Sunday, 29 September 2013

Britain CAN do Better than This!!

Having listened to Ed's speech on Tuesday, right there, in the conference hall, the mantra "Britain can do better than this" filled me with hope.

Rather than go into detail, I thought I'd simply re-post an article I wrote for Labour List over 2 YEARS ago.

Finally, it seems, my party are regaining their confidence, regaining their voice. The one that speaks to the many not the few. The one that speaks of hope not fear.

"Oh Labour! Labour, Labour, Labour. My poor, tired party with no confidence.

Are we really so lost that we can’t think of anything to say that doesn’t sound a bit Tory? So meek that we’ve forgotten how to frame our argument? Are we really only left with “scroungers” and “cutting a bit less”?

Of course we’re not. People want to hear that we can be a great country again. That we can recover from the mess caused by the global financial crash together and come out of the other side stronger. They want to hear that this is an opportunity. A once in a lifetime chance to stop and take stock, to think about society in a fresh, empowering, way.

They want a blueprint for business that focuses on development and excellence and innovation. From science to medicine to new technologies and a world class green economy, using the pioneering skills we’re so good at developing.

The public know that this is a unique chance to question and improve the economic systems that could be making the world a better place, not a greedier place. They want a global response from politicians with the vision to work together. They don’t want us to batten down the hatches in fear, impotent and trapped, they want us to move on with confidence.

They want to hear that we will focus on excellence and diversity of education for every single child – they instinctively know that this leads to work and wealth.

They want to be told that if the rest of the world wants to race to the bottom, the UK wants to reach for the top. That brave politicians can choose not to make people suffer and instead, will stretch every fibre of imagination and resourcefulness – especially in tough times – to help them get on.

Do you have to be anti-business to say “Hey guys, how about we set up an “All in it Together” programme? “Voluntary contributions from the biggest businesses in the UK to fund apprenticeships, keep libraries open, fund scholarships or training?” If there was a sense that we really are all in this together, I have a feeling confidence would change overnight.

Why does it all have to be “tough” and “austere” and divisive? Why can’t it be co-operative and inspiring and bold?

Labour will win voters back when we remember how to be confident. When we remember that good Labour policy is usually positive and inspiring, not negative and judgemental. By making our message one of hope and optimism, we back the coalition into an austerity corner. A gloomy, cutting, destructive, economy-stifling, corner.

Now isn’t that a much more logical place for the coalition to be?"

You can read the full transcript of Ed's speech here :


  1. Very good article, just like all the ones you post, carrying a good strong message, giving hope and inspiration. Well done Sue, let's hope for the very best. Thanks.

  2. The ideology, the nasty stuff, comes after the reality that some people would rather live in a nasty and divided world they can screw four ways till Sunday, whilst of course making sure they and their precious families have the best of everything and want for nothing. Perhaps Dave and mates are on their way out hey? Let's hope so, and if we all vote against them, we can all give him a jolly good push as well!