Tuesday 20 March 2012

The Politics of Fetish

Oh for goodness sake.

The latest ICM poll has the Tories in the lead. By 3 POINTS!!

OK, it's the only one, OK, it's probably an outlier** but ICM are by far the most accurate pollster for a long while now. They got the 2010 election result spot on and consistently polled most accurately during the campaign.

George *whiplash* Osborne with his leather knickerbockers and gimp mask just keeps sticking it to us.

"Kerchush - there goes the NHS, Snap! There goes the welfare state, Bend over while I cut your child benefit, tax credits, disability support, minimum wage AND give my city buddies on 150k a tax cut"

"You love it, you know you do, Do you want more? I can privatise the roads, *Aaaagh* the air *Ouch* your children *Kerchush*. I can make you redundant and you'll still want me, you minxes. It's hurting isn't it? You like that don't you?"

Mystifyingly, the polls also shows that people absolutely detest this government's policies. For instance, 67% oppose dropping the 50p rate of tax for those earning 150k or more.

You Gov show the Government have an approval rating of -25!! Yes, that's minus 25. We can get more information from the You Gov polling. People think Cameron is doing badly as a Prime Minister (51% v 42%) They think the coalition is working badly (57% v 34%) They think the coalition is bad for them personally (54% v 21%)

Wait for this one..... 72% think the UK economy is foobahed. Just 4% think it's looking good. 52% think the economic outlook will get worse too - only 10% have faith that Gideon Lovelace can sort things out.

So to conclude, the public think the Tories are hopelessly out of touch, will make the economy worse, aren't cutting fairly and won't improve their lives. But they'll still vote for them!!

Why is this? What could it possibly be?

Well, effectively, it's Ed. And Labour generally. However much the public hate the Tories, however useless they think they are, they think Labour - and I'm sorry, but specifically Ed - is worse. Particularly on the economy. Despite no evidence at all to the contrary, the public still believe "It's all Labour's fault".

Ed's approval ratings are -45!!! Yep, minus 45. To put this in perspective, Clegg's are -46. Progress (Blairite think tank) had yet another self-flagellation session, erm, conference thingy last week, whining at their belly buttons that Labour had to face their mistakes, (again) how awfully, awfully dreadful and wrong we got everything, (again) how out-of-touch blah blah zzzzzzzz...... *Kerchush, beat me some George, please, I like it. I'm a victim, I love being a victim, ooooooh George do it again, I feel so cheap, so worthless*

This should be the easiest period in opposition any opposition ever opposed!!! 

Sheesh, it's like Cameron's butler brings Ed easy win's on a silver platter every morning and Ed says "Erm, not this morning thanks Jeeves" *Ed rushes off to fetish cupboard, checks handcuffs, sighs with relief and a shiver of pleasure*

Surely.... surely Ed...it's time to admit that whatever *strategy* (snigger) plan it is you think you came up with, it's definitely hurting, but certainly not working?


**An outlier is a poll which seems to buck the trend of other polling, often because of a freak sample that just wasn't very random or some other anomaly.


  1. I think the biggest hope of an electoral win for the Tories is that even more of the electorate will say "they are all the same and I'm not even going to bother voting."

    Maybe that was the whole point of the Coalition?

  2. Labour needs to grow some balls and make a stand, a stand for the people. GP's need to make a stand and start working on their campaign. Only an idiot would vote for either party in gov right now. Either way, myself I'd vote the less of three evils! Thanks for another great read Sue.

    1. the labour party under bliar and now under milipede have totally and utterly betrayed the working people of this country and everything that has been worked for and hard won since the war. they have made a mockery of the role of the state and thrived on hypocrisy, illegal wars and deceit.

      government appears now to be further away from the people than ever before. whilst they openly serve the rich ministers and governments thrive. the population is a mere 'handicap' to them. they don't need the poor, the disabled, the homeless or the unemployed anymore. we are back in the dark ages, everyone is a criminal and only in iain duncan smiths's view are christians worthy (if they are rich)

      that's what the population is up against

  3. Hang on, every good CP enthusiast knows you need a safe word when you want the pain to stop. What's ours again, Gideon?

  4. So we all shout Louise and it stops?

  5. I think,if the Labour Party,took a leap of faith,instead of trying to please Daily Mail readers it may get a nice surprise.If the Labour Party said it would reverse the attacks on the poor,then people would flock back in droves.

    Ed,s advisor's are saying,don't support the poor,the Daily Mail will give us flack.But the thing is,a lot of middle class people are on benefits of some sort.Most of the electorate do not vote because they think whoever I vote for we will get a Neo Liberal Government,and since Blair.Its sadly true.

    I am a socialist by conviction.And if a pollster asked me who would I vote for,I would probably answer don,t know.But when the chips are down,and the General Election is upon us.I will more than likely vote for the least worst option.New Bloody Labour.

    So I would not take to much notice of the Polls yet.A lot of don,t knows do know who they will vote for,but being disheartened,won,t say.

    1. just to take up your point here that a lot of middle class people are on benefits of some sort...well that may be true BUT they dont consider themselves on benefits or indeed consider any payments they may get AS benefits cos only out of work work shy working class people get BENEFITS in thier eyes.THAT right there is part of the problem and to compound that its not just the so called middle classes who think this way cos anyone who is classed as working class who is in work BUT recieves the same benefits as there middle class we talk about ALSO think that you only get benefits if you are out of work etc etc and evry payment They recieve is not actually a benefit....part and parcel of the same problem....perception is a wonderfull thing except when its wrong...

  6. Labour need to start opposing but unfortunately all the things the Coalition are putting into place are what Purnell and his partner in crime Liam Byrne started. I hate the Blairites with a passion. Their guy lost so instead of stabbing EdM in the back they should get behind him before this coalition does more damage and that it will be impossible to repair the Welfare state at all.

  7. Labour are not opposing because they agree with this Neo-Liberal programme and helped lay the groundwork for a lot of it.

    Death to them all.

  8. Just what the hell was Ed thinking to be photographed getting out of a Rolls-Royce?

    1. he wasn't - he doesn't think

    2. ITs not that he got out of one so much as WHY he bloody got in it....too ill to attend a NHS protest but not too ill to go to see his DONOR mates ffffin footnball team eh.....TELLS you what he really thinks....

  9. I knew things were bad when I heard Ed was seeing Tony Blair "for advice". Tony Blair ffs? The very next day was when they came out with the "we can be meaner than the Tories on welfare" crap.

    Strange, as it was just when there seemed to be a slight hint of a backlash developing in the Daily Mail and some of its reader's comments.

    I wouldn't put it past Blair to give him really odious advice on purpose. Because HE would rather see the tories win, now that he is so rich and connected. Plus the fact he was basically a Tory anyway.

    Whoever is advising Ed, needs to up their game or tell him to get out of the ring. This country is in dire need of a great leader, not an invisible man. I think Ed WANTS to stay out of it, so the Tories can do all the wrecking staff and then he can sail into power (he thinks) with his hands clean.

    Whoever has influence with the Labour Party needs to get the message across to them. The mass of the public are waiting for a voice that speaks for them, with conviction.

    Ed misses so many chances. Every time Cameron calls him out for being a Union stooge, he just pulls weird faces. The spitting image of Wallace. (of Wallice and Gromit fame)

    He could have a killer fight back on this; it is better to be funded by the voluntary donations of thousands of ordinary workers(via their Union) than hedge fund managers, private health care companies and global bankers, pulling strings behind the scenes and wanting their "payback". It is better to have the support of Union reps, elected by their members,ie the public, than be surrounded by "advisors" and "friends" - most of whom have been arrested or think public sector workers should be shot.

    I have an admission to make. I have never voted Labour in my life. But next time, I WANT to, I really do. I voted Lib Dem to keep the Tories out in my constituency. But what's the point? My MP voted with the government on everything.

    In my youth, when Labour was unelectable, I have even voted Conservative!! But never, ever in my whole life will I do so again. So, if MY vote is up for grabs, how many others are just waiting for Labour to become ELECTABLE? To SAY something. To speak out and damn the consequences? To seize the initiative and fight back. Unemployment was falling and the economy starting to grow before the CUT everything brigade got in.

    The economy will not grow, because ordinary people have got NO MONEY. The Cons can do all they like to help encourage business growth, but there will be none without people to purchase their goods and services. That cannot and will not be done by those getting a tax cut from 50p. They will just salt more away offshore and into niche areas. A bottle of whiskey sold for over £50,000 the other day.!! There is money out there, but the rich spend it on shit.

    I can only beg Ed Milliband and the Labour Party to do what they are PAID for. Be the OPPOSITION. Not collect your salaries for doing bugger all and hide in the bunker till the nasty stuff goes away.

    It is so past time for Red Ed (ha!) to become ever so slightly pink even or make way for someone who can stand in the full heat of the midday sun.

    1. "In my youth, when Labour was unelectable, I have even voted Conservative!!"

      In that case you were an enabler that helped give the right-wing asset stripping Chicago school wreckers a foot in the door to embark on their neoliberal assault on this country.

      If no-one had supported them they wouldn't have been able to get away with it, but now you and all of us are going to reap the harvest of what you helped to sow.

    2. Yeah and thats Chicago school of right wing thinking economists not the wreckers of a school called chicago.....the chicago school of right wing wankers are a bloody menace listened to by our govt for one.

  10. George Osborne in the budget will be spelling out how much of the tax payers money goes on the NHS and welfare just to make sure that his policy's on health and welfare reform hit home and that you will vote conservative at the next election as he will say it's to much so therefore I'm going to cut it

  11. So Conservative is for rich people............they always have been!
    But it was Labour who stopped free education.......& after Bliar who would trust them anyway!
    The Liberal Dems will not stand up for the NHS, working people etc......they say they are a calming influence on the coalition, don't make me laugh!!

    So at the end of the day who can I vote for.......
    Green maybe, or as I live in Wales, Plaid.

    But neither of those two will have any say in Westminster......

    What's the point......they don't listen anyway.....& from what is going on at the moment they don't care either.....

  12. Oooh Sue, if it was you cracking that whip I think every male the length and breadth of Britain would vote for you ;)

    After the NHS fiasco I momentarily considered signing up to the Labour party. Then again, on second thoughts, nah! I can't forgive them for jumping on the Tory bandwagon and shouting scrounger!!! at me. Right now, with sickness benefits in such dire disarray and the truly horrifying stories of real suffering and destitution, I want hope, and no one is offering any. I don't care who started it. The past is gone. Done. Forget it. I don't care if the previous government made mistakes or opened doors for this one to privatise everything and beat up poor and disabled people. All Ed seems to offer is more of the same. He doesn't even back the unions when they go on strike, and it's their fault he pipped his more capable, straight talking and charismatic brother to the post. Ed might be a nice guy, but PM material? I don't dislike him but I do feel that he flip flops about and repeats Tory policy like a faint echo that no one wants to hear again.

    Ed Balls isn't massively popular in my neck of the woods either. Of course I'll still vote for them. No point doing anything else where I live anyway. They don't seem to appeal to their traditional voters, they're frightening people on benefits, frightening sick and disabled, which means all of their friends and family too. The only star shining through at present is Andy Burnham. At least he's wearing some war paint and confronting the government head on.

    What concerns me too is that the Olympics and Jubilee can only increase the Tories chances later. The media is about to be flooded with London centred feel-good factor stories.
    Who is going to want to read about sick people dying from destitution and an NHS that is turning them away because they can't afford to buy the medication they need? Every government falls foul of a major policy gaff sooner or later. The NHS could be the death of them too.

  13. Andy Burnham is indeed shining out, as he has done on Hillsborough (where the Tories are again being disgusting with their smears).

    I fear though, that IF (and that's a big IF) Labour win the next election, the bill will not be outright got rid of, but watered down. Then people will huff and puff about betrayal.

    After years of scepticism against Marxism and Anarchism I'm now coming into thoughts about the ruling classes, who win out no matter what government we have. I am convinced that good people enter parliament (or politics) and the power of the ruling classes is such that they become part of the poisonous system that we have.

    People blame individuals within the Labour party, but I believe that we really need to "whisper things into each others ears" about radical things.

    1. Well if you read Private Eye today page 9 you will see a piece called short memory man and it tells you off his involvement with Monitor the body that will regulate competition in the new Marketised NHS....read that and you will see Burnham is not as bloody shiney as first thought.
      Remember PFI and labours love of that rubbish scam well that was the start of the privatisation..ie sell off..that we are seeing now.So NO no shiny shiny....

  14. Looks like the Tories are going to stay in power then, for a long time to come.

    I've always believed Ed was put there in some shady deal to allow this government a free ride. But people vote for personality and charm, unfortunately. The British people will never allow Ed Miliband to be Prime Minister. They would rather cut of their nose off to spite their face. And to be fair, he is an asshole. I can't tolerate watching him on TV, he just hasn't got it.

    I know Yvette Cooper has not been kind to the Disabled in the last government, but I believe she has the support of the Labour party, and I believe she has the character and steely determination to take Labour into power. Yes, I like Andy Burnham, but I believe Yvette would make the best Leader for the Opposition.

    It's all up to Labour now, they can keep coming up with alternative policies that are more Tory than the Tories own policies to satisfy DM readers, or they can can shed the past, and put Ed Miliband back where he belongs, fetching tea for Harriet Harman.

    I have tried to support Ed, even after I watched his first interview on the Marr show, and heard his first nasally words "I would like to see more stringent gateways for those on Disability Benefit" This alarmed me, but I believed back then that the coalition would collapse at some point throughout the implementation of these bills, and I wanted Labour to win the General Election.

    I overestimated human morality, and underestimated Tory depravity.

    Please get rid of Ed Miliband Labour. You know you have to.

  15. Look Labour started the whole welfare thing and Cooper and Co started the ball rolling and its bounced to where it is now cos they kicked it first so please stop all this Labour is our saviours crap cos they bloody aint.Come the next election they will tell us all the same bullshit they told us last time only the difference is the policys in place now are very much the same as what they would have brought in but now THEY cant be blamed.Dont be fooled by any of em cos as a famous punk rocker once remarked 'theres nobody listening theres no reply'.
    yeah Ed is useless ,his brother is no better being the after dinner speech monkey he has become BUT nither Cooper or her husband Balls will be any better...dont forget thier involvement in the expenses bullshit.You know some of these mps have short memorys and they gamble on us being as forgetfull too but some of em milked that cow for all it was worth and we paid for the bloody cow too.
    Stringent gateways means tougher and more draconian cut backs Nothing else...so lets not kid ourselves labour will be any better than the bastards we have now.

    1. @anonymous04:27

      I disagree - voting for the main parties is now about the least worst option. There still is a difference : you can vote for someone who will kick you in the nads every morning or someone who will kick you in the nads every morning and then stamp on your head.

    2. Well thats up to you but your reasoning is precisely why they get away with what they do.Wake up and realise there is no difference and isnt this like a turkey voting for christmas .Remember the thing is they are supposed to work for US and not the other way around.Why dont you ask cameron for your share of the 1.8million of your money he has just spent on refurbing No 10 then and see how far it gets you...you can continue to get kicked if you want and you know they put money on the fact you might get to accept it....a kick in the balls is a kick in the balls mate no matter who does it....dont let em