do all you can to unite and move forward. Alone we whisper, together we shout.

  30. I a actually wrote this as a response to the attack on Sue and Spartacus by DPAC. Since they decided not to approve it I thought I would post it here as well.This is just great, what a perfect way to ensure we accomplish nothing.
    Attacking Sue for trying to maintain a dialogue with this government over WCA and ESA , which we all agree should be scrapped, only falls into the governments hands. We are now arguing about who has the right idea and direction. Expecting this government or any government to scrap WCA is absurd, they won’t! Honest open dialogue will accomplish change, it may be slower than we would all like but each little step moves us closer to our goal. Which in my humble opinion is that our goal is and should be the respectful treatment of ALL disabled people.
    To Jill, you have never read Sue’s blogg, this is obvious by your outrageous suggestion that she is after some well paid position. Sue spends 3/4 of her life being sick and in the hospital, she is a very courageous woman who despite her own illness spends a huge amount of time, energy (that she doesn’t have to spare) and effort to try to get us all a better deal. She has my total support as we can only win if we negotiate, demands will always fail. - See more at:

  31. I have not seen the DPAC/BT attack as some have called it on Sue as yet but I shall get round to it.

    One thing I shall say though is that I continually hear people saying that "we should all support one another" well that's all and good but this support is very often Not reciprocal as I've found out?

    I was approached right at the start of the WOW campaign to support them, I said I would do so, I even put up the campaign details on my site with their campaign logo, I was informed that my groups info would be displayed on their website, this never happened, after the initial contact from the WOW campaign I never heard anything again?

    It seems that not all groups are on the same page and as for people saying that the present day WCA process will never be ended that is not the attitude that is needed either?

    I do not think Sue is after a well paid position but I'm afraid I think she sometimes gets too close to the enemy as do one or two other campaigners who appear very elitist about their own campaigns and connections?

    The last couple of years has showed me how totally out of touch some of the people who you would expect to be campaigning at the forefront of our problems with the government would be, people like Baroness Tanni Grey Thomson, Ade Adepitan, these are just a couple of people who I think could and should do more to highlight what is going on in this country, sadly neither seem to have really grasped what is going on in the UK with the disabled and sick community?

    DPAC & Black Triangle are at the forefront of campaigning for the rights of disabled and sick people in the UK, they have achieved much without trying to enslave themselves at the feet of celebrity and political machination?

    David Cameron said "Where all in this Together", I'm afraid when it comes to campaigning we are NOT and that is one of the major obstacles to achieving success, in some cases ego gets in the way.

    Paul Smith
    Founder - Atos Victims Group

    1. Paul, how can it be elitist to ask all to take part? How can it be elitist to have refused any and all funding so that I can be utterly true to myself? How can it be elitist to always ask for others opinions rather than do what everyone else does and rely on my own? How can it be elitist to refuse to make Spartacus a paid for group because that way all and every voice within it is equal? Because I don't believe some can afford to - or need to - "join" things?

      I'm sure many criticisms could apply to me, but elitist is definitely not one.

      I hope you'll feed into any summit that might happen if the other groups decide on it.


    2. I'm sorry Paul didn't get his group publicised. Most of the folk who work for WoWpetition are disabled and bed-/house-bound and doing the campaigning around just coping with living.

      I moderate the facebook page and cannot get other folk to volunteer to help out, so that I am more often than not in a permanent state of exhaustion. I imagine that the person or persons in charge of the website are similarly snowed under.

      Perhaps if you were to send a polite reminder to add your group to the roll-call of supporters, that might nudge them into remembering. Far better than taking umbrage, harbouring a grudge and then whingeing that we are not all being supportive of one another and in so doing not being supportive yourself.

      In my personal capacity, I have already expressed my support for Sue and am more than happy to state that realistically at this time we have to go for what we can get now.

    3. Paul, WOW petition is run entirely by sick and disabled volunteers and as you'll be aware people come and go due to illness and having to concentrate on their own work capability assessments for months at a time. I think you must have spoken to someone who is no longer helping out and it must have been an oversight as WOW does support Atos Victims. You will see that your group has been added to the list of friends on the WOW website. I think if everyone can work together in harmony then we are a force to be reckoned with.

      Very best wishes for your meeting Sue, Sam, Stef and Michael Meacher MP. If the minister tells you that they don't want to "write anyone off" you may hear me scream from several hundred miles away. Good luck!

    4. Criquaer

      Just so you know I suffer with several disabilities and I'm cared for by my wife, I know only too well about the struggles of disabled and sick people.

      My campaigning has led to me receiving "Cease & Decist" legal letters from the Atos legal department, they're threats to get my website closed down never detered me one bit, I hate bullies, in the end my website was closed down by the Atos legal threats to my servers, however I emerged stronger and with the help of a good mate came back stronger?

      I have no help to run my site whatsoever I am also in the process of being assessed by Atos so I know what I'm talking about?

      As for your opinion that I'm Whingeing I think NOT?

      Anyone going into a meeting with any member of the government needs to make it clear that the only way forward is for the WCA process to be scrapped with immediate effect before more innocent people are killed, no tampering with the process will make it better, an injustice is an injustice and always will be until it's rectified?

      When a system tells parents that their 24 year old paraplegic deaf and blind son who needs care constantly that "He's Fit for Work", surely we must bring about the end of that system, no negotiation with those who relish the system that is destroying peoples lives?

  32. Paul
    i don't campaign my life was blighted 33 years ago by the DWP
    what takes place today thou is far worse with many dying in my early days it was being kept prisoner in the home no INTERNET so couldn't speak out and nothing then from my mp

    today my Tory mp never calls round to see me as i look like a prisoner of war all brought on by the stress of the DWP over 33 years of abouse

    many would have died in this period but without the internet whose to say how many

    i only person know of one my neighbour aged 35 weighed just 5 stone i was only 8 stone at the time and 6ft 2inch

    what the problem today is in that everyone thinks things are different from the past but there not it's just very different that's all people have always died through DWP error

    your doing your bit and supporting the death victims and sues doing her bit and that is a good thing you are both under enormous pressure so i would expect the odd ding dong as you wouldn't be normal if everything was plain sailing
    keep up the good work

  33. Just wanted to add my support and good wishes for Tuesday.

  34. one more thing
    do get mark to read this blog of yours sue had he done so from day one you wouldn't be needing to meet him on Tuesday as he would have knows what the issues were and taken the necessary steps on welfare reform the same applies to IDS

    A bit of common sense i would have thought

  35. The last couple of years has showed me how totally out of touch some of the people who you would expect to be campaigning at the forefront of our problems with the government would be, people like Baroness Tanni Grey Thomson, Ade Adepitan, these are just a couple of people who I think could and should do more to highlight what is going on in this country, sadly neither seem to have really grasped what is going on in the UK with the disabled and sick community?

    very true but with their background there very far removed from society they just typically just focus on themselves with a look at me attitude which is very typical with those that have made a name

    If they were like sue with getting things done they would lose all their friends in high places so they have to keep there heads down and their lips shut

  36. I should just remind you all that the Atos contract confirms that the Atos assessment will be given priority over any input from GPs or any other doctor.

    Good luck next week Sue.

  37. one more thing I'm just getting a update of a suicide at east Croydon train station my daughter has just phoned me so this is braking news and we will need like in most cases like this that go unreported to find out the cause and report back at a later date

  38. Good Luck Sue.
    God is with you.
    Never underestimate the power of prayer. x

  39. one more thing that I've come to a conclusion on which a few may seam far fetched and that's in going forward the government have created a climate of fear for all of the sick and disabled

    What this means is that every day for the rest of our lives there will be doubt as to our ability to work in the eyes of the government we will always have to think of ourselves as scroungers

    the constant retesting of our abilities to work will always be at the fore front of our mind and in turn will effect our ability to sleep properly

    slowly one by one we will die as lack of sleep and constant stress is always a killer

    For those fit today they to will be under the spotlight at the first sign of illness or disability and their deaths to will come about as the pressure they will face without any previous experiences of bad health or disability kick in as their home and marriage will be under the spotlight like never before and in reality start to breakdown

    getting bad health or a disability from being fit is bad news and in the past people may have lost their marriage but kept their home

    in the future however most will not only lose their marriage but their home as well

    The government has set in place a domino type of effect in going forward over the next 20 years and over this period of time very few sick and disabled people will be left alive only those that can support themselves will be left

    it is not only the sick and disabled thou that will be affected but all unemployed people anyone out of work wont even have a home and like the sick and disabled will go on to die a painful death from homelessness

    these are my findings and beliefs that the government will follow labour or conservative it wont matter as the death seeds have be sown and only a complete rethink on welfare reform will save the day

    by the year 2050 in all probability sick and disabled will just be words in the history book it will be just like when i was a kid in the fifties in London i never once saw a disabled person in 20 years sure they were there but you never saw them and you didn't even know they existed

    And that my friends in summing up is the mountain we have to climb with sue leading the way and may the good lord be with her every step of the way not just for now but for always into the future

  40. I think it is shocking the way the government is trying to destroy and criminalise sick and disabled people. If they are not trying to do this, then they are so very short-sighted, that they shouldn't be in government. They should be held legally responsible for all the damage that they are causing to sick and disabled people.

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