Monday 28 May 2012

Atos and the Paralympics

For anyone who might be interested, here is a slightly longer (original) version of the article I wrote recently for the Guardian about Atos and the Paralympics.

"I love the Olympics. One of my earliest memories is of the entire family setting alarms for 4am to watch Robin Cousins win gold in the ice skating. We always watched every event, from archery to synchronised swimming.

I loved the superhuman excellence, the sheer grit and determination on the faces of the athletes. The dedication to perfection, the sacrifice that meant nothing – nothing was more important in their lives than that finish line or target.

I clearly remember the first time the Paralympics came onto my radar. I watched, literally open mouthed as Tanni Grey-Thompson set her eyes on a distant prize, gritted her teeth, shut out the thunderous noise of the crowds, then hurtled down the track with such speed and grace, it was hard to believe she had any kind of disability at all.

I was similarly awestruck by my first glimpse of the seemingly bionic Oscar Pistorius. As he raced down the track on those incredible prosthetics, I could hardly believe my eyes. Did I enjoy his achievement more because he was disabled? I think I did a little. That same sense of overcoming great challenges that I had always so admired in traditional Olympians, magnified 100 times in a man determined to be the best, whatever the odds.

When I heard that the UK had won their bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games I was thrilled. I saw it as an honour, a wonderful chance to show these superhuman athletes the respect and honour they deserved. To celebrate their achievements, and though I was ill myself by then, to actually have the chance to go to some events! I told my children about how wonderful it would be, described the atmosphere, saved every penny I could.

My first disappointment was the price of the tickets. I’d saved £1000, determined my children would get to take part in this historic, once in a lifetime event. But I wanted them to follow an event through some heats and a flagship final. Even my £1000 wasn’t enough, and even if it had been, the finals were all way to late in the evening for small boys. Soon, accounts of corruption and corporate favouritism emerged. Most of the best tickets would go to dignitaries or corporate sponsors. I was heartbroken.

Soon stories emerged of corruption all through the event – billions spent on terrifying security, a budget out of control, decadent perks for the Olympic committee that read like the last days of Rome. A dedicated traffic lane that could only be used by VIPs and sponsors. Still the budget raged out of control, mocking austerity Britain. More security, drones above the stadium, a London more evocative of the Gaza Strip.
But as a disability campaigner, the greatest injustice had to be the day we heard that Atos would be sponsoring the Paralympics. The very company charged with denying disability on a national scale through the government’s flawed and dangerous “Work Capability Assessments.” As hundreds of thousands of “everyday” disabled people were hounded and humiliated into poverty, told they were fit for work with kidney failure or paraplegia or MS, the same company had the cheek to buy a slice of this very “superhuman” image of disability.

It seemed utterly symptomatic of a corporate culture, out of touch and out of control. As Murdoch crumbled, the Met were exposed as complicit and corrupt, as our politicians fiddled their expenses, it seemed somehow fitting that a company hurting so many disabled people should sponsor the Paralympics. Dow Chemicals got in on the act too, causing India to threaten a boycott, MacDonald’s, that ultimate purveyor of junk food sponsoring the pinnacle of fitness; the very last gasps of decaying capitalism seemed to preen her feathers.

Some have called for a boycott of the Paralympics until Atos pull out. Personally, I think this is the worst possible thing we could do. Do the athletes who gave their every waking moment to be the best deserve to have that taken away from them by a company already responsible for the suffering of so many sick and disabled people? Is there any greater contrast to the arrogance and greed of the corporate sponsors than the selfless dedication of human beings who simply want to be the best they can be?

These same companies will try to tell us that these paragons of disability prove that anyone can do it if they only try. This is no more true for disabled people than it is for the able bodied. Very, very few of us are born to be the fastest or the best. But we are born to try, to strive, to overcome and to achieve our own greatness. May the incredible feats of our finest athletes – whether disabled or able bodied – remind our corrupt elite of what it is to be truly brave and decent.  


  1. I am of the opinion and i know there is many who share this view. This has absolutely nothing to do with the achievenments of the paralympians or the "celebrities" it has everything to do with ATOS and the disabled, the suicides, the desperation, the fear & dread and the huge sense of despair and utter neglect felt by the disabled. The propaganda and credibility ATOS will have profited from the Games will be not just for this year but 10 years, who was it said they only needed 9 years? As for the paralympians being all in it together, with respect, i think i have parted from them. Teddy Mcnabb

  2. But can't we see it a different way?

    Atos are going to be very prominent for a while due to the Olympics - with the general public at last, not just those of us already in the know.

    The spotlight will be on them for weeks and what's more, they chose the Paralympics to sponsor! It's like a PR gift to us!!.

    As campaigners, I believe that gives us a perfect opportunity to tell people about WCAs, inaccessible assessment centres, poor souls that died just days after being found "fit for work" etc

    With Olympic emotions running at frenzy pitch by then, the general public might actually hear what we've been trying to say for so long.

    1. But Sue, How will that actually work in practice? An interview or article to say how terrible Atos are to disabled people - with the obvious reply being then why are there disabled people supporting them then? No one will listen.

    2. Disabled people aren't supporting Atos by taking part that's ridiculous.

    3. Well Sue if they arent supporting they are most certainly colluding, im not that naive [ and i doubt you are either] to think that the case for the welfare and betterment of the disabled will be served by these quislings participation, just tell me when has one of them ever publicly and outrightly condemned ATOS, we all know the answer, well thats those of us who arent burying their heads in the sand. One fights the enemy, not collude, support and enhance the status of the enemy. Teddy Mcnabb

  3. My thoughts are this if i were in the team i would not take part to me that is madness as that is to me a very selfish act. So you take part and win and get a medal at the destruction of fellow disabled people complete madness

    The only massage coming out of this is that those disabled that take part and ATOS think that every disabled person is fit for work and that is very wrong but it is and can only be that message in that all disabled people are fit and that is how the rest of the government will see it and the disabled will be left to fend on their own you mark my words

  4. I'm with you Sue. I think it's appalling that ATOS are sponsoring the paralympics, but I think disabled people can make use of that to highlight the atos scandals. I also think that Paralympic athletes provide a very positive role model to young disabled people and to others. They play a huge part for disabled people to be able to demonstrate that we do have a value and a positive contribution to make. I think it would play right into the hands of the tory press if disabled athletes and disabled people were to totally boycott the games. Let's criticise what needs to be criticised but celebrate and promote the positives too.

  5. For the first time, after supporting the cause for which both Sue Marsh and I along with thousands of other activists fight, I find myself in opposition to her acclaimed views.

    I cannot and will not, support a Games sponsored by ATOS a company financed by our Government, which is responsible for the devastation & destruction of disabled peoples lives.

    That disabled athletes should assist this company, ATOS, is an anathema to me. To highlight its corporate profile by embracing its ATOS Logo & sponsorship upon much of their kit in competition is a travesty which will undo much of the great works achieved by the disabled peoples movement in the past decades.


  6. ""This alternative, that I proposed in meetings with the minister and through parliamentary debates, is a workable solution that creates a level playing field with other sorts of hot food and won't endanger jobs, investment or growth."" LibDem MP on the beloved pasty (DT)

    So the pasty has been saved but disabled people can still be used and abused. I'm not at all interested in the Olympics. I do not support it or its nazi organisation - an organisation that sees privilege for the few and cost for the many as the norm. I am not surprised that there are those disabled athletes who cannot see beyond the end of their proverbial noses. After all elitism is encouraged on all Olympic fields. What is surprising is that there is not one bloody big noise about the oppression of disabled people by this government - maybe a pasty is more important. Time to wake up people!!!!!!!

    1. Pete i couldnt agree more with you about these privileged athletes, i wonder how many come from social housing backgrounds and survive on under £8k per year? Quislings the lot of them and their unelected cheerleader, T G-T, who like them have NEVER condemned ATOS outright, not to forget that T G-T who has an "earner" contract with that other obnoxious company Glaxosmithkline. Teddy Mcnabb

  7. This ATOS thing looks alot like trying to be on both sides at the same time, very good marketing in my book.

    I don't like ATOS one bit but i like to look at both sides so.

    Here we are ATOS helping our disabled champions at the Paralympics. but lets hope it does not outshine the wonderful job our friends do at the paralympics.

    On the other hand we have ATOS the bully the people who think its acceptable to laugh if you phone up and say i will be unable to make my test because my medical problems make me unable to leave the house most of the time.

    I did enjoy reading the article you wrote and while i can see both sides of the argument it seems hard to see how this will show them in a bad light. if the news lately shows anything its how the man with the most money can buy himself support.

  8. President Assad like David Cameron is unaware of any concerns with the internal treatment that is handed out to the public ?

    All David Cameron says is that you should appeal if your effected

    1. sounds like hes trying to put at least 3 miles between him and the problem will not get re elected like that

    2. Bob, most people didn't vote for him anyway.

      Unless the Work Capability Assessment is an Olympic event I do not think that one thought will be given to the plight of disabled people in the UK. Indeed the vistors in the ParaOlympics will be thought of as being brave, having courage and determination and being fine examples for all those other lazy, benefit scrounging bastards who should get off their bottoms and get a job.

      Disabled people cannot and will not win at the Olympics. The real struggle continues.

  9. I'm very sorry but on this occassion I have to disagree with Sue.

    I think it's shameful that the Paralympians are NOT speaking out against the Atos sponsorship of the games,those paralympians have the power and position to make a huge difference.

    Think back many many years ago to the days of Apartheit in South Africa, any sportsman or woman participating in any event in South Africa was derided, in my mind there is no difference between what's happening to disabled people in this country and that of the situation in Sth Africa during Apartheit.

    The demonising of disabled people is driven by Political Ideology, the politicians are trying to redefine what being disabled is and means, disabled people as we all know dont have the same opportunities as able bodied people in the workforce, disabled people dont have the same access to public transport, we are denied loads of things that others take for granted, the paralympians should be side by side in this fight against the attack on disabled people, they have the voice that could make a huge difference.

    If the Paralympians dont take this opportunity to support their fellow men and women and children at a time like this, then I for one will never support the Paralympic Games, after all the Paralympics is put on for the benefit of the able bodied elite, it makes them appear as though they actually care, the majority of us will not be fooled.

    Paul Smith

  10. Hmm Channel 4 news are covering it exclusively and I'm wondering where it leaves them regarding any dissent/discussion? I'm not hopeful.

  11. It's interesting that the BBC will showcase the "proper" Olympics but the Paralympics is not worthy of the same treatment and is hived off to a less watched channel 4. so the disabled athletes are already seen as second class competitors.

    I have agreed with all your articles Sue, but I cannot agree on this. Perhaps the disabled athletes have been so busy preparing, they are not aware of what ATOS is doing to others. They certainly won't have found out from any mainstream media.That is putting the best light on it.

    There comes a time in history when personal gain has to be sacrificed for the overwhelming public good. Winning a gold medal is nice but at what cost? Endorsing a company that is inflicting misery,anxiety, stress, poverty and even death on others? Either the athletes should all pull out and make it clear why or refuse to wear any Atos logo. Instead they should compete in black arm bands for those who have died.

    I also wonder if it has occurred to any of them that after their performance they will have proved themselves fit for work and ineligible for PIP? So where will the money come from to ennable them or future paralympians to get out of the house and pay for training facilities?

    What will be the next British Paralympics? Only the disabled children of millionaires who can afford to house/feed them and pay their costs?

    Unless there is a dramatic show of opposition that the media cannot ignore, the public will remain in ignorance of the government agenda and Atos and have another reason to kick all those disabled by chronic illness or other disabilities who can only dream of such feats.

  12. Guys, sorry to be brutal, but you're assuming the rest of the world cares about the same things you do.

    For most people - even most disabled people, disability is not the most important thing in their life. There has to be balance, not everything has to be about fighting.

    Sometimes I even wonder if people WANT to win, so entrenched are they in enjoying losing.

    1. I'm making no such assumption rather see the oppression of disabled people continuing ad infinitum. I don't see myself a disabled first then human - it's the other way round.

      If you are suggesting that we shouldn't care and enjoy the Olympics for what they are - that is what those in power want and expect. The fight for human rights continues.

      I do not understand what you mean by your last sentence

    2. Sue you said

      "Sometimes I even wonder if people WANT to win, so entrenched are they in enjoying losing"

      Those words are an insult to all those people suffering Sue, you honestly think people enjoy losing do you?

      That's a huge shame, I honestly thought you truly understood but maybe not?

      Paul Smith

    3. Sue… may I just say, “Welcome Home”

      It’s swell to have you back in the mad world once more, and of course sharing your words of wisdom with us all – thank you!

      I’m hoping you came out of hospital with enough bits intact that you didn’t need those jars after all, and that you’re still able to sample some of earth’s delights?

      “Life is beautiful, though living can be so difficult”.

      If you get to the games they’ll have you frisked, strip searched and x-rayed for any anti-Atos contraband. You can’t deny you’re a loose cannon Mrs (best behaviour now!) If I’m passing the telly and the games are on, and I see two burly security guards on either side of a wee wuman with duct-tape on her mouth, I’ll know you got a ticket or crept under the fence!

      I agree, there certainly seems to be at this moment in time, more societal interest in pies, pasties and petrol than people who are genuinely sick and vulnerable… and that is sad :0(

      Wishing you well Mrs
      Brian x

      P.S. Just a Little Story:

      A little boy asks his gran: Gran, how did you become so wise, and how can I be just like you? The granny replies, well son, there’s two wolves that live in our hearts. There’s the wolf of love, and the wolf of hate – and your answer depends on which one of those wolves you choose to feed each day…

  13. the bottom line is that government's all over the world have never liked the sick and disabled and at best pay then lip service
    never in British history has a government minister said how wonderful they are and i will help then in any way possible that's never been said and never will be said

    All that happens is when theirs a problem there to blame and in any UN justice they will have to fight tooth and nail to have their human rights upheld and then have to go round and round in a loop to they day they die

  14. I can see both sides of this argument.The young disabled,that want to prove what They can do.And those saying if they compete it will be used against them,us.

    But it is going to happen,the para-Olympics will go ahead.

    But to use it for our advantage.The World press will be there.A good platform to air our grievances.Would be the best we can,and should,hope for.

    1. who will air the grievances?

    2. Good question anon, the truth and reality to date is not one of these quislings will. I watched wishy washy T G-T on tv a few weeks ago when asked about ATOS her sit on the fence response was "some say this, some say that" , their swimming with the sharks, what they dont know is sharks eat sharks. Teddy Mcnabb

  15. It is interesting that apparently one of the main reasons the UK Olympic bid was successful is because they claimed it would be the most "disabled friendly" games in terms of accessibility - accessible tubes, taxis and buses.

    Channel 4 news showed last night that this is not the case.

    They took wheelchair users and a guide dog user onto London Transport. Many taxis would not stop, and many of the tube stations are not accessible to wheelchiars.

    One woman got onto the tube easily at Heathrow - the main entrance point for many wheelchair users - but there was not a single stop on the whole of the Piccadilly Line she could get off, often with the train being six inches below the platform. After an hour and a half she had to wait for the train to turn around and go back to Heathrow to be able to get off.

    Yet this is the reason Maria Miller claims that DLA should be scrapped and the disabled be found fit for work - because everywhere is so accessible to the disabled these days. We shall see.

    1. Ah Ha - that's who the VIP lanes around London are for!!! Got it!! They are for disabled athletes and fans to access the mighty games!!!

      Funny how in Weymouth they are closing a public park for the convenience of VIPs only for the duration. Funny how the main thoroughfares in Weymouth are banned to local peopel as VIPs have to travel to the yacht races. Funny how the local council have spent millions upgrading the roads for the use of VIPs only.

    2. this is how you are treated whilst the olympic torch travels (via bus) around the country

  16. No one can deny the dedication and efforts of the paralympians and their achievements in their chosen sports, and well done to them for their success.

    I'm sure most of those with any form of disability would love to be as successful. For the majority, getting through the day is THE achievement. The fact is that most disabled people are unable to "push the envelope" (for want of a better phrase) because their disability is so limiting. This must surely be the base line for assessment, that disability DOES limit you in many ways and is the reason for needing support.

    Unfortunately, as has been said above, the likes of IDS and Miller will use the paralympian as an example - "If they can do it, so can you and so you should." and base the system around that premise.

    I'm unsure as to how a disabled athlete actually fares during a WCA or in claiming any benefits. After all, if you can take part in a competitive sport, you can't really argue that you are so ill that you cannot do some kind of work (and even as I say that I realise that for some it may be perfectly possible to take part in a sporting event yet be unable to perform any work related activity). As for benefits (or lack of them?), aren't athletes sponsored to some degree, to assist with the costs of training and equipment - especially for high profile events? Would this sponsorship be used to offset the reduction/loss/refusal of benefits? If so, then the paralympians aren't really in the same boat as the rest of us, who can be penalised if we're spotted doing something on a good day that we can't for the other 99% of the time, and probably explains why they are prepared to take part.

    The fact that Atos is sponsoring this event sickens me. Sue sees this as an opportunity to heighten awareness of the activities of this company and the misery it causes but I can't see it happening.

    Atos is the BBC's I.T. partner

    so Auntie won't be reporting anything negative (and hasn't done for a long time). Channel 4 may be covering the event too but, having paid for the privilege, will be just as reluctant to cover anything in their news programmes that puts the sponsor in a bad light. It seems Atos has positioned itself perfectly to avoid bad publicity.

  17. I have to disagree with you Sue. This is an ideal opportunity to shout loudly. The public believe the media and government lies that the 'most vulnerable' will cared for and the large majority of people on the sick are 'benefit scroungers' who are now are rightly being packed off to the job centre.

    Care services are crumbling. The cuts are breaking up families. Once ATOS get the PIP assessments how many will be prisoners in their own homes or have no choice but to put into a care home? People are being removed from their homes and forced into council care right now. People are committing suicide. Sick people are DYING after being found fit for work by ATOS! PEOPLE ARE DYING! You know better than most the dreadful things that are happening to sick and disabled people. Is a sporting event SO important that we can carry on and pretend everything is fine for the benefit of a tiny few who dream of being the best at what they do? Will the media listen to our cries during the Games? Protesting won't do any good with an imposed Police State and half the army on the streets. The government will not tolerate anything other that an idealised image of Brand Britain for the world to see. It's not as if they've given a fair representation so far. So what about the majority of disabled people who will NEVER reach anything like their full potential because of a system designed to treat them like third class citizens? When do they get their medal for winning the endurance race?

    Shout NOW! Make a fuss NOW! The public will have to ask the question of why sick and disabled people are angry. Why are disabled people boycotting their own dedicated event? If we support meekly and keep quiet it will give the impression that everything is fine. It's not to undermine the athletes. They'll still compete if they wish to. Look at it this way. In India there is a call for their athletes to boycott because they cannot stomach the fact that Dow Chemicals is an offical sponsor. A company allegedly responsible for the Bopal disaster. To be frank, I'd forgotten about that until the media reported the call for the boycott. 3,000 people died during the first day. The World has been asked to remember. It's back in the public conscience. If India can take a moral stance surely here in the UK we can do the same for our own? Even if it doesn't come to a full boycott the threat that no disabled person will support the Paralympics might just be the trigger to get the country talking about the reasons why.

    I know you're in a tricky position because you're friendly with Tanni GT and your husband is a torch bearer. This is your own personal decision and I respect that. However, we all look to you for a sort of leadership. We want to get behind your cause and do something positive. Unless someone else chooses to carry the torch for disabled people I think that the Games will go ahead and the opportunity of a lifetime will fizzle out. I wish our athletes all the best.

    1. Carys Davina "Tanni" Grey-Thompson, Baroness Grey-Thompson, DBE is very well supported by friends and family and is financially independent and always has been

      She bears no resemblance to the vast majority of disabled people and never has done if sue happens to be her friend that itself is not a problem

      I'm friendly with Baroness Campbell who is both very disabled and sick and in times of my own turmoil i go to her and like wise she will come to me that's a nice balance i find

      we are where we are and the sick and disabled in going forward will be condemned until their death and that's the only thing guaranteed in life and we must remember that

    2. I never said any connection to Tanni GT was a problem. She's a huge advocate and supporter of disability rights and did everything within her power to give the Spartacus report publicity. Sue must also be immensely proud of her husband carrying the torch. Very few have this opportunity and it must be very exciting. This is all fine and I have no problem if Sue does not wish to boycott the Games. All I'm saying is that it seems the overriding majority of opinion from disabled and sick people is that they simply cannot share this view. Ideally I wish the athletes would at the very least threaten not to compete but they're most likely unaware of what's happening to the 99.9% of us who aren't in their league. My instinct is to support and get behind the athletes but the fact that the Paralympic Committee is willing to grab the cash of this company charged with denying disability is disgraceful. The whole event seems tarnished with corporate greed. Tickets are not easily obtainable to anyone on a low income. It doesn't feel inclusive at all. I won't be watching. That's my decision. Everyone is entitled to take their own moral stance on this. I don't feel inclusive in this country any more either. When backed into a corner you have no choice but to fight back against those who have you trapped. My reaction to this relentless testing is to feel guilty and undeserving, isolated and depressed as never before. I've been forced to question my illness and feel bad because I can't live up to society's expectations of me. I live in abject fear for my future and I simply cannot give my support to anyone or anything associated with this dreadful firm.

    3. [QUOTE] I live in abject fear for my future and I simply cannot give my support to anyone or anything associated with this dreadful firm.[/QUOTE]

      And you speak for the majority and it's a pity that the fit disabled have drifted away from the rest of their fellow citizens

  18. I for one HATE ATOS, hate them with a vengence, I have been on the end of their Legal department and have had a website closed down because of them, they don't like people reporting the truth.

    A few of the well known Campaigners refused to support my "Name & Shame" an Atos HCP, they thought it wasn't right to blame just the HCPs, they thought is was unfair and wouldn't have anything to do with my campaign, many of the campaigners have become too cosy with certain areas of the establishment, the adage of keeping your friends close but your ememies even closer will prove to be useful to only one group, that group is the enemy and the politicians.

    I never realised Sue that you had an interest in the Olympics, your husband being a torch bearer, to me this is something I or any of my friends or relatives would NEVER participate in,knowing the price disabled people up and down the country are having to pay, I'm sorry Sue but this has rather saddened me.

    1. i agree with alot of what you say paul, i have been throne off one disabled site as i suggested that we should do an email campaign to certain people. i am sure that the site was infact covertly run by atos . the latest site that i have contributed to has seemed to have got to cosy. if i was sues husband ,with the torch. i would have highjacked it for publicity as there is a blanket throne over the media it you know of any of the events paul, such as the empty cardboard box lifting event ? as i have been told that if i can do that, i can go back to work and maybe stack shelvs all day. all the best steve.

  19. If anyone wishes to see how well versed some of the more well known Paralympians are, please take a look at Ade Adepitan's website -

    I tried to raise the issue of the Paralympics and disabled people months ago, some people don't even know what Atos do or who they are, that's coming from a well known paralympic sportsman?


  21. You should have nothing whatsoever to do with the devil which is ATOS whoever you are you are either a person who is principled or not a person of integrity or not they are no grey areas any German over 55 whose parents were suckered in by the Nazi regime which was most of Germany will tell you that

    An evil group of people like ATOS in where a person or persons have had their life destroyed or who have suffered at their hands should never under any circumstances be supported

    No one in there right minds would support a firm or country that has or goes out of it's way to destroy the lives of other people no normal person has ever in history done that and no normal person would ever do that and no normal person would even work for a company that did that

    There are many evil minds in the world and we need to remember that at all times

  22. you must be very proud sue, that your husband is carrying the torch. sue, will he be wearing a statement of anti atos of any kind any where ?or will he be just another tool of reactional intrigue entrenched on doing his bit for the good of every one? as for loosing ,we have all lost when people cozy up to the enemy .for what, ego? the whole thing is corrupt .i have had difficulty getting on hear, so i have had to go on as anonymous. or tho i am in reality braver then that. all the best steve.

  23. I'm not sure I agree with you on this one. I see a parallel here between the 2012 games, ATOS and the disabled and the 1936 games the Nazis and the Jews. Both are killing their victims. If the entire UK para-Olympic team refused to take part it would have to be reported in the media and the public would start to ask questions. At the present we have almost 32 people dying a week,that's 128 deaths over the month of the para, and able bodied Olympics, no medal is worth one death let alone 128.
    I speak as one who will probably be dead by the time the ATOS so called "Health Care Professionals" have finished with me. This is not Benefit Reform, but a cull.
    Anyway I'm glad to see that you are home from hospital and hope that you are feeling better. You are a remarkable woman and an inspiration to all who read your blog.


    1. (QUOTE)At the present we have almost 32 people dying a week,that's 128 deaths over the month of the para, and able bodied Olympics, no medal is worth one death let alone 128.

      Everyone knows what's going on make no mistake about it they just choose to turn a blind eye because it's so horrific
      but like in Germany and elsewhere in history you cant keep it covered up forever

  24. atos are a corrupt outfit that has nothing to do with the concept of fair play .they are a money motivated profit driven conglomerate, whose lies and subterfuge cause misery to the point of being complicit in the deaths of the most challenged members of society .backed up by this and the last government ,this condom outfit has taken the disabled person as sub human profit over life. combined with the media propaganda and blanket coverage is not only disgusting and crass, where is the shame ?i have to go now ,as i am in to much pain all the best steve.

  25. “Broken”
    Written by Dr Jings

    I don’t know anymore…
    Disillusion I think they call it
    When I can’t take the pain anymore, what is left?
    Apart from what is obviously broken that is

    Another world maybe?
    One with different rules, one with no rules
    For a moment, everything is fine here, even when it’s not fine
    There are no problems, even in the midst of chaos

    What is this place?
    Someone must know!
    Tell me, where am I?
    Is anyone else here?

    Have I died into some paradoxical world –
    Built from an inner more sacred realm?
    Was it the finale of yet another tortured night –
    That killed me good this time?

    Last night I breathed into the pain so deep
    My exhale was an exhausted whisper of surrender
    Was the only word I could utter

    I’m losing everything
    Should I let go –
    And die into this nothingness?
    Should I give up on keeping trying –
    To be part of something I can no longer sustain?
    What would this mean?
    What would happen to me?

    My earthly body can’t keep up with the pace being set
    These earthly expectations where the qualifying bar is set too high –
    I can never jump over again!

    These hurdles may just as well be mountains
    Yet I climb mountains made from pain, sweat and tears –
    Every day of my life!

    Each time I try, each time I fall
    And every time I land
    It is to crash to the floor

  26. The uk should look at the logical viewpoint and that is it's great that some disabled people can move on with their lives to great things but you must never forget those like yourself as the ball could have always been on the other foot

    As to be any part of ATOS be it a worker or a supplier or anyone who comes into their dealings however small should be avoided as under new laws you are guilty by association

    I was told that on starting work in the bank of england back in the early seventies and to be mindful at all times on who you associate with irrespective of rank as any failure on my part would be grounds for dismissal

    well i was always considered an expert in the judgement of others as was my father so I've had no problems to date and hopefully that will continue

  27. i was told by atos that if i was interested in gardening not actually digging it, but managing to get out of the front room and have a look around, it would constitute to the premiss that i can now walk over 200 meters .that takes me off of the required distance i can walk and because i can appreciate the joy it brings ,i am again not fit to be disabled as it interferes with the points with altered states of awareness. i am now to frightened to go out incase i am investigated and having to pay back what i have received in benefits. so how on earth these para olympians can run round a track hop skip and jump is baffling to me? i have to have help getting dressed and bathed ,let alone the 100 meters sprint. tho since i have claimed, i have visited three physiotherapests , that have all ready said that i am not able to work. i have had an mri scans to prove my spine aint what it should be. i have also had an eeg that diagnosed epilepsy ,i have had steroid injections in my spine, that have not worked. as i used to have a normal life, what ever that is. i went through a period of depression which has now thank god stabilised ,or though i still take medication for it. along with medication for insomnia ,that i now suffer along with 80mg of morphine per day plus medication for epilepsy, i have had a medical by atos, then i had another one, plus filling out the forms again ,pure agro .then atos sent me another form a dl80 wich i had to fill in again, that was last october, then i was put in to the wrag which i then had to appeal to another decision maker, i won that. then one month later i had a medical by atos at my home. i was then put in the care group well two months ago i was sent another dla form they wanted all of the same information which i have done tho as i can not be helped by physio some of my data looks outdated though nothing has changed apart from i am now 4 an a half stone heavier with a bigger addiction to the drugs i take. i am at the moment awaiting the answer from atos or tho i feel it is a given that i will be refused. sues, husband has got a chance to make a statement against this vile corrupt outfit .before i started claiming this benefit ,i was buying between £30 and £50 million of recycled metal. i started at the bottom of that pile as a labourer and with in a year took over the operation. before that i had worked most of my working life as a plasterer, the last thing i was, was a benefit scrounger. now it looks as tho the government has run a propaganda campaign calling for prejudice against the disabled with names such as scrounger, lazy , idol, that through the media have caused hatred in some cases for people taking there own lives through harassment for some people who have already got enough on there plate and then to come along with the para olympics, stereotyping all disabled people the same is just a lie. just like carrying this torch is. as soon as sues, husband gets it, make a statement ,then throe it away for all disabled people. not in the name of fair play and a level playing field more to the point a greedy sham played out by big business. they are not concerned how people with disabilities fair .just big bucks. as for the para olympians, may be you should all ask your selfs before you do this a is this right what you are doing? b, should you make a statement ?of what size only you know the answer to that all the best steve.

    1. You need to request that your next assessment is Audio Recorded, put the request on any form from JCPlus, to the atos assessment centre your being assessed at and to the DWP office who are dealing with your case.

      If this continues I would contact your MP to say your being continually harrassed by Atos and the DWP, make a formal complaint....

  28. thank you for your advice paul, i will probably end up going down that road tho i feel a little apprehensive, as my local mp is on the front bench for the condom party and i had a run in with him some years back over a poll tax issue .i feel that now ca moron nick smeg and ids, that incidentally i am sure must stand for ideological disability suffering are so driven that they will do and say almost anything to grab power. i mean who would actually use his sons disability as a political prop? i remember not so long back when ca moron spouted how difficult it was filling out the forms for the benefit and he would not change it. just one of many lies and any way ,what is an hereditary multi million air claiming this pittance in the first place? he must feel we are all in this together or something and talking about mps, who is the shadow disabled minister is as who ever he or she is, is deafening me with silence. sorry for going off on a tangant paul, tho if there is a light it is this site and the people associated with it who carry the torch in a very dark time. all the best steve.

  29. Lets face it people nobody cares about disabled people. You all seem to forget your bashing your head against a brick wall. The media cannot cover certain stories they are owned by the very people who want you to just fade away. Your all fighting a losing battle the elite will get what they want and we wont. i am disabled and dont get a penny. I cannot work after having a spinal fusion. Yeah I've been through hell and back with no help. If it wasn't for my husband I would be destitute. I would just like to know how many other people like me have no help let them put that in there statistics. One day everyone will wake up and realize what they and the rich banking families are up to. Peace and love are not on there agenda.