Monday 5 August 2013

PIP 20 metre rule VERY last chance to have your say

This is your very last chance to give your opinion on abolishing DLA and replacing it with PIP, particularly the 20m rule. We Are Spartacus have done our own response (see below) and hope it helps. The consultation ends at midnight tonight

Making the most of the opportunity


Quick links:
Briefing (for everyone): We are Spartacus briefing on PIP mobility consultation June 2013
Survey (mainly for disabled people; available until 15 July):

The Government has published a new consultation on the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which is replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA). The consultation ends on 5 August 2013.

The following step-by-step instructions are designed to make it as straightforward as possible to respond; the instructions you use will depend on whether you’re a disabled person or you’re someone who’s supporting us (eg a health professional).

Step by step guidance for disabled people :

  • Write a response to the Government’s consultation, sending it to: Send a copy of your response to: (see note below)
Step by step guide
  • Send a copy of your response to: (see note below)

Note: We’re asking people to copy their responses to our dedicated email address so we can gain an understanding of how people are responding. We will not publish any information that could identify you personally; we’re interested in what you say, not who you are!


  1. I will be housebound if I lose my motability car. I cannot safely , reliably and repeatedly in a timely fashion walk 20 metres let alone 50 metres due to my mobility problems, and balance. There are no accessible buses where I live and I cannot walk the distance to the bus stop. The bus service is infrequent. The buses do not go to my GP , local shop, dentist, my consultant is 35 miles away. I will not be able to work and lose my business, I employ two people who will lose their jobs. The costs of taxis in a remote rural area will be prohibitive. I will lose my independence.

    1. Annie you sum it up well
      i myself can only walk in pain so i only get the lower rate DLA for mobility

      I should not be walking at all as i faint easily but i struggle the best i can for now

      when i am reassessed under pip I'll probably stay on the same lower rate

      the government i think will be taking a stance on IF you can walk like i can you will be dropped down to the lower rate and only those who cant walk will get the higher rate

      it will be very difficult for a ATOS doctor to decide on how many meters you can walk i myself as i say i can faint on only a few yards but then sometimes i don't and may end up walking a mile in severe pain and then faint outside my front door

      The DWP say why are you out ? your ill they say get back inside so for me over the past 33 years as you can see it's been very difficult as i should be on the high rate for mobility but because I'm stubborn and do go out i have to accept the DLA lower rate as you get no points for being in pain and that's the difference

      under PIP in pain and ABLE to walk a little the lower rate if your lucky

      any type of wheelchair use thou and a disability and walking a little you could get lucky and get the high rate of PIP

      a wheelchair would be no good for me as i wouldn't be able to push it and to get to our local super market say in a electric chair the battery would be dead so I'm in a no win situation

      what we have is in this welfare pip is one of complete bullxxxx with no common sense anywhere within it to be found and will be implemented by those at the DWP WHO COULDN'T GIVE A DAMN IF YOU LIVE OR DIE

      And with regret it's as simple as that and that's the bottom line for always to come make no mistake about that

      But as i said above this PIP like all of the other of the welfare reform is just one of bullxxxx and is one in which you the citizen will never understand not even if you live to be 100 as that's it's main purpose is that you dont understand it and as each benefit claimant is an individual there will be winners and losers who die as we have seen so whatever we say on this PIP mobility consultation you can be sure it will be going in one ear and straight out the other

      A complete wasted exercise as we all know but that's my interpretation of all of the facts that i have read up on to date

  2. How am I supposed to get around if the mobility is dropped to 20m? I will be housebound and that's one of the cruelest things that could happen to me. It is a long way to the bus stop, then the bus would not go near any of the places that I need to go to. I have a false leg as well as other ailments and I cannot use public transport due, not only to my balance, but also due to my mental health problems. I cannot bear to be contained or worse still, be contained with strangers near me. That would be a living hell. I am at a loss what I would do without the car.
    This pathetic rule would also affect the car industry as so many cars would have to go back and there would be a huge drop in demand.
    This government have ruined everything that they have touched!

    1. I feel for you Jacqueline, i am in exactly the same boat, and what makes it worse you are unable to be herd.

  3. Jacqueline well they've kept me housebound for the best part of the last 33 years it's only my Tory mp since 2010 who has become more vocal on my behalf albeit behind the DWP scenes that have given me more freedom if and when i go out and now at the age of 60 i don't really care any more as the DWP have ruined my life

    I'll be with them thou till the day i die that you can be assured of just as those that live in north Korea live under their government in a vice like grip

  4. I will also be house bound if this new rule comes in as will most of us, but will this make a difference to our loyal MP's who really dont care about any of us ?
    I will then because i am trapped in doors suffer even more from anxiety and paranoia which will tip me over the edge and i will be one less for them to pay for, so job done, and more for the MP's to share among them selves.
    We need to protest this in a way that will hurt this country and make them listen.

    1. we will be in the same boat nick the only thing i feel bitter about over the years is being kept a prisoner in my home and when the DWP have been challenged on this they have always denied the accusation saying it's for my best protection

      The rules are implemented at a local level and where i live the rules are strict on illness in what is now known as the ESA support group

      If your in this group you have to stay in your house unless your doing something specific as you have been judge to ill to work and if you get reported by a neighbour that you have been out the local DWP compliance officer will be round your house fast as to what you were doing out

      DLA however gives me permission to be out but not for long in my case but at least i can go out

      ESA support group is a killer benefit unless your housebound as sneaking out will always end in tears

    2. i forget to add had i been political like Aung San Suu Kyi - who has spent most of the last 24 years under house arrest in Burma I'd be a hero just like she now is and I've done more years then her
      funny old world as they say

    3. that is shocking, i can not believe what i am reading, you would have a much better life in prison.
      I am so sorry to hear this, and wish i had a way of helping you out, im fuming.

      Have you been in contact with your local church ?

    4. Where i live nick H they couldn't give a damn even my own Tory mp keeps his distance having met me just once i think my skeleton frame shocked him well i hope it did

      he just emails now and again and sends the police round if my mental state is not good to make sure all is well

      my main problem is that i am a very private person and shouldn't need to look to others for help they should be able to see I'm not well and take the lead from there

      well i have 6 years to retirement and then i will be out from being under the DWP i will have been with them for 39 years by that time seams like a world record

      i probably wont make it as the ongoing stress from the DWP and through cutbacks the loss of my NHS carer leaving just my wife to care might not be enough but i have friends here and sue gives me some inner strength so i carry on the best i can

    5. Try your best to keep your chin up, i know how hard that can be but we will be herd sooner rather than later, and this mess might just go away.

  5. The Right-Dishonorable MP IDS has nudged the Daily Fail to start a nasty rumour amongst the 'one brain cell between them' general public, that the statue of phocomelia Artist Alison napper is deterring his anti-disability policies. Apparently IDS thinks the limbless pregnant woman is attracting unwanted attention from passers-by, who he says are too complimentary of the statue and how it represents the humanity, genius and artistry of disabled people and he says more pigeons crap on Nelson than they do Alison. IDS has asked for arms to be attached to Alisons torso before the next Euro elections in 2014.

    1. In case anyone was worried or felt concerned, the above comment was intended to take the mickey out of IDS. It is in no way true. I want to apologize for any unintentional offence anyone might have taken. Thank you. x

  6. On august 24th there is a national day of action against the bedroom tax, with sleep outs organised in 50 towns & cities across the UK to highlight the impending homelessness crisis due to the bedroom tax and other cuts.

    Any publicity you can offer would be great, more info can be found at

  7. the prime minister is thinking of using Stephen Hawking on London buses and else ware with the caption in big letters on it (this guys not on the sick )

    what a laugh that would be i love Stephen Hawking
    on a serious side thou it wont look good for those in wheelchairs there'll look like slackers ?

  8. Personally, i think anything David Cameron does associated with disability is merely political posturing to achieve publicity, unless it is to apologize for throwing his toys out of the pram and making such a big issue out of the fairly straight forward matter of disabled people claiming necessary benefits they are entitled to.

  9. martin David Cameron doesn't believe in disability his own father was disabled who loved a drink so in any argument will say my father worked hard and made loads of money so why aren't you ?

  10. I know this is off topic but your more likely to die in a car then on a plane yet more people are scared of plane rides I find that weird?