Friday 2 August 2013

Tory West Sussex First place to be Fracked??

I feel shocking, so this will be short and sweet.

But I couldn't let this go by!

Did you see the #desolate hashtag on Twitter? A Tory peer, Lord Howell, who just happened to be George Osborne's father-in-law, said it was OK to frack in the North East, as it was "desolate"

Mark Ferguson, editor of Labour List and proud product of the North East, asked people to send in their favourite photos of the beautiful North East using the hashtag #desolate.

Amusingly, a day or two later, Lord Howell, digging himself a hole so big, he could probably have fracked himself, apologised, saying he meant to say the North West and how "odd" it would be to frack "in sensitive places down in Sussex"

Well, today, it is revealed that.... Lower Stumble (Really! We do great names) near Balcombe in West Sussex  - home of one of the highest concentration of rich NIMBY's in the country - so Tory you could pin a blue rosette on a sheep and it would be elected comfortably - is the first site in the UK to be fracked!

Lynton Crosby, please, tell me, how on earth did that decision come about? I mean, the residents of my own town in West Sussex wouldn't even agree to build a nice park on the seafront for children, because they were convinced it would lead to - I'm not making this up - "Anti-social behaviour"

Fracking? How?


  1. Ha ha, another classic post Sue. My wife and i stayed in the North-West this week, at Coniston in the Lake District. There is nothing desolate about that area, it is an absolutely beautiful part of the country, full of wonderful people. How can a long-standing Conservative politician not know that fact?
    "Cuadrilla want drilling in Balcombe to start
    they fracking well don’t care a thing
    the great public police corporation
    are there now in force just to bring
    the public to heel to arrest them
    to intimidate them and to try
    and give open house to the Cuadrilla mob
    who will clear off when Balcome does die

    and die it will,just torn to pieces
    by the great metal dinosaurs they
    will come in and tear up and drill down
    and draw up the gas and be on their way
    the environment yes it will suffer
    the fracking liquid it will be
    poisoning rivers maybe even aquifers
    that’s what the police fail to see

    But if they are local they’ll see it
    when their waters poisoned they’ll see
    when their families suffering then they might think
    if the overtime payments will be
    enough to buy, the bottled water
    will safeguard their house prices that
    have fallen since Cuadrilla came into town
    and basically skimmed off the fat

    Balcombe is one of the many
    places that drillers will need
    to come to and really destroy it
    these sweet country havens will bleed
    the people some of them will feel it
    a truncheon will hit them for sure
    the world is a monster the vile corporations
    have now taken over the law

    and its coming down hard on the people
    the rate paying tax paying crowd
    people like Cuadrilla and their richer backers
    are hiding in some now vast cloud
    but shale gas is terribly destructive
    getting it out you will see
    the people and the countryside suffering
    and in Britain this shouldn’t now be

    The yanks are now f**king the environment up
    water supplies at a low
    dumping their poisons just anywhere
    anywhere that it can go
    there’s no insurance to speak of
    they’ve stitched us up and we are lost
    are we expected to lay down and die
    and just bear the whole dreadful cost
    is that what the police want
    it seems that they do
    just corporate slaves
    for the very rich few."

    1. i know balcombe very well their all conservatives on the far right i say let them frack and if they wreck it then tough luck

      the noise will travel miles so not so good if your ill and live nearby

      as for the water table the water there is already bad so making it worse wont be noticed by the locals

      however the water that you drink in sussex will need to be monitored more then usual i never drink it as it always makes me ill so be warned

    2. Hi Nick, it does seem as though Conservatives are defined by name and not nature these days, sigh.... Personally, living near London, i only drink 'Trotters Peckham-spring bottled water'! Lol.

    3. Fracking requires a great deal of water and the North has plenty of it on the surface. A lot of the water down South comes from aquifiers and rivers so it would make sense for most fracking to take place up North. The profits from this fracking should be spent exclusively up North and not put in the general pot. Stop this North/South nonsense. Incidentally, I live in the North West.

    4. Your comment makes sense John. Thanks for the advice.

  2. martin they are very wealthy in balcombe they could live anywhere in the world so they must wont it as their wealth/ and influence combined would damage the conservatives at the next general election

    i reckon they will all be paid vast amounts of money under the table
    top conservatives or wealthy conservatives only value money don't forget they would sell their own mother if the price was right

    they are most certainly like al Qaeda are the two most dangerous groups in the world at present al Qaeda hell bent on killing people worldwide and the conservatives destroying the sick and disabled whilst making money

    the future's very bleak the future's not orange

  3. The futures not Liberal orange anyway Nick mate. What happened to the democratic five, Bill Rodgers, Shirley Williams, David Owen, Roy Jenkins and David Steel? They had people's best interests at heart, not like this foolish Clegg led colluding disgrace. Shame we can't put Al Qaeda and Al Conservatives in a rocket and send them all to Pluto forever.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. my own gut feeling martin is that were finished as a humane society that is very clear and that the working class will be pushed in to the realms of the super states the UK /china/ USA where we will all end up in a communist state

    it's already happening on most topics but the future you can be assured of will be one of slave labour for the majority with long hours and little money like already in china and for those that don't work like in china the sick and disabled you will be kept of sight you will be housebound at best or killed off like in china also at worse your human rights will be rewritten which will not include any humane rights whatsoever for those that don't work or in prison

    That is the crystal clear picture that i am seeing and others may interoperate the picture i paint and future differently but i doubt and of the readers to this blog will say I'm wrong as i seldom am

    all the time sue is active god bless her we must live in hope of something better and am desperate to tell her of any valid breakthrough that i personally see a slight shift in the mind of David Cameron but at this time i find no evidence whatsoever of any such thing

    Fracking in balcombe however is a mystery in that wealthy people wish to destroy a beautiful area and that is a first for the UK so where in uncharted waters on this one on the working of the wealthy minds
    What the likes of sue along with other blogs can achieve is to slow down the process of the destruction of the uk but ultimately at the end in years to come will have failed as that is invariably the long term outcome
    David Cameron has achieved so far in 3 years what Mrs Thatcher failed to achieve in nine years so you can see that the pace of change is vast and when they win the next election, it will all be over for many people especially the sick and disabled
    I’m coming up for 60 so I’ve had a good innings so killing me off isn’t so bad but I do worry about today’s kids how will they cope in the future without the likes of sue around where will they find the boundaries of good and evil if all the good teaching have died off

    1. Good will always be found, Sue is a loud voice for a lot of people, but there are many people who feel just like Sue who just don't have a website to allow others to hear them. Don't forget that the 'elite few' are really just the 'few'. There is no way in this world that anyone will allow Great Britain to become a communist state. The politics of today in Britain is all about who can tell the biggest lie. BUT, most people in Britain already know the government is lying, regardless of what the media tries to portray, so soon we will see corporate evil dying away to be replaced by a fair, equal and humane society, where our future generations live happily and progressively.

  6. I truly hope so Martin. I worry about our generations to come, more than I worry about my own generation. Our generation (I'm 55),are suffering with all the disabled, sick and vulnerable being squashed like flies under this evil government :(

    1. The government is sicker than the people it is hurting Jacqueline. It needs us more than we need it.

  7. Comments from the Conservatives here are centred around the money and that only. It will be a different story when a well head is set up near their homes in rural South Ribble.

    You are also right about the corruption, or the lack of transparency. One Tory MP has a husband who has a business partner who has interests in the success of Fracking being he has fingers in that pie, meanwhile, the MP campaigns against ANY wind turbine. Then of course there is this.....

    Blagzoney ‏@Blagzoney 3 Aug

    Mud volcano in East Java caused by Fracking #Solidarity to the people of #Balcombe, standing up for all of us.
    Retweeted by Cllr Keith Martin

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