Monday 24 February 2014

Magic Mondays

Who says magic can't happen on a Monday morning? From now until the election we have to do just one thing. We must persuade the public that they're wrong about welfare. Just that one thing. If we don't, whoever wins the election will not see a need to address the great social crisis unfolding.

So from now on, every Monday, if everyone that reads this blog persuades just one other person that they've been misled, that "reform" is simply another word for hate, we will have converted nearly 200,000 people.

It doesn't matter who it is - a nurse or doctor, a teacher or school-gate Mum. Maybe the electrician or the postman. You might email an old friend and tell them about the fears you have for the futures of sick and disabled people in the UK. Best of all, write letters to your local paper. Every Monday, a quick email to the letters editor pointing out the new PIP 20 mtr rule or the chaos of Universal Credit or the total mess of ESA and you could have a big impact.

One week at a time, one person at a time, it might not seem like much but it could make a big difference. If you plead with the people you convince to convince others, that 200,000 might become a million and those million night become 2.

As we've always reassured one another, alone we whisper, but together we shout.


  1. YES ... but I need a thirty second sound bite to start to persuade people.

  2. "Did you see that Benefit Street programme? Do you know there are 306 people on that street and over 50% work? I'm so sick of them trying to make out everyone's a cheat aren't you?"

    "Do you know, if you can't walk far enough to get to your own car, you no longer qualify for any mobility assistance?"

    "I read the other day that a full 28 BILLION is coming from disabled people"

    "My Mum/Nan/Sister has CP/cancer etc and can't get any help at home any more"

  3. Nice one Sue. I understood that one of a governments requirements is to protect it's countries people from danger, so they may live a safe and happy life in a free society. What part of that rather simple idea does the coalition government not understand and why? You are so right, the questions have to keep being asked, for the sake of this generation and the next generations. Blatant ignorance of civil morality and denial of the financial needs of disabled and vulnerable people can never be tolerated for any reason whatsoever.

  4. I hate the term "Welfare". It has such negative connotations now.
    It was always Social Security. When did it stop being Social Security?

  5. Me too Toni!! At least I can claim some small triumph in persuading Labour not to say "Welfare". They started calling it "Social Security" about a year ago.

  6. To me it's always been Social Security and it will always stay that way.
    I like the newspaper and editor idea as I don't have many friends (believe it or not, I don't like people and meeting them or having them come to my home stresses me out so much :( )
    At least if I write to the newspapers then I am trying to do something. I'm with you that we desperately need to inform people as the majority still believe that we are scroungers and that we all have massive tv's and sit doing nothing all day, and they couldn't be more wrong!
    I live in Scotland and hope and pray that we get independence as the first things to go would be bedroom tax (even though we don't pay it here as the people at Holyrood pay it), PIP, and the Social Security would be overhauled with a proper safety net being the main thing again.

  7. My local newspaper often features letters slagging off a certain local MP (who used to work alongside Eamon Holmes) so I think I'll join in the fun ;)

  8. As ironic as this sounds, I live in a Labour stronghold surrounded by people who spout the 'scrounger' rhetoric. Thankfully, people can be made to think when they realise that they're only one payment/payday away from being a 'scrounger' - and nobody likes to be called that word.
    And this is also an area of high unemployment with stupidly low chances of being able to be employed. We have now got our own foodbank once a week. But that's just not the issue - there's an unused cafe (complete with kitchens) that could be used by charity to feed people at least one good hot meal a week if not more - and that opportunity is scuppered there because it belongs to an organisation that won't let it be used.
    So it's all swings and roundabouts around here. And I've reminded people that this local election will be used as a barometer for the upcoming General Election next year - use it to give the tories a taste of what's to come.

  9. It doesn't sound ironic at all. It's why Labour just don't know what to do

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