Monday 24 March 2014

Magic Mondays

As you know, Magic Mondays is a way of trying to convince others - people who may not be familiar with the many social security myths - that things are not as they seem. If we could all just persuade one person a week, we would have made a very significant impact by the 2015 election.

Last week, I said I would try to convince some Conservatives on a prominent blog. After 2 hours I had 42 negative ticks!!

BUT. By this morning, I have two open minded right wingers who have promised to read the links I posted and even a suggestion that the blog might be interested in hearing a little more for their manifesto suggestions. We found common ground and put aside our differences, focussing on the things we agreed over.

We CAN do it. It takes patience, perseverance and a little knowledge. We all have that in spades. An acceptance that others aren't evil, they just think differently to us. People are people and they have Mums and Dad's and children, just the same.

Please, do what you can, when you can. Email a friend you haven't heard from for a while and start a conversation. Have a chat with your GP at your next appointment. Tell the baker or the milkman - you just never know when it might make a difference.


  1. Love the Magic Mondays. Where I live everyone is more or less on the same page, but it's more an issue of persuading people to vote. I think many people would rather not vote for a government that then betrays them, so that they don't have to feel guilty that they helped bring the f**kers in. Do we have any arguments on that?

  2. The anger Cameron now shows being grilled at pmqt and the rabbit caught in the headlight faces of his ministers squirming in their seats.if u are a people watcher like myself the self important arrogant stance of the tories ministers has given way to the hunched shouldered looking around for help stance.I do believe that they were unaware ignorant of what the outcome of their punitive unfair poor focused benefit cuts would have on the most needy.Now they see the abject poverty usage of food banks spiralling rent arrears out of control and they cannot undo this course of action.You are so correct if we challenge them head on they will fight with gusto.Give people a chance to see the stark realities being suffered empathise with these tories help them realise the mistakes against their own fellow man and they will fall to their knees and ask forgiveness.Slowly Slowly catch yee monkey.{HONOUR YOUR FELLOW MAN THE WAY YOU YOURSELF WOULD WISH TO BE HONOURED}.....