Sunday 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

"Another Brown Envelope arrived today. It's clearly marked from the Department. My neighbours might have seen, but I think I got it in time. It told me I cost too much. They're stopping my money next month. I am a Useless Eater. What will become of me?

They "assessed" me. Forced me to strip, made me touch my toes. It hurt, pain ripping through me. He never looked at me, said the pain didn't matter. He asked if I ever watched the TV. I didn't know how to answer? Was this a new trick? There have been so many. I nodded. He spat the question again "Answer me please". I said I did. The room was small, airless, cameras watched from every angle, moving as I tried to move. Grills at the windows. Grills at the doors. One time, I had to climb a flight of stairs. When I couldn't they stopped my money.

That brown envelope said I could work. They have work programmes now. We work for free, they make us. I don't know when it will end - perhaps it won't You can see my ribs, count them as I bend to reach the lowest shelves. I ate on Monday. Or was it Tuesday? I forget. The Minister said work frees us.

The letters. The endless brown envelopes, The logo makes my heart beat faster. I feel sick, terrified to open each one. The lawyers write to me, the advisers, the courts, the Department, the Providers. I don't understand them all but they never stop, they keep writing until you give up, until you are too worn down.

I saw a paper today. I didn't mean to. There, on the front page, the Department caught someone like me Outside. What was she thinking?  Fool. She must have got the new directive? She must know we are not welcome Outside now? Perhaps she stopped opening the Brown Envelopes. I tried that once, but they sent someone to my house. Said I'd get no money at all for 2 weeks. The food ran out after 4 days. I always open the Brown Envelopes now. Eventually.

The paper called us cheats again. Scroungers, shirkers, we are "mugging the state". Every day, there on the front page. They print a telephone number. They get people to call it if they suspect a Useless Eater. Neighbours must report us now. The Department can follow you, take pictures, go through your bins. Check your bank accounts.

They say we're getting ID cards now. They'll list our defects. We must produce them if anyone asks. If a snarling, sneering bulldog of a man attacks me in the street, I must show him my card. The Department said it would make them stop, but sometimes it just makes the beating worse. Sometimes more join in when they see my Useless Eater ID. Another reason not to risk Outside.

I used to use a wheelchair, but it broke and the Department said I couldn't have another. Just as well I suppose. It makes things Outside worse. They said we couldn't afford it. I have to use nappies if I can't get to the toilet now, now one comes to help me get there any more. I live in one room now, use the walls and furniture to get about. It's easier, and saves on heating. The pills are in the drawer. I pretended to take them, but saved them up. The woman who came to change my bed and give me a bath used to make sure I took them, but she doesn't come any more. The Department say I don't need to wash below my waist. I've got lots of pills now. I think I've got enough.

The Department say I have to move. Well, I only use one room now anyway.  There aren't many places Useless Eaters like me can go these days. Just the area beyond the river, on the edge of town, where it's cheaper. There are lots of us there. You can tell, because the curtains stay drawn. There is no bus. Another Department stopped them. It's far from the hospital now they've closed the one I used to go to. They stopped my drugs too, but it's OK, because I've got mine, safe in the drawer. They said it wouldn't apply to us, but it does.

I wonder where it will all end? I can't possibly imagine. Can't imagine things getting worse than they are now. I heard that some tried to protest, took to the streets! Outside! All around the world, they say! The police sprayed gas in their faces, hurled them back with water cannon. Closed their internet sites down so they couldn't tell anyone. Arrested some.  One got dragged backwards, tipped out of his wheelchair . I suppose that's why no-one really knows what is happening to us. I suppose they couldn't do all this if they did? Could they?

Where will it end? Will it end?


  1. Speechless with terror - wish a few politicians were too.

  2. Chilling! Put it all out of your mind if possible today and celebrate your day with your children. Happy Mother's Day xx

  3. To those who want to silence us, we must speak even louder against this state organised genocide of our vulnerable. The dogmatic rule and exploitation, greed, hatred and selfishness must end. Much love to you Sue, keep strong. And thank you for your efforts and fantastic campaigning... you are an inspiration xx

  4. BritishRoses I saved it just for today, don't worry, I'm having a lovely pampering morning from my boys xx

    1. Dickens' Scrooge advocated decreasing 'the surplus population'. Seems like our government likes the idea.

  5. Wow. Amazing blog, Sue, as usual.

    It reads like a passage from 1984 but, as we all know, it's reality. It's our lives on a daily basis and I'm petrified as to where it will end.

    I hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day, Sue. And thankyou for everything you're doing.

  6. One thing's for sure, Sue, you're developing talents I bet you never knew you had. Brilliant stuff. It perfectly captures the environment, one until recently only found in the pages of science-fiction, that we're now living in. It deserves a wider audience and I hope it gets one. Keep this up and you'll be writing professionally, I'll bet (I suppose that's what they mean by 'revolt into style' LOL!).

  7. scarily accurate. id use my stash but what about my children -they have been through enough - no money, being young carers, listening to the hate crime against their disabled mother in every paper! seeing her being assessed by a so called professional who deems there mother to be a liar and a shirker and stops the dla money for a year while waiting for the appeal to happen. she had to get a debt relief order cause we had lots of bills but no money. she goes down to 6 stone -not enough food. she wins the appeal but then they send another brown letter came starting the process again - a professional is coming again. maybe it would end their pain too? what a waste of tax payers money. i dont want them to pay for me to live and feel sorry for them for they believe the evil government and papers are telling them.

  8. Will the new Holocaust be buried under tons of brown envelops and red tape ? or will those responsible be dragged to the Hague for their Crimes Against Humanity ?They will be remembered , The Mills of God Grind Slow ; But they Grind Exceedingly Small ! and sometimes they get help from angry people !!!

    1. william hague isn't gonna help

  9. Awe Sue am so sorry we live in a world like this hen It breaks my heart to think people are being hounded and pushed through hoops.

    I never thought for a million years that one person could possibly treat another like this but I spend so many days a week working with people just like yourself that have been stripped of their carers their money but most of all their DIGNITY.

    Am trying my best hen to fight for everyone but I am only one person and as I run all over country buying shopping paying peoples bills to try n help them it becomes more and more difficult everyday as one day I will also not have any more money to give god I hope that day does'nt come before my foundation gets funded.

    You see hen for the last 12 years I have run all over the UK helping people who have either been stripped of DLA or have had their contracts terminated through Capability and have no one to turn to as it costs money for legal support and as they are still classed as working they can't afford it.

    Peer suport hen as I know only too well what it feels like as when I became disabled 13yrs ago I could not get any benefits etc so nearly lost my house and my sanity no kidding can remeber the worst week of my life when after paying the bill I had 9.67 left to feed a family of 6 does not bear thinking about but I had to learn to go to asda and tesco after 8 oclock at night as they reduced everything to 10p you'll no what I mean hen, a man came to my door selling Kitchen yes I knew I could not afford it but took it anyway as I had just moved house and their was barely a carcase of a kitchen their which units fell down if you put anymore than 7 tins in them. I could not get the money from my own bank because we were late with one of our mortgage payments, only because I signed the papers on my new house went into hospital on sunday for small surgical procedure but something went wrong and it left my right leg partially paralysed with RSD in the right heel of my feet so because the solicitor forgot to give us 1 sheet of paper to sign when my man carried me into solicitors office on Tuesday to sign a form they put a claws on my mortgage because I had now a disability. I call myself Lucky White Heather hen xxx ha who would believe it eh anyway I got my kitchen built round my wheelchair and made pot after pot of tablet hen greased proof papered it and every teenager in my vllage ran about and sold it or I would have lost everything.

    So I promised myself years ago if I could get myself a bit better and re-educate myself I would fight for all the people who can't fight for themselves and trust me hen nothing stops me and my husband keeps saying it is the Archibald Foundation as its funded by every penny we make each week, nothing can stop me helping others hen I attend meetings all over country to try and make some kind of difference to others but know there must be so many out their I have not reached yet but God am trying.

    I don't charge people for my support hen as I have been in a similar dark place and will #never forget what it's like.

    Keep fighting hen and hang on in their I have offered you my hand of support before but you have to accept it for me to chap your door.

    JUst reach out and touch my hand and you'll have a friend for life where you can share your darkest moments with hen x

    and we will get through this TOGETHER '

    JUST CALL MY NAME AND ALL BE there xxxxxxxxx

    You no who I am xxxx hen

  10. This is really clever writing Sue, thank you. It is utterly chilling. Like reading George Orwell.

    I am scared to go outside.

  11. When I posted the article on Twitter I tweeted

    "Will the be able to Read this? Will you RT it? Will you Believe it?"

    Someone just tweeted back "No. I won't RT, because it's a load of rubbish"

    "First they came for the disabled.... eh?

    1. You have a real writing ability Sue and an imagination and the ability to use words to really grip the reader. Why not follow JK Rowling and use your talents to benefit yourself, instead of wearing yourself down trying to change something which cannot be changed because it really cannot be afforded.

    2. "use your talents to benefit yourself, instead of wearing yourself down trying to change something which cannot be changed because it really cannot be afforded"

      We can afford to cut tax for the rich but we can't afford a welfare state?

      Fuck you Bob and all who think like you. May you soon need the services you would support the destruction of for others.

  12. Happy Mothers Day Sue. Stunning writing as always... left me speechless and teary and so amazed at how you keep fighting x HUGS to you AND your family. x

  13. I don't think this will end until we stop allowing ourselves to be separated into 'abled' and 'disabled' and fight for a basic income for all as a right. If all the bailout money for banks had been distributed evenly throughout the population there would have been more than enough to do this, as well as save our services. ( has a wealth of info and resources about this.)

    What's been lost over the last thirty years is any sense of celebration of being on the dole, that having control over your own time is a good thing, which gives you time to be creative, do something you think needs to be done and (horrors be) enjoy yourself. And that we all have a right to this, and not to spend our lives crawling after boss, ATOS or dole officer to prove ourselves 'worthy' or 'deserving'.

    I played the Wham! Rap (Enjoy what you do) to a 30 year old the other day and he was amazed that it had even been allowed on the BBC... Even more subversive is the old IWW song 'Hallelujah I'm a Bum' Enjoy.

    1. Yes you muppet, if that had happened, lets say at the GE 2 years ago, by now, we would have some multi millionaires & some clamouring for more benefits again.Face it some people are entrepreneurial & some are spendthifts.

      And if you want to spend your life on the dole, don't be surprised when I object to my tax being used to support lazy bums like you. Be creative by all means but do it whilst you support yourself.

  14. This reads like something from a horrifying totalitarian state. Is that the way Britain is going? I fear that it is.

  15. Got hubby's medical report from DWP, lots they looked at just like he was a child on the " at risk" register, yes at some risk and put in WRAG.
    Wife's got secondry progressive ms he reported so they asked "what are plans for future?"
    "don,t know," was reply.
    A sad read but my answer would have been ....'depends on brown envelopes if she s fit to open them'???? But we don t know?

  16. Sue they will tweet such evil things back at you/us because they 1) are the ones perpetrating or watching without doing anything 2)they live in denial that this is happening 3)they have no heart and can not love. Or all of it at once! One thing is for sure, despite the media and dogmatic right wing ideology & government leading the witch hunt, there is still ways for us to speak up in any way we can big or small. We must never be silenced and we must stand united and protect those who are persecuted. Our disabled, sick and vulnerable in general must have a voice, through us. xx

  17. Now thinking about Baby P. RIP.

  18. Great piece. Feel free to cross-post on WtB if you like.

    1. Oh yes!! Good point. I forget about cross posting lately - especially now Broken of Britain is in hibernation.

      Will do!

  19. Doctors bid to unseat 50 MPs in revenge over NHS bill

    They get my vote

    Doctors are Spartacus too

  20. They won't refer me to a psychiatrist though I am suicidal, and are trying to talk me out of having the anti-depressants that stop me killing myself as they are costing to much. They are about to tell me I'm fit to work and start sending me to job club too. It's like we are living in some strange nightmare and they actually want us all to just die, when will it stop?

  21. It does feel like something really evil is happening.The ConDems keep pushing everyone,the disabled,the sick,the police,the public service workers.
    Am I alone in thinking there is a grand plan.Like they want us to get angry,then when others join in and a riot happens. Cameron will call in the troops,declare martial and make himself president for life.
    It would sound ludicrous a few years ago,but now........
    BTW happy mothers day Sue.

  22. A dangerous totalitarian state. A country being destroyed at the hands of one man. Where do we go from here?

  23. "Where do we go from here?"

    1984 and then some...

    "First they came for the disabled,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't disabled"

    And we all know what happened then...

    Some people used to call me crazy/weird etc. for saying decades ago that we were following a path written by the great and visionary sci-fi authors. Those people were wrong... This is one time I wish that I had been wrong...

    Happy Mother's day Sue x

  24. This is dreadful treatment of a human being. This is just another reason why we must make a stand against this antihuman Government and I am ashamed that my vote helped these oppressive evil people get into power. Rest assured, I will never trust them again. I am sorry for my part in your pain.

  25. If this were a novel people would say it's too far fetched. Just goes to show what a great job these nasty ConDems did in their brainwashing of the able bodied general public. Treat them like mushrooms ie keep them in the dark and feed them s**t. Well written Sue. Sending gentle hugs and love xxx

    1. Hello.. am "able bodied" and do what I can to promote what is really going on including plugging this blog and challenging stereotype propaganda.. We are definitely working on these antihuman(thanks jayne) actions together..I don't know where i am going with this but I am going to keep going,..I don't buy into the BS either :)

  26. Having spent the morning throwing up with stress the morning of her last assessment, I cancelled that one for my OH. Even the chap at the call centre "sounded" sympathetic and made the re-appointment as far away as he possibly could. OH managed to make the next one and we were completely sidelined to find a very pleasant Liverpudlian Lady of a friendly disposition and nice line in gallows humour. We thought we'd entered a parallel universe really and you almost felt sorry for someone as bright and friendly as that doing such a shitty job. Phone call came just three days later - A Phone Call!!! - that OH had "passed" the assessment. Very, very lucky really on this occasion. Makes no difference though, as come April OH's money sinks from £94 a week to £24 a week. Does anyone want to buy a 3 bed semi with garage and garden before they come to take it off us?

  27. I have already lived like this. I had to lay in the same sheets for about 8 months sweating. I'd be in them about 22/23 hrs a day. They were stained with many things. I had convulsions because I was without liquids, unable to urinate and had constant infections. I had diarrhea because I ate so infrequently. I had constant allergy problems because of living in a room encased in black mold. I could not receive disability benefits or social care in case it made me quote "dependent". My life was saved by a top professor who took me into my own NHS hospital room for months. If he hadn't I'd be dead. Also in Sue's blog: I now live and sleep in one room because I cannot heat anywhere else. Cold = pain to me and I cannot wear many clothes because of the pain.

  28. I used to be proud of my country. I was proud of the fact that we cared enough to fund systems that help care for those that could not support themselves. I was proud that those with disabilities were treated with at least a modicum of respect. I'm not proud anymore.

    I'm now ashamed. Ashamed that we are treating the vulnerable with less respect than we give to animals in the zoo. Ashamed that we are forcing people into positions where their health is put at risk. Ashamed that people already at risk, are forced to choose between heating their homes or eating.

    There is no excuse for the way the coalition is treating the needy. There is no justification.

  29. I have been telling people "stories" like this for ages, and they all tut tut them and say no, cant be happening. Or now with links they will say oh well it might happen once, they dont know that is happening more and more and is becoming the norm.

    Remember the times when you got sick and people were sympathetic, you were giving support via benefits and as much in social care other servies to make your life as bearable as possible. Now we all feel on the densive re sickness, made to feel bad for getting any money and have to battle and fight to get anything while at the same time coping with feeling really ill.

  30. A chilling tale of all the things that can happen... I have linked it to my blog (and added my own observations) I have made it clear that you own the copyright.

  31. This really got to me, I was someone who am ashamed to say didn't listen at first to being told over & over this was happening until I took proper notice at Christmas. I will speak too Sue & thank you & all, so much for what you did & do now to get this heard. Brilliant blog, so sad & scary it's a road we are now on. Hang on in there all. Hope you have a nice Mothers Day.

  32. Chillingly Orwelian, surreal, scary, could it be the future. You bet your ass it can.

  33. will it end, good question my best answer no it wont even with a labour govt in place you see they have set thier stall out and will use the savings to try and win nxt election but they wont and labour will not change anything at all.

  34. Brilliant, as always, but especially today. I live like that and I hate every minute of it I'd give anything to be my old self and be busy, financially safe and independant and seen as socially worthy especially.. I'm amazed there is anyone who really believes anyone who is seriously ill is 'lazy' it boggles my mind and also makes me doubt karma, frankly. It's frightening times.

  35. OMG. Its happening isn't it? Right before our eyes.
    Who can stop it?

    Who has the strength and power to fight for us?


    God help us.

  36. So gripping but so true... The asylums will reopen soon and we will be taken in in droves to work as in the workhouse and sleep in bunks ! x

  37. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH19 March 2012 at 00:33

    And not content with floggin off the nhs ,the police,the post office and everything that aint nailed down the WE ALL payed for they now plan to sell of the bloody roads we KEEP paying for to investors from anywhere even bloody China.
    NOW habe we had enough yet to actually rise up and get rid of these bastards cos if we havent and we dont then there will be nothing left by the next election and it will all be sold and we will have no chamce of ever getting it back.
    And meanwhile we have to listen to the greedy bastards whinging that anyone on over 150 grand has to pay 50 percent tax.Well we know a lot of people in this bracket will have tax limitation plans in place so not all of them will pay that and i mean come on if they dont like it some of the even higher paid will they wont its bullshit.
    Lets not kid ourselves about RED ED and Labour amarching in tio save the country cos Ed has proved he doesnt give a fuck about any of us by his recent antics....oh i toooo ill to attend a protest on the NHS with the plebs but i can rode in a Roller and go see me mates football team play.WEll ED get in the van with the rest of em and F***k Right Off mate.
    DO we not get it yet...HAVE WE HAD ENOUGH YET. We tried it one way it hasnt worked so there is only one way left and thats to get down to London and bloody tell em ccos if we dont do it soon it will be TOO LATE.
    There is nothing to lose now...NOTHING and evrything to gain.

  38. This whole thing just makes me sick, scrolling through the stories and comments, I pretty much just read everything posted in complete and utter silence, no thoughts at all beyond my original stunned response, this is just sick.

    This goverment is sick, its frightning for us disabled.

  39. It is time for Ed Milliband to get his big boy's pants on.
    Or if he cannot manage it, make way for someone who can.
    There is an election coming sooner than he thinks, or the alternative will make last summer look like a neighbourhood barbecue.

    50 doctors standing against the tories is a start. Now we just need to find a few more people who are actually sane to do the same.

    Sue, you should stand. We know you are sick, but turning up for debates appears to be optional anyway. You have heard more of them and read more of the legislation than any of the MPs anyway.

    It is time to get rid of the rot and vote for anyone who isn't a money grabbing, pre-bought psychopath.

  40. That made me laugh so much I read it to MY little boy. He said "Wearing any pants at all would be a good start." He's 7 ;

    As for standing, I've dismissed it as impossible. That said, I wonder? The first Skype MP? Showing new working models proving sick & disabled people CAN do it if given a chance? I dunno.

    For all the moaning, MPs work ridiculously hard. It's lonely, long hours, thankless and often excruciatingly boring.

    I might stand here, but you could pin a rosette on a sheep and the Tory would still win (I think they tried that pone year, lol)

    Actually, my constituency MP is very good and popular too, so he almost deserves his vast majority.

  41. ".....of course they don't mean people like you."
    "Yes they do"
    "But your seriously ill, you almost died last summer"
    (This is true, my wife was told to expect the worst)
    "I will be declared fit for work"
    "But you can't even get through a day without some major crisis, you'll die"
    "I know"
    "But they can't do that, it's almost murder"
    "That my friend is their plan, they consider the sick and disabled as useless eaters, to be got rid off by any means possible".
    "I don't believe it"

    This was the gist of a conversation I had recently with a LibDem local activist.

    Well done Sue, keep up your blog, what is happening to the sick and disabled is harking back to the polices of 1930s Germany. I am with you all the way.
    (I'm down as anonymous as I'm not quite sure how to do anything else).

  42. Please keep up your work hun...
    My hubby works every hour god sends - after a year of waiting for my tribunal hearing I scraped the lowest rate care component. It isn't enough. I cannot work because of my illness. We barely manage.
    I sit in the cold house all day because we cannot afford to heat it - the pain from the cold is terrible.

    We scrape by as best we can.. We don't have disability - nor mobility - and we struggle with the wheelchair in and out of the car on my bad days when I need it - in a normal car parking space... but hey! I was asking for too much and didn't really need more than the minimum care component...
    They say I can have it until 2014 with a "review" before then. Whatever that means.

    I worked hard until I got ill - but now I'm just another drain on society - even though my husband does his best to provide for us all.

    1. The review is probably the PIP interview. Personal independance is replacing DLA.

      But if you're talking about ESA, thats just them saying the fully qualified Atos 'Doctor' will magically wave his or her healing wand over you and you will be cured.

      Atos are so qualified to access us, they can even give a prognosis(lol) about the amount of time it will take us to work(again lol)

      Most of that was sarcasm re: Atos but most was true, they can claim you can work in X months, despite not having qualifications in your condition.

      They are as qualified as a random person in the street to assess peoples conditions.

      If you need more of a laugh, get someone to ring the DWP if you cant do it, and you'l find out the person from Atos has no qualifications in your disability, Its true, they can use Nurses, Physios, hell anyone really who has the morals of a Nazi officer in their death camps.

  43. If you want to know WHY the government is acting like this, watch this documentary TAKING LIBERTIES in the following link. It is 1.5 hours long but it is very enlightening.

    Also if you like to learn more about all the privatizations (NHS,roads,education etc) and for WHO IS THE 1% behind all that, I STRONGLY recommend to watch all the ZEITGEIST films

    And, finally, stop watching the stupid box and get educated about what is happening in the world by watching documentaries that will never be broadcasted on a totalitarian's country tv. It is so fascinating to find THE TRUTH BEHIND ALL THIS SUFFERING.Its free, good tv.

    Great site - highly recommended. Please stay strong, we have a long way to fight for our rights.

  44. Three years ago my ankle collapsed. It was ignored by my original GP for twelve months. The pain I'm in on a daily basis gets worse and worse. Because I'm not using the leg properly, I get all kinds of fierce cramps in it, you can see the layers of muscle being wrenched apart by spasms.
    Won't even apply for disability benefits, even though like all of you, the affliction has permanently changed the level of activity I can engage in. I won't stand a snowball's chance in hell of getting assistance.
    Yet the clever sods who know all the loopholes and blaggard the Benefits Agency staff till they get what they want, will continue to leech money from those people who really do need the assistance.
    My friend is returning to work after twenty years and operations to remedy sight problems caused by thryroid malfunction. I've got her into volunteering with the Fire Service where I also work in a support role. They're stopping her money in July completely. She's hoping the skills we can give her in the meantime will give her a fighting chance in the work place when applying for jobs.
    I really, really hope this is the case, because they're making it nigh on impossible for people to get any financial help.
    We're going back to Victorian times where the incapacitated people are pretty much left to fend for themselves.

  45. Hyperbole! It does nothing to enhance your cause!

  46. It's bloody not hyperbole and exaggeration. EVERY SINGLE TIME I get one of those brown envelopes I feel sick and light-headed. They keep sending them even though I have a deteriorating condition that's getting worse.
    I'm sorry that I'm using the taxes that I'm entitled to. Give me the option and I'd be working anywhere rather than having to take morphine to get out of the bed that I have soiled, stained, bled and vomited in.
    I rarely wish ill upon anyone but I wish I could give every single doubter out there a week in my body.

  47. I got my Forms on christmas eve 2011 filled it in sent it back and waited in febuary i got my brown envelope , I was to attend a medical on the 8th match how ever on the 7th march i recieved another brown envelope saying i no longer needed to attend for the medical a a full time medical officer had read my files and desided it not nessarey for me to attend and the dwp would contact me at a later date ,Two weeks later another brown envelope dwp had desided i would be place in the work support group this means i will have to attend work based interviews to keep getting my benifits so i have appealed,I had my first interview yesterday and was told i will have to continue to have these untill my appeal is deasided all well and good but i told her i wished her luck in finding me a job with a carer that can help me with my toilet needs come and get me up and washed every day and take me to my new job see to my medication and deal with my incontinance , My Illnesses are as follows , Ischaemic Heart with mycardial infarction, Chronic obstructive pulminary desease, Ankiloseing spondolitis ,Osteoarthritis that affects my hands knees and feet ,Angina, type 2 diabetes, High Blood pressure, and urgency micturition incontinence,Now what i am finding is the people who are genuiley ill are being forced to do all this when you have a woman of 34 who is very capabile of going to Asda stealing working in the local kebab shop on the side who claims she has menal health issues gets put in the support group with no need to attend any work based interviews , Then there is the 17 year old boy with A.D.H.D whose mother claims cant go out or live alone as he is incapable but uses his D.L.A to buy and use drugs has no problem walking the streets all night, So clearly the people who they are suppose to be targeting are still getting away with it and the ones who do need the help are loseing it ,


  48. Good luck with everything. I am not in a fit state to work mentally or physically but I will because I cannot face ATOS etc can only feel if things continue as they are suicide will be the eventual option. Hopefully there are so many of us now being screwed things will have to change for the better- eventually