Thursday 26 September 2013

Bedroom Tax Success!

I was so going to rest today, wallowing in my post-conference come-down.

But this news is just too good not to share!

A few weeks ago, a judicial ruling in Scotland found the government to be acting unlawfully over certain aspects of the bedroom tax.

However, most of us had no idea whether that would set any kind of precedent for UK law.

Well, today a judge has ruled against the Conservative controlled Westminster council. The guardian report that

"A central London housing association tenant has won an appeal against the imposition of the bedroom tax by Conservative-run Westminster city council, in what is thought to be the first such victory in England"

The judge ruled that

"The term 'bedroom' is nowhere defined [in the relevant regulations]. I apply the ordinary English meaning. The room in question cannot be so defined."

You can read more about it here

Please, as ever, share with your networks and RT this as widely as possible. It's unadulterated good news


  1. That is certainly good news. I wondered whether law would be on our side on this.

  2. They'll waste no time cooking up an amendment to add their intended definition to the law. You can be sure of that. While probably criticising the judge for not taking intent of law into account.

    It's still good, though :)

  3. that is good news and lets hope the government loses the appeal

  4. And also in today's news -

  5. Everything is now backfiring on The Tories. LOL. The People are now reawakening from deep sleep. Well done brothers and sisters.

  6. Great result and landmark ruling that hopefully will pave the way for success at the Court of Appeal :)

  7. For a bedroom to be classed as a bedroom it must be at least 70 square feet , anything under that size can only be occupied by a child under 10 years old .

    For those interested I found this ....

  8. Thanks so much for taking the time to post this. Great news!

  9. Dave and mates have overstepped the mark. Many people now see the bedroom tax as unfair and punitive and punishing the most vulnerable in society. It is an albatross around his neck. If he scraps it, he will have egg on his face and all the people who warned him about it will say so, and if he brazens it out he knows that many people will vote Labour. This is to Dave C, what the poll tax was to Mrs Thatcher. He may very well have bitten off more than he can chew, but whichever way he turns, he will lose and look bad. When people are cruel and unjust, it has a way of biting them back on the a**e. And this present government have been masters at cruelty and injustice. I believe we need a change, After three years of these, the country is in a mess; whatever happens it could not be any worse.

  10. T-Childs i wouldn't write him off as his supporters loves what he does and i may add their number although getting smaller still have the power to rule the roost at the next election as UKIP are of the same mould and between them will have more votes then labour at the next election

    if it wasn't for UKIPS blatant hate of the EU and immigrants they would be best of buddies with the conservative party

    I should add that many conservative mp's share ukips values in private they to hate the EU and immigrants but keep their mouths shut to stay elected

    both parties for the record also don't like the sick and disabled as well so labour at the next election will have a tough fight on their hands to get into power

    1. Don't be fooled by the Ukip vote, they are still as narrow-minded and pathetic as the likes of BNP and other 'Leave our island alone' parties. Labour and Lib-Dems can always hook up together if conservatives really threaten another four years of crap politics.

  11. that's very true martin but the vote will still be based on what the people who at this time ARE THINKING and their thinking that the conservatives should get tougher on welfare and to hell to those that die and that's the grim reality

    At the end of the day it's not what a politician or member of the public says in public it's what he or she is thinking in private and that my friend is the grim reality of what the UK is all about and always has been

    The people of the UK throughout my life time of 60 years have always come across as a selfish bunch of people in the vast majority of cases

    My eldest daughter who at aged 30 agrees with me and she works with the sick and disabled and has done for years

    my wife works in the catering field of 30 years and she to agrees with me and she specialises in working with those at the top of society and she finds this group very selfish me me attitude

    with such a selfish country that just itself is a hell on earth to run if at all hence year in year out those at the bottom like the sick and disabled get a bad deal and in turn kill themselves as the pressures of being a burden become to great

    This is very bad time to live in the UK for a lot of people and only the conservatives have a clear plan for the future and that's to shrink the state by whatever means possible and only those who pay there way get to live here for everyone else it's a case of die or work and as we can all see David Cameron is crystal clear on where he's going and that clarity sends out a very powerful message to the electorate to vote for him and if you don't you'll go bust

    At this time the vote if we were to vote tomorrow it still would be a lib /conservative government but come 2015 i think with much regret it will be a ukip / conservative government and the reason for that is i believe ukip will tone there language down with regards the EU and immigration and then that will give them the edge at the ballot box over the liberals

    As for labour and it's voters I'm not so sure if they could bounce back with Ed running things he's a nice guy but his message from his team is not very transparent and sounds false

    In my eyes it's sounds very force the same as Cameron but with regret the public cant see it or have no wish to see it but it's very clearly there

    Nigel Farage on the other hand is very transparent and open and if it weren't for his scolding views on immigration and the EU along with welfare he would be prime minister without a shadow of a doubt the same with Boris Johnson he to like Nigel Farage have a charisma that can win vast amounts of people over and by 2020 you will find that Boris Johnson will be prime minister with a coalition with UKIP

    Even if labour were to win in 2015 they would then lose in 2020 as Boris would out gun Ed on personality alone

    You have to remember Boris is very flexible with his thought process he may be wrong but knows how to rectify a wrong and get back on track plus he doesn't have a bad word to say about immigrant's or the sick and disabled and to many he's good for a vote

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