Friday 30 March 2012

Fantasy Cabinet

Following a giggly evening on twitter, we all chose cabinet jobs - after all, we couldn't get it more wrong than this shower and the perks are quite good!

If I missed anyone off can you tweet to let me know?

@markmiwordsblog – Health
@MargoJMilne – Health
@suey2y – DWP
@BendyGirl – DWP
@latentexistence – SpAd
@allbigideas – Higher Ed
@narco-sam - HE & Science
@Rickysmum – Chief whip (Free ice cream for all!)
@Rani_kuk – Treasury
@sarahransley – Minister for Culture
@Dochackenbush – Minister for Propaganda
@Susanas4321 – Minister for Disability
@Jules_Clarke – Housing
@Fibro_girl  - Communities and Local Government
@WTBDavidG – Defence
@queerpup – Environment
@Alanmills405 - Education
@Rosiecosy – Transport
@corrisanne – Treasury
@fibro_girl – Communities
@LonAiteWalker - Asylum and Immigration
@StaceyUK - Technology
@Gilby3108 - DEFRA
@Becki_says - Families
@HarrymBarham - Deputy PM
@Ramalina - Welsh Secretary

There was originally a Minister for Cake too and Kaliya really wanted to be Mistress of the Universe, but I gave her Work and Pensions.

It just occurred to me that we still don't have a PM or Deputy PM.....


  1. Sorry, what do you mean by this post? Are we meant to add/follow these people on twitter? *Confused*

    1. Follow-on from previous post of @Suey2y wanting the Shadow Cabinet welfare post - we had a twitter discussion on who wanted what post, after all it's not as if their current encumbents are really using them....

  2. lol i'm sure they would make a better government than we have right now.

  3. I was just going to post on your previous blog that we should form our own political party. Like magic, I find a new blog - and there it is! Brilliant.

    Order, Order.

    As a Constituency Rep for the Middle of Nowhere Town I would like to propose a motion for debate.

    "That this party should make its first and urgent priority the immediate ending of all medical assessments by a computer."

    It is causing untold distress, anxiety and additional ill health up and down the land. It has led to deaths. This is a matter of profound shame for all those "Honourable" members involved, who, while fully aware of this, have done nothing. Indeed they have recently capitulated and paid this company MORE taxpayer's money, to speed things up a bit. This is a cursed blight on this nation's decency, integrity and morality. A stain that history will not forget or forgive.

    It is also costing the treasury loadsa money this country isn't supposed to have. A foreign company is profiting from the misery of our citizens. Meanwhile, our very own hardworking tax payers in alarm clock Britian are having to fork out doubly, to pay for Tribunals to put all these decisions right. The Opposition's argument is that this only happens because the Tribunal have access to "evidence" not previously seen.

    I put it to you, that this additional evidence is not a secret and is or could be made available to the company, before it undertakes any assessment. I put it to you that it is a well known fact that with computers, if the operator puts garbage in, he or indeed she, will get garbage out. My conclusion therefore is that the computer should be removed entirely from said process. Removing the computerised element would therefore make this company entirely redundant.

    I then do suggest we enter into a new system where properly trained professionals who can actually speak the language and have not been struck of the medical register, do be given this new role in conjunction with the afflicted person's own GP and Consultant teams.

    I am reliably informed, that many members of this company's host country's workforce, do mightily object to being associated with its ill repute and do have a Union which has openly stated such. I suggest that the Unions of our own native land should be prepared to state at least as much, if not a whole lot more.

    I propose therefore that all those interested parties, which can be found fighting a lonely battle in many corners of t'interweb, do join forces together and put an end to this abomination, with immediate effect.

    All those in favour, say AYE.

  4. Aye,

    Thanks for accepting me as the Minister for Disability but I can only accept this position on an Independent basis as I will NOT be whipped and told what I can or can't do for the people I represent x so as long as this is added to my contract all accept Sue xxxx

  5. Thank you for the mention Sue. I'd be very happy to work with Margo AND Andy Burnham.

    Mark @markmiwordsblog

  6. I'll take Asylum and Immigration; since I actually understand how it works and it's not just about Them Damn Foreigns @LonAiteWalker

  7. Let us remember that amidst the massive (manufactured?) public outpouring of concern for Fabrice Muamba and Stelan Petrov - two very rich footballers with supreme medical back-up - they are the lucky ones. The rest of the disabled/ sick/ ill community in this country are just scroungers and not worthy of anything other than persecution!

  8. Radio 5 tried to cover the resignation of a representative of Mind from a panel who advise about the work assesments he feels they are not fit for purpose and they brought people on to talk about what's happening(someone from a think tank)and someone campaigning about the unfairness of the tests etc...

    But in a general programme were this featured as a segment a presenter really struggles to cope with such a topic and is probably afraid of sounding biased for/or against the tests and those who are caught up in it(Listen again Radio 5 approx 22.40-23.30)but worst of all is how callers are treated. They stick to the format so rigidly the producer made a caller who had been waiting ages to wait even longer.

    He had to go to the 11pmn news but spent ages trailing what was coming up instead of going straight into the news. Then went on to cover anotther story after the news so the poor caller did not get back on until nearly 11.10-11.15pm. Its not good enough!

  9. Aye!
    Please can I be minister for families or somesuch? I think id do a good job.
    I did try to join in the chat the other night but maybe tweetdeck was messing about cos I didnt get any replies x


    1. Becki!! I knew there was someone important!

      I don't think it was tweetdeck, I'd finally given in and taken enormous amounts of opiates! I don't often take painkillers unless I'm desperate, so I basically passed out on the keyboard somewhere through the laughs on twitter *blush*

      You have the job!!!

  10. You need a Deputy PM, Sue?

    Can I recommend Nick Clegg? Hear me out.

    The job has no salary
    The job has no power
    The job involved carrying the PMs hat

    He could do everything he does now with the added wrinkle of the entire cabinet mocking his pointlessness.

    Hang on, they do that now. Um. Tell you what, stay with the proposal, I'll have a biscuit and think about it...