Saturday 26 May 2012

On arriving home from hospital

I wrote this years ago, after a long hospital stay. You never truly appreciate simple things until you've been deprived of them. Just a warm breeze on your skin, a kiss from your child, the light flickering through leaves on the table, gives more joy than I could possibly explain.



Sensory overload. 

Fire flickers, Dave,

Sinatra ears and Chablis ice lips

Purple Haze, nowhere to be. 

Slade & chestnuts, Christmas shopping, scented trees and Dad's beef stew. 

Aloof cat, (loves me really)

Colour! Scarlet! Azure blue!

My Red Bed!
My Golden Seaside

Comfort and presents and diamonds. 

Food, friends and free will.

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

Utterly helpless to In Control
Horribly frightened Quietly Calm
Truly alone to Wrapped up in loveliness
Six year old child to Entrepreneur
"Needs to be sectioned" to "Wow, look at her!"
Starchy linen to Fake Fur

Deprived to Spoilt
Prose into Rhyme

Bursting with life after thinking I'd die. 


  1. Nice one Sue, enjoy your freedom.

  2. You are so fab Sue! Scared little woman to Inspirational SUPERHERO - Thats YOU!


  3. Oh, Sue, I am so glad you've come through! I've been so worried about you and your family.

    Love Helen T. xxxxx

  4. Hi Sue, So glad to hear that you are out of the far side and able to post again. We have missed you and worried about you, so this is the best of news.

  5. Glad you are home at last. Enjoy your freedom and your family. Wishing you a speedy recovery, you so deserve it.

  6. Hi sue I just wont to say to you that I think you are a tower of strength and a truly remarkable person I have found your blog to be a shining light in dark times and I’ve also shared your blog with my mum ..Thanks for being you

  7. Welcome home..there's never anywhere like

  8. Glad you are home safe and sound xx

  9. Home is the best place in the world - such wonderful words - resonate to the inner place.