Saturday 15 March 2014

Last chance for ESA Evidence

A while ago I posted a survey for you to fill out. It was so that Spartacus can put together a response to the Work and Pension Committee request for evidence on  ESA and Work Capability Assessments.

Although it asks for an email address, this will be strictly confidential, only our researchers will see it.

It takes just 5-10 minutes and with your informatiln, we will be able to put together a response from Spartacus so that individually, you don't have to.

It really is vitally important that we give this evidence as we are the people actually suffering through the system, not a faceless charity or think tank reporting on it. Only we can tell them how it really feels, how it really affects us.

Time is running out! We only have this weekend to submit our answers as our researchers MUST start collating your answers. Please. Take a few minutes to be heard. I know it seems like an endless round of being ignored but we ARE making a difference. 

You can fill in the survey here :


  1. Sorry for being so late, but been too ill before:(
    Thanks to everyone working on this, live in hope that ESA50 and WCA are changed as a result......WILL THEY LISTEN THIS TIME?

  2. I have been trying to, I just struggle to compress everything into those little boxes! I hope things go well for you.

  3. Hi there Sue, I / We have been following your work but I am unable to mail you directly can you please PM me thru Twitter @SWSAN-alba or accept the friend request i sent on FB

  4. top answer gets 80 votes, 18 responses on here and most are spammers. You have no right to speak for anyone