Thursday, 13 February 2014

The problem with bigots is....

The problem with lung disease is, you kind of have to breathe. At least a bit regularly.

And the problem with heart failure is hearts can't really fail. They're just not optional.

The problem with bowel disease is you have to eat. Quite a lot. I've tried stopping, it doesn't really work. And food is incredibly yummy. And it nurtures our souls more than our taste buds let on.

With kidney failure, hours dedicated to satisfying the great dialysis beast allows you to process liquids, which is fairly non-negotiable by anyone's standards.

And the problem with cancer is it doesn't give the tiniest shit which one of us it invades or where.

But the trouble with bigots is, they ignore all of that. They can only see one problem.

"Why is that bloke down the street getting something I'm not? And why should I pay for it??"


  1. Said bigot probably accepts Child Benefit and tax credits though.

  2. We are a nation of tiny minds.

  3. ...but as soon as the bigots themselves are struck down by illness or disability, they'll look around with doleful (oops!) eyes, expecting people to be kind and sympathetic.

    1. Yes, you're dead right. Those who condemn others based on faulty prejudices and assumptions and are happy to watch others suffer or be punished for being poor or Working class or Black, or whatever prejudice is flavour of the month, are the first to bleat and scream blue murder and for compassion when they suffer themselves. It is the nature of many such people. Compassion for themselves, harshness and cruelty for others.

  4. Ah yes - there are so many of them. I try not to get down about it as these bigots are the first ones who would scream for help if they needed it. They are the first to complain about anything and everything. You have to pity them really...

  5. So true. What has happened to people? I'm sure it wasn't always this way, didn't British people used to be fair minded, kind, empathetic? Must have dreamed it.

    1. before the tory hate press taught them to loathe everyone else i'm sure they were.

    2. I think there are many around the world who might have an argument against British people ever being 'fair minded, kind, empathetic?' Ask Irish people, or Black people or people in India and any other number of countries that were once part of the British Empire.

  6. BIGOT : Boorish Ignorant Git Opposing Truth

  7. Absolutely spot on Sue. The Dacre/ Murdoch media is very good at belittling illnesses - usually by focusing on the symptoms and minimising them. Thus emphasema becomes "a bit of a cough", someone with one leg "has a slight limp", paranoid schizophrenia "mild stress" the list goes on and on.

    Whilst we are fed dross from Wind Farms are our Saviour to Austerity Measures are a necessity the only People who get anywhere near the actual truth is within meetings of the G20 or Davos .G20 to discuss Social Policy and Commodity Pricing and Davos to discuss our overall Financial Situation .
    Brussels Dictates 70% of our Laws so we are Governed by three separate entities all with their own agendas to be adhered to .
    Our Regime know they and we are living a lie but as long as we are controlled they ca get away with the deplorable .They think we are quite satisfied by catchy phrases and serious sounding Government Departments or groups .A prime example is the Environmental Agency and Cobra the emergency meeting of the cabinet to discuss serious emergency matters .The way both have handled the Flooding crisis Cobra ought to be renamed ‘Dead Parrot’ and the EA renamed the AA the ‘Aquaphobia Apologists ‘ .
    If there was the slightest trace of ‘Sovereign Loyalty ‘Cameron a multi- millionaire would donate the dubious cash for favours he has accumulated using our properties Number 10 and Chequers to set up a Flood Fund .
    Cameron has that many hidden agenda’s it makes one wonder whether he is a mixed clone of Blair Mandleson and Howard .If you thought Blair was a Smiling Assassin Cameron the Descendant of a Slave Trader has nothing on him .

    I remembered Thatcher’s mantra “We are the biggest Democracy in the World” she taught me a lesson whenever a politician repeats a phrase it is nothing but Spin .
    Take the example of the Ukraine that became Independent 24 years ago after the ‘Peoples Revolution’ took control in 1917 .
    Peaceful Protesters in the Capital of the Ukraine occupied Kiev Square ,protesting about the incumbent President Yanukovych who with the Ukraine being in financial difficulty has been ‘rewarded’ by Putin to keep allied to Russia rather than move towards an EU Affiliation .
    The Ukrainian People have not forgotten the Stalin Totalitarian Regime and feel that the EU is a more viable Financial Arrangement for the Ukraine to prosper and validate its Independence whereas its leader elected under dubious circumstances does not .
    Feeling the Pressure of Democracy at work ,he began appeasing the masses relenting to his people's wish of becoming a Western Nation.
    This upped the game for Russia to spend a little more which made Yanukovych do a U
    turn .The protesters were then subjected to having Civil Liberties removed and replaced by Draconian Laws making it a Prisonable offence to blockade public buildings, wear masks or helmets at demonstrations, erect unauthorised tents in public areas, and even made it an arrestable offence to "slander a government official."
    The President is now in hiding and Ms Tymoshenko who was jailed for seven years in 2011 for abuse of power is now on her way to the capital, Kiev, to join the protesters who have changed the political landscape through months of demonstrations that have left dozens dead .How would Cameron Osborne Smith and Cohorts fair in the Ukraine ?
    The Price of Democracy when Corruption is a norm for the Privileged in Power .