Monday, 21 January 2013

Help us! We're Begging You

No-one likes a nagging over their cornflakes.

Actually, no-one likes to be told that they're lazy, unfeeling or cruel at all. But Britain, for God's sake, are you ever going to listen to these News stories about disability and care?

For 2 years now seriously ill and profoundly disabled people have been begging you. OK, from the pages of the Guardian or from your Facebook timeline. But begging just the same.

If any of the exceptional Paralympians, so feted just an icy season ago came into your kitchen now and got down on their knees, if they begged you with tears in their eyes, with terror etched on their faces, would you look away? Would you turn up the radio so you couldn't hear?

Of course you wouldn't, you'd be horrified.

They've told you they're being hit harder than any other group by Osborne's austerity drive for 2 years now.

They've told you they are to be left in their own filth for want of someone to care for them.

They've told you they can't afford to eat.

They've told you they're having every type of support stripped away.

They've told you they face a choice between heating their homes and feeding their children.

They've told you this coalition will stop at nothing to save a pound or two they so desperately need.

They've told you a full quarter of government savings are coming from them, the "most vulnerable" you were promised would be safe.

They've told you they are being spat at and harmed in the street if they venture outside, so successfully have the government convinced you all they are scroungers.

They've told you about the deaths. Those who felt they simply couldn't take any more of this assault.

But still you don't hear. Still you look away, still you allow this to carry on, right before your noses and refuse to believe its true.

When history writes the truth of this time, you will be appalled. You will feel shamed. You will ask how it could possibly have happened.

And the truth will be you were distracted by the X-Factor, the gas bills and the snow.

So I'll beg once more :



Let today be the day. The day you click on the Facebook button below and shout from the rooftops. The day you share this with your family and friends. The day you flood Twitter with your objections.



  1. This needs to be spread far & wide! Thank you Sue!

    1. We need to all pull together; We can't fight alone. I believe that we should be working on this goverment's weakest link, the Liberals. Not the parlimentary ones but the party membership. The Tories can not pass any legislation without Liberal support and the party are the only ones who can apply pressure on Liberal MPs.

    2. Sue together as a united front we will get this sorted

  2. I for one am not begging anyone. The idea that people with disabilities are begging is itself insulting. Other than that, I take your point. I don't actually believe people can't afford to eat though unless they have some other debts, as after all ESA is sufficient to cover food. It is touch and go with the heating bills now though! That care provision is crap is a different matter and no doubt true, that is something I can see people having to beg about.

    1. "The idea that people with disabilities are begging is itself insulting."

      But it is actually happening.

      "I don't actually believe people can't afford to eat though unless they have some other debts, as after all ESA is sufficient to cover food."

      Assuming of course that ATOS hasn't decided they are fit for work and they haven't had their money cut or stopped.

    2. 150,000 ppl have unfairly lost there ESA. since 2010, only to have the decision found unlawful and wrong.

      I think they got a bit pecking in the year the gov left them with nothing

    3. Begging is desperation and insults don't come into it. Begging should not be considered demeaning. For some people the choices are stark. One may have enough to eat but some illnesses cost a great deal more than allowed for with DLA or any other disability benefit. So is it eat or keep warm, keep warm or eat, eat or save to buy the pressure-relieving cushions that don't come on the NHS and are the only thing to curb the constant pain...and so on and so forth?

    4. My Disabled friend is stuck in a one bedroom flat (only built 12 years ago) that has electric heating ... no gas on the block. She has Nail Patella syndrome, CRPS, stage 4 arthritis in her shoulder and is only 3 months on from having her shoulder joint replaced, which was her 24th surgery (now the other needs doing and it took 3 years to get the first one sorted) ............ it costs £7 a day in this weather to keep the temperature at 18.5 degrees that's £210 a month ... Her income is less than £3 over the ceiling for income support which means no cold weather allowance, pays for her meds (£35+ a month) and less than full housing and council tax benefit ... no travel expenses to see her consultant (75 miles away) ... believe me ... food is a problem.

  3. "They've told you a full quarter of government savings are coming from them, the "most vulnerable" you were promised would be safe."

    This is a piece of information I have missed up to now. Can you give me a link to a source, please, Sue? Not that I doubt your information, but it's useful to have an original source to quote.

    1. Sure. I'm so sorry I only have my phone in hospital and links are v tricky.

      It was a Centre for Welfare Reform report out recently written I think by Simon Duffy. Was also where I saw stat that No10 & 11 had increased their budgets by 240%

    2. Simon Duffy's report is here:
      My blog is here:

    3. In the report I linked to above, try this on for size, from page 24.

      "As a group, disabled people, 8% of the population (1 in 13 of us), bear 29% of all cuts."

      Not only are the cuts in general being targeted at people in poverty (see earlier pages in the report), but there is a specific emphasis on targeting disabled people. You cannot argue against that sort of inhuman discrimination, because the person you are trying to argue with is plainly not open to, or not interested in argument. That means people who object must use other means. As someone remarked in these comments somewhere (I think) that will mean people on the streets.

      The only explanation that makes any sense is to understand that Cameron, Osborne and the rest literally have something wrong with them. They are incapable of the normal sort of moral thinking that guides the daily lives of you and me. They are almost certainly psychopaths, that is, people who literally do not have feelings for other people, but use them like objects as resources for their own selfish schemes.

      Though, I am partial to the view that they are, plain and simply, sadists who get a kick out of causing harm and suffering. All we need is the evidence. Any good secret recordings out there?

    4. Im sorry Sue, I didn't realise you were in hospital again, or is it still? Your continuing output makes it hard to believe.

      And thank you Daniel, for providing the source I asked for.

  4. Sue, if IDS thinks people dying is a successful system,then frankly I give up hope! Sorry but that is it in a nutshell. The Tories want us dead.
    My only suggestion is what my wife said to me last night..... "You stay alive as long as you can, just to spite the b-----s!"

  5. If not for hubby bein able to work woyld have topped myself. I am scared by the cuts & the hate that the media are showing.

    1. Kirstie, you are not alone!
      Please hang in there.....this inhuman lot can not last for ever. We have resigned ourselves to loss of all benefits - all one can do is pray they shoot themselves in the foot once too often.
      At some stage the public will see them for the rich, out of touch, "toffs" that they are.
      We all have to hope that is sooner rather than later.
      At least we have people like Sue who seem to get the strength from somewhere to still fight. The speeches in the commons the other day also make one feel ever so slightly, not on one's own!
      Chin up:-)


  7. I don't know what will work to wake people up.The media largely ignored the recent atos-related debate.Every mp has hundreds of cases of disabled people made destitute,and yet...

  8. Where are the unions? What happened to the impetus generated on October the 20th? Will it peter out again, like last January, as the unions back down...yet again? The leadership there seems to have bottled it.

    What does this mean? I think it means we will see some form of direct action. But it will be more like the August riots of 2011 than October last year. It will be nasty, it will be violent and it will be desperate.

  9. Where are all the welfare organisations and why arent they standing up for the vunerable and the disabled,i am on dla highest rate and i,m still struggling i spend more than a ''healthy'' person because i have essentially more needs which i wont go into to save my emmbarrasment,what will happen if this communist government take that away,i will lose my only life line for getting out ie motability car,i will lose the finance to look after myself properley,i wont be able to afford to heat my home constantly,basically i will lose the will to live with my illness by the time the govt come to there senses too many people like me wont see it.

  10. Actually David Cameron, George Osborne, Nick Clegg and Iain Duncan Smith would and do turn the radio up and would and do look away smirking, just look at George Osborne, you'll see it in his eyes. He is INDIFFERENT about the poor, the sick, the ill, the young, the old and the homeless. They do not give a fig, never have and never will, about anybody but themselves and those with money and or money and status.

  11. Shared this everywhere I can think of.

  12. I hope anyone who works or contributes to society should come on here to read the sheer contempt there is of the idea that you should support yourself and not abuse the system year on year.

    My good friend is a GP he told me the various way people scam benefits. He told me a pt. wanted a sicknote because their child was badly behaved!! I kid you not. WTF. Why arent you fit for work you lazy ****? essentially in the UK there is no limit as to what constitutes an illness preventing work. This person hadnt worked for years despite probably being fitter than most working people. Sadly the job centre tells these people to get sicknotes?? WTF Why? Just sanction them and tell them get a job or their lookout. Plenty of cleaning jobs and hotel jobs get off your backside, stop smoking and do them.

    The system is a joke. Essentially I have no idea why you are bothered. As my GP friend said lazy people who have never worked and dont know how to simply appeal the decision by the time appeal comes even if they fail they just apply for benefit again and cycle continues. WTF? How is that helping? Stop the figging appeals once it stops thats it you're on your own. Your kids your problem not mine. I dont work 80 hrs to fund your scroats Xbox 360.

    1. What exactly is the point you want to make? You point to people, well, criminals scamming the benefit system (like that doesn't happen anywhere else) and think this has some relevance for sick and disabled people. I really am running out of wishes here, but here goes another one: I wish with all my heart that you come down with the illness and disability that my wife has suffered for the past 30 years, and then you will have a better understanding of what people here are concerned about. If you don't want the Welfare State to extend to you all the support you will find you actually need (and have already received), well then, b*gger off to another country where you won't get anything. Good riddance I will say. All of our lives are criss-crossed by contact with the Welfare State, from healthcare to education, from support when sick and unemployed to care in old age. YOUR life is no different from anyone else's. The entitlements those of us here are getting, and now risk losing, are the very same entitlements you will yourself call upon when my wish about your falling ill comes true. Or when you walk under a bus, and end up with half a brain and a body that won't work. Come back here after that happens, if you can still read and type, and you will find real friends. Until then, I for one cannot be your friend. Oh, and WTF to you too.

    2. Maybe you shouldn't live in Britain then. Seeing as you don't understand what the welfare state is and seeing as you have never been on multiple benifits unlike around 60% of the population. If you are going to hord money that even the working should have then you don't deserve to be British. Why don't you go and move to Poland. Then you can see our problems ampliphied ten fold and then you will understand and maybe then you will see our problems when you are in a place where they are right infront of your face. Look at the facts and leave your opinions at the door. Consider the reality not what your small world and mind thinks. You know nothing of the real world. One last thing 70% of people on benifits work. Even many disabled nd even if this was the reality, which your story isn't. Rerality can change and you show a samll mind. Darn cattle

  13. Oh my god, you anonymous person posting above. I wouldn't wish my illness on anyone, although I might make an exception for you. One day you might find that you, or your mother or you sister or child may find yourself in need, unable to work, suffering from terrible ill health. Then hopefully you will be put through the exhausting, demeaning and positively inhuman process that we are being forced to endure. I have worked hard all my life, I worked whilst raising two autistic children and looking after my husband who suffered from depression. I worked 60 hours a week running a service caring for adults with learning disabilities, taking home over £400 a week (which is good for this area). I paid tax and national insurance all this time, so I've earned the support I should now be receiving. I've had to be put through a load of appeals and a tribunal for disability allowance, made to feel like I am faking, questioned like a criminal. Scared to know whether they will stop my benefits (to which I have paid) next week or the week after. Unless you know what you're talking about I would suggest that you go and get yourself a personality bypass......

    1. One of the tragedies of this country is that you simply dont have to work if you dont want to. What constitutes health is so loose in this country that if you have a fight with your neighbor that can constitute stress and a life on welfare. Add couple kids = few grand in benefits. Then get bigger house you see how your prosperity keeps increasing the more you stay on benefits.

      Shame on GB for allowing it to get into this decreptid state.

    2. This is bull. You don't know the reality. You state only opion not the facts.

    3. Just wait untli something happens to you then you will see.

    4. I'm going to call you out, you bloody fool. Show us some evidence that there has ever been a case of someone suffering stress from a dispute with a neighbour who then lived a life on welfare. You are a nasty, bigoted and twisted person. If you ask me, you are jealous of sick and disabled people, because really, you are the lazy ne'er-do-well who would like what we are getting ('a life on welfare' as you call it), and you can't stand the idea that we have got something you haven't. Call back in when you've had your disabling accident, and I'll struggle to be nice to you if you can show you've learnt your lesson.

    5. I see the troll is back.

      Don't feed it. It will eventually go away. This one likes to come on here and piss people off on a regular basis.

      Ignore it.

  14. Of course, there is huge puzzling question revolving around this blog, and others that are similar. And that is why would someone come on here to abuse, or even criticise, sick and disabled people? It's a horrible thing to contemplate, but the simple truth seems to be that there really are hateful and nasty people out there; people who get a real kick from kicking the weak and the vulnerable; people who bed down to a really good night's sleep because they are wallowing in their recollections of hurting people. Such people are of course psychopaths, people who are not properly normal, who lack ordinary moral principles. Many are either criminals out-and-out, of otherwise seek what advantages they can from abusing their victims. In hunter-gather times, we must suppose that such people would have been expelled from the group, and left to fend for themselves, all of whom, without the support of their group (now called the Welfare State) would have perished before very long. I won't say I wish we had a similar system of expulsion today, but good God I'm that close...

    1. Daniel, please just ignore the troll. It makes things up to get a reaction. A few blogs ago it was a retired G.P., now it has a friend who is a G.P. It needs help!

    2. I wonder if it's name is Ian, or maybe George? David? Is that you? Or is it Nick, trying to convince himself that he's "on the 'right' side"? Or just an intern from Tory Central.
      (It keeps throwing up my ID as "anonymous" on the preview... It's Megabitch/Kayla)

  15. David Cameron and IDS are psychopaths,as Daniel rightly points out and very good they are in this
    they have a unique ability to say something and to get you to believe it and that makes them extremely damaging people not only to the sick and disabled but also to the EU and it's stability

    The world is a much more dangerous place all the time they remain in power as their fellow world leaders cant believe a word they say and although the likes of the USA might laugh it off the middle east is a different ball game and it's imperative that the uk show honourable leadership

    this has never happened in my lifetime and that in turn has led to the instability that we've seen over the past years

  16. @daniel no not at all i think a lot of people are fed up of seeing half their income go to support shysters that sit on their butt all day with dubious reasons not to work. if u think everything on benefit cannot work u must be one of the biggests tools on the planet.

    as my GP friend having people who want to be 'on the sick' b/c their kids are badly behaved is just the tip of the iceberg. the whole system needs scrapping if these benefits werent so generous people wouldnt bother living their life on them and we wouldnt need labour from eastern europe to do the jobs lazy brits wont do.

    yes a lot of high earning ppl are leaving the UK. when all the taxpayers where will your precious benefit come from then?? because you get something for nothing you have no value for it sadly.

    those who contribute support DC and IDS in their reform. those who dont clearly are scared their status quo of a life of sky tv, fags take aways and beers is about to be rudely abrupted and about time to!

    yes countries like brazil and china are thriving because there is an incentive to work there and progress as most of your income doesnt go to support those who cant be arsed in whatever guises they can come up with e.g fibromyalgia, ME etc etc conditions which the most eminent clinicians say are dubious at best and surprisingly dont exist in Brazil, China etc Wonder why that is?? Shock horror the penny drops.

    1. With nasty people like you, the penny dropped a long time ago. You are a curse on decent people, a vile little creature whose very existence is like a nasty smell that one can neither identify nor get away from.

      Come back when you have a long-term illness or are severely disabled, and possibly we'll have something meaningful to talk about. Until then, keep alert for screeching tires, horns blowing, things falling, or odd looks from your GP before he or show gives you the bad news, for you are as vulnerable as everyone else on this blog. You are not ill or disabled, because you have not become so yet.

      No evidence for your claim about the man with stress?

      What's the point of talking with you. You don't answer what should be easy questions. You write:

      >>>people are fed up of seeing half their income go to support shysters<<<

      Show us the truth of this. Even the person on maximum income tax does not pay as much as half their income. And if they did, they pay for things other than social security payments, so could not pay all of it on that specific expenditure.

      How do you know that I personally get something for nothing? That is why I called you vile, because your first thought about me is that I am a liar. Yet you know nothing about me. One penny that dropped a while ago is that people who accuse others of lying without evidence do so because, as liars themselves, they naturally think that everyone else is a lying as well.

      Perhaps I have missed what you mean to be saying, that there is not a single person who deserves support from the Welfare State?

      May I please ask everyone to notice not just how nasty this poster is, but how devious. He chooses not to respond to my remark that everyone, throughout their lives, intersects with the Welfare State. I can believe he did not receive a state education, or any education at all, because he is so stupid. But has he never needed help from the NHS? Not a single filling, not a single prescription?

      Is this fool a father perhaps? And where were his children born? I suspect the NHS had a role in that. And were his children never ill? And will they never become ill?

      And what will this fool do when he retires? Get his pension from the Welfare State, that's what! What a scrounger! Hound him till his ears bleed! What a nasty little cheat!

      But I'll bide my time and wait until he has no choice but to claim Disabled Living Allowance and Income Support (or whatever the benefits will be called). And what will you say then, you stupid fool? That the Welfare State is there for you, but not for the people who became disabled before you?

      Well, like others on this blog, I have paid my taxes and my NI while I could, as we are all obliged to do. And now I am in need, I rightly call in my entitlement. This is the entitlement that everyone has, even you. It is waiting for the time when you need it. You don't think that time will ever come. I don't know either way, but for the sake of your miserable and repugnant lack of humanity, I hope it does.

      What is so distressing is not the nastiness of your inaccurate, false and deliberately hateful posts, but the fact that they are made by someone who probably looks like a normal human being, who has an influence over children if he is a father, and who in any event is a sheer hypocrite for drawing on the Welfare State when he decries the entitlements of others.

    2. get yr facts straight you leech. i was privately educated, dont have children as i dont want to and I dont wish to have them to get a bigger house or more benefit as vast swathes of the population do here.

      You dont get it do you? Huge chunks of the population go on benefit straight from leaving school to the day they hit the grave. they have contribute f** all to the system in their life so this idea you need to contribute first is one of the biggest myths peddled ever. Shame on you.

    3. fyi you moron the reason I worked damn hard was because I didnt want to rely on anyone else for my existence. I have worked hard saved for my old age and dont need to go begging to leech off others.

      Yes i probably may be worse off long term as whatever I have accumulated will be used to pay for my needs but at least I can hold my head up high and say I have never needed a penny from someone else unlike the bods on here who think they have a divine right to something that isnt theres.

      Those days are gone. No country can survive like that. Again thats why Brazil has a growth rate eons ahead of us. Yeah they work or perish unlike here where its very easy to languish on JSA/ESA/DLA combo plus a plethora of other benefits. My GP friend says soon health will go private and you will have to pay to see a doctor. He cant wait as the wasters who come badgering him for sicknotes just to top up their fridge with booze wont bother anymore!

    4. >>>Huge chunks of the population go on benefit straight from leaving school to the day they hit the grave.<<<

      Prove it.

      I'm glad I didn't get your rubbish education, if you think any nonsense you spout is true in virtue of the fact it comes out of your mouth.

      You have not been able to substantiate a single claim that I called into question.

      Tell me where you went to school, and I will write to your headmaster to say what a failure his private school has been in your case.

      You can't even spell f** correctly. It has THREE asterisks, you fool.

      I did not claim that you contribute first, then get your entitlement later. I was very clear on that, especially as I introduced the example of childbirth. Even from a time before you are born, you are entitled to support from the NHS. As a child, you are entitled to healthcare and to education; though, in your case, if your parents chose private schools for you, that is their choice, but your entitlement to state education was there all along, and indeed would have been given to you if your parents had been found to be frauds, locked up in prison, and their little boy taken into care.

      We all have an obligation to contribute under certain conditions, and we all have an entitlement to support under certain conditions. I have remarked that you must have drawn on support throughout your life, and you have not refuted that. I also remarked that you will inevitably draw on the Welfare State as you get older, especially if you suffer the fate suffered by those on this blog. Indeed, I have cynically wished that you do suffer this fate in the hope that it would enlighten you about these matters that you so ignorantly comment on.

      But you have evaded all my efforts to develop a meaningful discussion. For that I call you a fool, and you call be a benefit cheat.

      I have truth and evidence on my side, while all you have is the misguidedness of the bigot. I'm pleased that I have been able to establish that.

      I didn't have the slightest interest in convincing you of anything, because I knew I could not. But you have exposed your true nature on this blog, and the people here will have glimpsed another clear view of their true enemy.

    5. To working people you are the enemy the person that sucks his/her paycheque to its bare bones. the person who has no idea what the meaning of disabled is e.g you probably think having an anxiety disorder or bs pseduo illness is disabled give me a break.

      IDS has quoted on many occasions the number of households where noone has EVER worked and it runs into the millions. Answer the point moron how can someone go on benefits straight from school and be on them till they expire. Just answer that point before going on about the NHS.

      You are worried because we are winning. We have the momentum and wont stop till people like you stop taking from us. We want to support the people we care about not you. You mean nothing. Soon the NHS will go to you will pay for care. Then you will realise maybe I wish I hadnt moaned so much that I dont get enough handout now I have NO handout. Frankly you deserve nothing. We have the momentum we are winning benefit caps are just the start. Capping the rise at 1% was easy to get through Parliament. Next step is working people unite and can smash this benefits culture that has crippled the working man for so long. Work to support your own family not the lazy cretinous swines that have multiplied like a virus over the years.

      Again IDS has quoted the number of workless households. It is a huge figure. What have you actually proved? Nothing. You have quoted nothing. Just come out with a load of drivel because you realise the tide is turning against you and we are ready now to rise and take you on. We are not afraid of you and we will prevail.

    6. btw why bother with asterisks might aswell just call you a fucking leech. that make you feel better? as a lot of people have been saying in the media thank heaven people like IDS have the guts to take people like you head on who think they have the right to suck the blood of life out of others.

      times changing about time too.

    7. Your posts are barely intelligible,contain no evidence whatsoever, just copious amounts of abuse.That you were privately educated(if true)does not surprise me.IDS does not have guts,he is a bully and a coward and justifies himself by offloading responsibility to a "morality" that is in fact its antithesis."Guts" is what it takes to stand up to him and those that support him,despite being ill/disabled .You and him of course are the real leeches.It is called "projection".I recommend seeking out a comprehensively educated person of average ability to enlighten you to that concept.

  17. Sue, I think something has happened to the once-decent people of Britain.
    Has this callous, cynical, manipulative government convinced them that disabled and sick people are worthless and to be despised? It would seem so, but how could this happen, in a nation that once prided itself on its sense of fair play and concern for its disadvantaged citizens?
    It makes me feel very sad (and very old) It is as though someone had stolen their souls, their spirit, whatever it is that make people human beings.
    Such great tide of unfairness and misery - I hesitate to use the word genocide, but to carve our a great swathe of people, who at one time were linked to pensioners (typically tend to vote Tory) cut that link, spin lies and misinformation to the press, use language like 'festerers' and 'feckless scroungers' -, even encourage neighbours to spy on what time their curtains are open, to make them feel as though they are under observation. To deliberately direct hatred towards a single group of people so they are bullied, starved, even killed, to be treated as lower than animals...stupid question maybe but how could this possibly be legal, here, in 21st century?
    Surely there is a barrister who cares enough to challenge this? The Court of Human Rights? It certainly would not be acceptable to treat say, black people, or Jewish people in this way. Then how is it legal to do it to the disabled.
    I'm not begging anyone for anything. I am demanding my rights to be treated as humanely as any other person in this country. I am demanding my lawful entitlement to benefits because I am severely disabled through no fault of my own. I was brought up to work to earn a living and that is exactly what I did. Then I became ill and unable to work - yes, any cynics looking in that is unable, not 'putting it on' shirking, skiving, 'making the most of it' - UNABLE TO WORK. I therefore demand that the system I was happy to pay into either supports me, or brings in some kind of death camp and kills me honestly and openly, and justifies why they did that to the rest of the world, who are watching...
    Does anyone remember that documentary 'Cathy Come Home'?
    I know there is some argument now about its long term effectiveness in helping with homelessness long term, but when it was shown (in the 60's) People did wake up and become aware of the problem, and things began to change.

    A well written drama-documentary about just one sick or disabled person's
    life over the past few years - the wca, the 'medical,' the sneering, assumptions of dishonesty, the stress, the worry, the death after being declared fit for work, the whole pointless, needless HOUNDING of a seriously sick or severely disabled person. A well-crafted drama-docu could do more for us than all the statistics and hear-breaking individual stories which no-one seems to take any notice of. There are just so many of them, it becomes almost unbelievable, even though it's true.

    Just tell the tale of one. With the words "imagine this was you" just might work.

    Ken Loach...are you busy?? We could do with a little help over here :-)

    Sue, I wish you healthier days. I hope your stay in hospital is not too hard on you. X

    1. Nothing like that just a lot of working Brits have woken up to what the welfare state is not something for times of needs but actual lifetime greed. Not for something to tide you over but something that keeps the idle idle.

    2. The problem is, if you have seen the ridiculous convulsions of my entanglement with the bigot we have on the blog at the moment, the psychopaths in the government have so manipulated public opinion as to get all the other, lesser psychopaths -- people who are not normal, who lack the usual sort of moral understanding -- to believe their lies. This is what happened in Nazi Germany, and I am becoming more and more convinced that the progress of events in Britain will shift closer and closer in the direction of such prodigious evil.

      It is truly frightening, how easy it has been for them to stir up such bigotry and hatred, and how normal it has now become for the bigots to blurt out their nastiness, or even physically attack disabled people in public. All along, it seems, our society has been ready for the seed of evil to be planted. Now it is growing vigorously, and I see no way to stop it.

      When I can, I mean to attack the bigots and show them for what they are, as I have done in this thread. But, no, even that doesn't work. I fear doing that just gives them more strength because they now witness directly the distress they cause, and they just love it. Such truly hateful and despicable people living amongst us. God, the thought is almost unbearable...

    3. daniel this is your benefits system

      it should make any hard working briton boil with rage and those who contribute nothing also quite angry too I suppose that their pot is being taken by pesky foreigners.

    4. I haven't bothered to look at the article you cite, because I can see from the headline what it is about. I disapprove of criminals as much as any decent person should do. What I cannot understand is what you think that has got to do with people like me and all the others on this list.

      Perhaps you can define clearly the boundaries of your bigotry.

      Do you believe that no one is really disabled?

      Do you believe that all claimants are fraudsters?

      You mix claims about disability with claims about unemployment. Do you accept that there is a distinction between these two groups?

      You remark above that you are hoping for the Tories to end the NHS and the Welfare State. Okay. Let's imagine that they do. What will your wish be when the ambulance comes to pick you up, injured and paralysed after a horrible accident? Will you simply tell them to call the nearest undertaker, or will you want them to take you to hospital?

      And after all that can be done for you has been done, what then? In your revolting future, there are no benefits for you. So what will you do?

      Perhaps you are rich enough to pay for medical insurance and even loss of income insurance, and in this fantasy future I sketch you will be fine.

      Does that mean you think poorer people who cannot afford premiums should be left to die?

    5. The last time the Tories were in power they taught the current crop of middle-aged people that it's all about "what can I get for me? Self self self. I'm all right, Jack, you can just rot in your own filth." The current crop have continued this with tbheir own version including "Why should I help someone worse off than me? If someone is poor, it's their own fault. If someone is sick or disabled, they must either be lying or been like that from birth so anything they have has been paid for by my taxes!"

      Therefore if there's a satellite dish on the roof, they "I pay for them to get Sky on benefits!" (ignoring that it could be there from previous tenants, could have been installed prior to the event that put the person onto benefits and most importantly the presence of the fucking dish does not always mean that it is being used for pay services).
      If they have a nice car the fact that it might have been the one they bought before they went on benefits and let's not get started on the fucking idiots' "they get a free car!" while ignoring that a motability vehicle is instead of certain benefits, not as well as (maybe people should do some research... nah, what am I saying? The DM & its sibling tabloids are all the research sources they need).

      Today I will get in my car (bought before I became too ill to work for anyone else) and drive 5 minutes to the post office; walk the couple of hundred metres (in agony the whole time); hope there is no queue; post some "returned items" (clothes that don't fit/were damaged on delivery/unsuitable gifts); stagger back to car; drive home. Then I will collapse into bed and tomorrow I will barely be able to make it to the bathroom and certainly will be unable to get dressed without help because today's "work" will break me for a couple of days.

      Oh yes, Mr(s) Anonymous Troll, you have just joined the Cabinet as people I wish my illness on. Never thought I'd do that until I started to read the type of vitriol you spew and recognise where it comes from. Oh, what do you think of a multi-millionaire claiming welfare benefits for a disabled child?

  18. "daniel this is your benefits system"

    Thats one example of abuse. Since you seem so certain that the benefit system is riddled with frauds would you care to provide the other 5.2million examples?


    Okay, since apparently youre certain that the disability benefits are riddled with fraud can you provide the 2.5million examples from that, a much lower number?


    Okay then how about you provide just enough to show that the 0.5% DWP fraud rate for DLA is too low and is understating fraud. Give me 0.6%, a very low number. Can you provide me 15,000 examples of DLA fraud please?


    Hmmm. Maybe Im asking for too much. How about you just provide at least enough to show the media has managed to give at least enough examples to display the actual DWP fraud rate. How about the 0.3% of ESA? Thats only 7800 examples you need to find me.


    Ohhh! So despite the fact that even if the Daily Mail was to print an article about an individual fraudster every single day for the next 20 years they would only be showing LESS than the actual given fraud figures, somehow this has translated into evidence that there is MORE fraud than the DWP numbers.

    Id like to have the name of your Headmaster too. Apparently you left your private school lacking a grasp on basic maths...

    Ahh yes, you are happy to spout bile and attack others but too terrified of the disabled people to even identify yourself.

  19. IDS is the same type of conservative as the Let elderly people 'hurry up and die Japanese minister

    And it's against this background that the sick and disabled of this country face

    IDS and co wouldn't wont to live if they were disabled and he makes it clear in own way that he'd rather us die the sick and disabled to fund a better lifestyle for the worker only

  20. Sue. I am sure the time has come to delete the abusive
    comments made on your forum. We all know who is making them. Rather, we don't; he/she is a coward and hides pathetically behind a series of numbers. The above statements are pure incitement to hatred - even worse than outright abuse. Please Sue, for the sake of the cause - us -
    don't accept his/her comments. If 'it' wishes to incite hate, let 'it' create its own blog. Nobody should be able to freely write such comments - even if it is pathetically to get a rise or a reaction. Words count for a hell of a lot.
    Hope you are feeling a bit better.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Fran, I think it is very important that we are aware of the sort of hatred and bigotry that people choose to define themselves by. They are truly dangerous people, because each has the same number of votes that you or I have, and they are so easily manipulated by evil, dangerous people in positions of power.

      I am pleased to see that my responses, sometimes heated and vitriolic in response to the nastiness, got this person to make a full and frank exposure of their repulsive immortality. There is almost no chance of getting this sort of person to change their mind. That was neither my hope nor intent in engaging with them.

      They opened their own vile torture-chamber all of their own accord, with nothing but a mere prompting, and we need to see what they have inside.

      Such people, I believe, are mentally defective in the normal medical meaning of the term. The pathology of psychopaths is well researched and well understood. The worst cases are locked away, because they are killers. Is the hatred spewing from this individual on this blog the product of a psychopathic mentality? Well, we can't be sure, though I know how I would place my own bet.

      Where the metaphor ends and the nasty reality begins, I am not sure, but I view my efforts as fighting evil. The more I do it, the more sure I am of the need for it.

  21. Daniel, don't feed the troll anymore. Some people close their ears to any evidence that make them question their opinions.
    My only word in your debate is that the GP in question should not be gossiping about their clients regardlss of how tempting.
    As a person with mental health issues who is struggling to find work I feel for everyone who has to jump through hoops for the benefits. I was lucky and my nurse dealt with it for me. I truly hope that we can all survive til common sense and dignity overcome this bigoted hatred we see all to often.

    1. Hello Catherine,

      Yes indeed, my work, on this string at least, is done.

      Some people get a kick out of hurting others, and I think I contributed to proving that in this case. I am truly sorry if anyone's witnessing this has caused distress. My own distress is the price I reluctantly pay for fighting on. But if we join together, I think we can be stronger, and I thank the heavens for this new technology that has enabled us to join together in this way.

      I am so pleased, if I understand you rightly, that you have are in receipt of your entitlement. That in itself, for you, for me, for everyone else, is a total victory over the trolls.

  22. It is advisable not to attempt to settle your claims with your insurance agency on your own. This is because you might not be familiar with all the categories of compensatory rights that you are entitled to. Research has also proved that the odds of winning a case represented by a disability lawyers are much more compared to those without legal representation.

    thanks a lot for sharing

  23. The worst thing of all is they are using a fake excuse (the deficit) to kill disabled people. My heart sank when the Toerags got themselves into (non-elected outright) power, and I knew it would be bad, but this...and my fear is we havnen't seen the worst of it. God help Mr Tinydick if he ever gets sick, errr, maybe not lol.

    1. And actually, the deficit increased a lot last quarter, if you remove the 4G sales and the Quantitative Easing interest rebate from the Bank of England. So they are failing even by their own standards. None of their economic policies make any sense, and almost all serious economists agree.

  24. dont give this pond life anymore attention he obviously needs a reaction to get his kicks,what a prick.

  25. Very interesting article Sue but like others I find the term "Begging" which you use quite demeaning?

    I am NOT begging this government for the right to be treated fairly and with dignity I and others are entitled to that as a right of being a "Human Being"?

    As for your sentence about the Paralympians I differ from your obvious wonderment of those individuals, your sentence?

    " If any of the exceptional Paralympians, so feted just an icy season ago came into your kitchen now and got down on their knees, if they begged you with tears in their eyes, with terror etched on their faces, would you look away? Would you turn up the radio so you couldn't hear?"

    Didn't they turn the other cheek during the Paralympic Games? Didn't a Paralympian have an over inflated ego of himself when he said he should of been awarded a "Knighthood"?

    I'm sorry Sue but my respect for those Paralympians fell away when they decided to turn their backs on their fellow disabled citizens of the UK just so as NOT to upset the games sponsors Atos?

    They had a huge opportunity to make a stand, a chance to show the country and the world that the overall picture is greater than personal gratification.

    That's my opinion, ....


    1. Well there was one moment in the paralympics where Osborne was booed - shame there have been no other obvious incidents of such mass disgust.

    2. thats probably because the paralympians have decided to work hard and make something of themselves rather than choosing the welfare and idle route.

      they all have good sponsorship deals now and good on 'em. why should they want to associate themselves with people who want something for nothing and also while they are out training at the crack of dawn you are sleeping with the curtains closed huh??

    3. "thats probably because the paralympians have decided to work hard and make something of themselves rather than choosing the welfare and idle route."

      Because none of them ever got DLA which helped them get where they are today?

      "Lady Tanni Grey-Thompson, who won 11 Paralympic gold medals, warned in May that the DLA cuts could affect the development of top athletes and prevent working-age disabled adults from engaging not just in sport but in society as a whole."

      Ade Adepitan, the Paralympic wheelchair medallist who is a Channel 4 presenter for the Games, said: "Without DLA I would not have been able to do what I did or be a top athlete."

      Natasha Baker, equestrian

      "Disability living allowance enables disabled people another life. If they have DLA they might be able to afford the petrol to go to work ... it allows us to be independent. I love my independence. I hate relying on other people to do everything for me. I drive and probably would not be able to afford the petrol if I didn't have the DLA. I have a Motability car. I have support from lottery fund but definitely, getting around would be a hell of a lot harder without DLA."

      Aaron Phipps, rugby

      "It pays for those essential things that I need. A new wheelchair costs £1,700. I would not be able to live independently without a wheelchair like this. It is just completely essential. I would be completely lost without it. "

      Kylie Grimes, rugby

      "DLA is really important. It has been a massive help for me over the years. It is only in the last 18 months I have got back to playing sport properly. I have been injured now five-and-a-half years. I would have been lost without it to be honest."

      Sue Gilroy, table tennis

      "I have tried not to worry about it. If they did decide to stop things it would make life impossible. I have carers at home, I have people coming to help me with the things I cannot manage myself. Obviously things are a lot more expensive. Wheelchairs, cars. £20,000 of adaptations on the car, Motability."

      Ali Jawad, weightlifting

      "They need to sort it because a lot of people would suffer for not being eligible for mobility. I just hope the government have thought this through ... [if they haven't] they are going to have a lot of disabled people who are losing their independence, which is not what we want."

      David Clarke, football

      "It does seem as though disabled people's independence is being jeopardised by the government's proposals and what worries me is that it has been done with good intentions in certain areas, but is so wide of the mark.

      "DLA matters. It covers some of those additional costs that we wouldn't necessarily have the money for.

      "What DLA does is enables you to afford all the additional support you need without impinging on the income you receive. It puts you on a par with other people in society."

      Or perhaps do you need me to explain the difference between 'sick' and 'disabled' and the overlap? If you dont understand then just say so.


      take a look at this clearly this is the flip side of giving disabled athletes access to public funds. if the whole welfare system was confined to history this wouldnt happen would it??? accept that at least pls.

    5. That again would be one example of abuse. I refer to you my previous request which you have ignored to provide me with examples that somehow show this behaviour applies to the majority of people within the benefits system - afterall youre arguing that 5.3 million people should have their support system or even their entire income taken away on the basis of fraud you cant even prove represents 0.0001% of them.

    6. d'oh moment you still dont get it do you? If people who commit benefit fraud/abuse knew 100% they were going to get caught they wouldnt do it would they??!!

      Fact is chances getting caught are very slim. In fact you have to be seriously unlucky to be caught. Hence the fraud rate is extremely high just undetected most of the time sadly :(

    7. Because we're just not trying to catch fraudsters right? Its not like theres huge forms, medical evidence, testing, direct interviews with medical personnel, a dedicated fraud detection departments complete with private investigators who can go out and follow anyone suspected to record their activities, a dedicated benefit fraud line where anyone can phone in without having to give their name and will trigger an investigation...

      Oh. No. Wait. We do have all those things.
      Yet somehow apparently hundred of thousands of fraudster are still getting away with it undetected.

      The dedicated benefit fraud line receives 700 calls per day. Thats 254,800 calls per year. They investigate every single instance of alleged fraud that is reported to them and do you know how many are actually true? 0.3% - the exact same rate of fraud the DWP is reporting. They said that 99.7 of the calls were incorrect or didnt have any basis in fact.
      Astonishing that despite them looking into hundreds of thousands of alleged fraud cases they still cant manage to find this hidden cache of fraudsters that you and other seem to believe are just waiting to be caught.

    8. As said they have openly admitted they dont have the resources to catch all the fraudsters.

      If you knew you were going to be caught you wouldnt do the fraud in the first place would u but u dont seem able to grasp that point?

      Point is if there was no welfare system would there be any fraud from it?? Nope!

      As Ali G said is welfare wel-fare? Absolutely NOT!


    You are incredibly think arent u daniel. The person in the above article is claiming a huge sum of LEGAL benefits. there is no fraud. this person has not contributed a dime they werent born here or used education here which throws all your arguments out the water.

    Point is that this huge sum she gets is LEGAL benefits. When u get such a huge sum better than working full time u dont need to commit fraud. That is perhaps why the fraud rate in welfare is low because the benefits are so generous in the first place you dont need to. You only need to commit fraud if you want some luxuries e.g a bigger car, yacht or a house in france perhaps??

    This article clearly exposes that the idea you have to contribute first is complete horse shit. You have single handedly failed to prove this myth you have to contribute first. This person has never contributed a cent but the fact there are millions more like her both native and foreign who have contributed f'all to the system but just bleed it dry with huge sums of benefit a working person can only dream of.

    Come on IDS the working man supports you, you have a golden opportunity now to make a difference to future generations. Lets finish these people off before they can leech anymore out of the system they contribute nothing to. Their decades of gluttony must come to an end asap.

    1. "When u get such a huge sum better than working full time u dont need to commit fraud."

      Im sorry, you seem to have confused us with MPs. If youre looking for people who get paid thousands when they dont even have to show up in their job, get £400 odd quid for food, their housing, their travel, heck Ive even seen £14000 for gardening, all paid for by the 'working man' then you want parliament.

      Its that way ------------>

  27. What people seem to be missing is the fact that this anonymous troll is in fact sick himself. Whether his comments are merely aimed at evincing a reaction as I would suspect, or he actually believes the baseless propaganda and hate mongering of such rags as The Mail, he is clearly exhibiting the behaviour of a very lonely and mentally distorted individual. If his statements are not purely attention-seeking, then the level of contempt and generalization he applies to his fellow human beings betrays, as much as ignorance, a deep sense of persecution, powerlessness and disconnection. This person does need help, although he is unlikely to be aware of this himself. I see little point in arguing the toss with such a person. He deserves our pity, not our fury.


      the reason why the benefits system needs to be scrapped asap

    2. @c2 So someone took some money to which he had no right and therefore the benefits system needs to be destroyed.

      Do you use this argument elsewhere? "Some women marry rich men so that they can sit around all day or just go shopping. This is iniquitous, the institution of marriage should be abolished."

      "Credit card fraud is a huge international business and costs the banks and their customers millions of pounds. This proves that credit cards should be banned."

      "People get held up at knife point and robbed of their cash. This would not happen if cash was illegal."

      Down with everything except what I have!

      Down with everyone except me!

  28. He is deluded ...he believes what he reads in the Daily Mail .


    Poor having problems affording food seems quite the opposite they are eating too much!!

    Oh dear shame on u GB :(

  30. I showed this thread to a seriously disabled person - physically disabled for over 30 years, but also permanently ill - (reading it aloud with a computer voice), and they were horrified, remarking that the troll here is a truly evil person.

    So thank you milespergallon for your astute psychological insights, just above in this thread. It gives us some comfort that this behaviour is abnormal and best not really understood necessarily as the outcome of the persistent demonising of the sick, disabled, and unemployed that this government and its friends in the press are indulging in. But in that is to be found perhaps the true evil, as surely Cameron et al are not deranged like our friend the troll, for these people are going about their nasty business of stirring up evil with full knowledge of what they are doing.

    The troll uses foul language, because really, that's all he's got.

    The politicians use the power of parliament and the law, and that is what is so terrifying.

  31. I urge all working ppl to come on here u know too just to see the sheer sense of entitlement for zero input that people on here have. it is quite sickening really.

    to break the sense of worthless and worklessness you need to stop the incentive that prevents work i.e benefits. if you can get something for nothing why bother working? you always fail to answer that point. millions live on benefit so cant be that bad and the idea of working is an alien concept to all of them.

    working people are thankful IDS came on the scene saw you all for what you are and is trying to wrestle back the initiative and actually make work pay. whats wrong with that? also when your benefits are stopped get a job you lazy **** thats the idea of the reform. support yourself peeps stop leeching of others you've managed to get away with it for decades.

    also daniel u aint done too bad for yourself have u? roof over yr head, computer internet and a bitter tongue too. all paid for by someone else. benefits need to be stopped so people like u realise there is no free lunch anymore. u make yr own destiny in this world. ask any GP how many sicknotes he writes for people who just cant be bothered to work? figure will shock u. the idea of being made fit for work is that u go get a job not go to yr GP and get a sicknote WTF? well u cant teach a lazy shit new tricks right??

    1. your wrong and you cause the genuine sick and disabled much sadness
      do please try to change your outlook maybe sponsor a child from the third world perhaps?

    2. You aren't honestly stupid enough to believe your own nonsense are you?

      If a person is so disabled that they are unable to chew their own food, operate an electric wheelchair or communicate on any level - in what way do you think they're a scrounger? Do you think they even understand the concept of benefits? How would they go out and get a job and what sort of a job could they get? What about those that care for them around the clock? Are the carers who are on hand for 168 hours per week for £31 scroungers? Heavy lifting, changing adult nappies, having to constantly be alert in case of epileptic fit or choking all for 18p per hour - are you telling me they'd choose that over going to work?

      Benefits can be a trap - some people are trapped on benefits whilst others just think they are trapped. All illnesses/disabilities are not equal. There are some who could work if they found the right job, had sufficient support and had the self belief. Others could work but it would be a struggle and others just cannot work at all. You have to remember that for many sick or disabled people that the smallest of tasks can be incredibly difficult, time consuming and exhausting - things like taking a shower, preparing a meal, taking public transport, household chores etc. That needs factored in.

      Some people have a chronic illness with means that some days they aren't too bad and could probably do some work - not full time because it would be too exhausting - but the problem for them is that they can't predict when they're going to be ill and there are few jobs that would be sufficiently flexible that they could work a few hours here and there. The other problem is that once they go off of their benefit they no longer have that safety net - if their illness flares up, which can be caused just from the effort of working, they need to go through the process of getting their benefits back - which can take time, and they are unlikely to have enough money to support themselves through that.

    3. You need to develop some empathy because right now you're displaying psychotic tendencies - and I implore you to get some help because it's vitally important, as human beings, that we engage with other human beings. People are sitting in their houses in isolation, with low self-esteem, unable to afford new clothes, holidays or treats, constantly feeling unwell/in pain, every little thing takes a huge amount of effort, they have no opportunity to meet new friends or forge new relationships and each day passes so slowly. Would you choose that as a 'lifestyle' rather than getting up for work each day, earning a good living, doing a good job and feeling proud of yourself and then going out with friends/colleagues after work to celebrate a job well done. Would you really rather be sitting at home isolated and ill - or caring for one person round the clock for 18p per hour?

      There are no class divides for those on disability benefits. The person who has trouble walking because they crashed a stolen car whilst trying to escape from the police gets treated just as well as the person who was on track for a first class degree at a top University but got taken ill with a severe stroke. Their life paths were on very different trajectories but through no fault of their own the student has suddenly lost all of their hopes, dreams and aspirations. Rather than ending up with a six-figure salary, a wife and kids, beautiful house and regular holidays - he's stuck being cared for by his ageing mother who is a full time carer rather than being able to enjoy her retirement. Because she's had to get a bungalow with a ramp for his wheelchair they've been forced to move to a rough council estate where they're regularly subjected to verbal abuse and threats because they're on benefits.

      The measure of a society is found in how they treat their weakest and most helpless citizens. Do we really want to move backwards with that? The USA is wonderful at self propaganda but not so good at caring for its vulnerable. People have idiotic quotes about getting out what you put in... some people are unable to put in. So, either go one step further and euthanise anybody too sick to care for themselves - or have some empathy and decide whether you'd like to live their life.

    4. I am a non-disabled self employed British citizen, born, educated and living here. The anonymous troll is a horrible human being and does not speak for me. I don't have anything more to add really. I will almost certainly contribute more to social security than I take out over my life and I'm fine with that - I'm lucky; at the moment I'm healthy, well off and life is good. I have no problem whatsoever with my taxes helping those not in that enviable position. We're all people (troll possibly excepted)

  32. Will everyone please stop feeding the troll and just treat it with the contempt it deserves.

    It is a regular visitor here. I think it is obsessed with Sue. It is absolutely full of bullshit. If you look back through the history of this blog it has claimed to be so many different things and have so much different experience. It still has time to come on here and stir things up though...

    I personally think it is just an attention whore with low self esteem.

  33. The attention-whore with the tiny dick is not only crazy, he's thick as well. There is a difference between a healthy person who has lost their job and a sick and/or disabled person who cannot work, because a), they are physically and/or mentally unable to and b) because they would never pass an employer's occupational health assessment, and c) because no employer will hire them, of for no other reason than the health and safety of their staff and the person concerned. What a thicko lol.


  35. Its really important to me that people like this troll are not ignored as I do believe that when we do that, and they are allowed to go around spouting such ininformed nonsense that there are more people who end up actually believing it.

    Like IDS who will make a wild claim about fraud on TV - if we dont have fact checkers to contradict his claims then people will think they are true. It also means when he goes on to repeat those same wild claims shortly later he looks like a dumbass who cant even get his facts straight.

    I know this is small scale in comparison but whenever there is hatred and misinformation like this I hope I do see people correcting it with the facts and the truth.

    1. I disagree. The more you feed a Troll, the worse it gets. It lives to get attention. If you don't feed it, eventually it gives up and goes away because it needs a reaction to thrive. It's been on this blog for quite a while now and if you look at it's previous postings you will see that the more it is confronted the more bile it produces, if it is ignored it doesn't bother.

    2. I wish that were true but just looking at the trolls who are running the country proves to me that ignoring them just gives them the power to shout their lies all the louder knowing they will never be challenged.
      But its not just about the troll to me, at least its not about shutting it up or chasing it away, its about the rest of the people who seeing such things being oft repeated will take them as truth, repeat it and defend it themselves.
      Where has this particular troll gained his/her particular viewpoints? They keep pointing to the DM which is rather well known as being a fount of misinformation, misdirection, and outright lies and the troll has come away convinced that people on benefits are all lying nasty little scroungers who live in luxury.

      Maybe Im naieve but I hope that when presented with a contradicting argument that the people reading this blog will actually look at both arguments and see the truth there.

      I know Im never going to change the troll's mind. Theyre too entrenched in their own certainty to ever bother actually engaging with anyone else and only want to keep spouting foam flecked rants about benefit cheats. The troll isnt all that important as they are actually little more than a perfect way to highlight the batshit crazy sort of prejudice we are subjected to while we can point out the inaccuracy and contradictions and direct the eader to the truth.

      If only one person reading this has their views challenged and comes away feeling that maybe the Daily Mail has got it wrong and that they never want to end up thinking like that troll then its done a damn good thing!

      Sort of rambled on for a while there but I hope I made some sense.

    3. Generally I would agree with you, but in this instance who is this troll actually speaking to? There are very few people keeping up with this blog who're likely to be swayed by the ramblings of an obvious moron. Generally speaking I feel like you - that publicly expressed opinions that I find hateful should be publicly refuted to make sure no 'passer by' is swayed by their rantings, but in this instance I think the content of this troll's rantings are so obviously idiotic that I honestly wouldn't bother. This idiot is a sole voice among threads upon threads of reasoned conversation and compelling evidence. The truth is evident here, even if the troll's posts remain unchallenged. There is no benefit in engagement on this occasion.


  36. Truly shameful too mentally ill to work? Why that then? You are too anxious to work, thought of works makes u anxious and its much easier to get the giro in every fortnight??

    Also the physical illness things like ME/CFS and fibromyalgia right?? conditions which many doctors refute even exist. also in China and brazil etc they dont actually exist. b/c lack of welfare system perhaps?? food for thought.

    I think if working people knew how lucrative ME etc was they wouldnt mind a piece of it. Just that if people work straight from school they have no idea what ME is as no time to.

    1. Chinese women don't get breast cancer. You saying that western women are making it up?

      You, my friend, are an idiot.

  37. Oh dear, I see the troll is getting far too much attention, which is exactly what it wants and thrives on. I reckon it's best ignored, even if it's tempting to respond; after all the slimy little scumbag's ill informed rants are so easy to deal with.

    How can a person derive pleasure from visiting a site like this just to wind people up? It's beyond me how someone can be so vile. I'd understand it if it was a political blog or that of a rival football team but a blog for disabled people?!! Holy Shit, that's just sick.

    1. I agree Gordon. If you engage with it you are only feeding it and making it worse. If you ignore it, it will starve and crawl back under it's bridge.

  38. "some people are trapped on benefits whilst others just think they are trapped. All illnesses/disabilities are not equal. There are some who could work if they found the right job, had sufficient support and had the self belief."

    Well thats the point break the trap i.e stop the benefit then you dont have a choice do u? the idea at present is that ppl will always choose benefit when they are better off than working thats the point. It has been regularly publicised in the media that you need a job that pays £26k+ before you are better off than benefit. Madness.

    'The USA is wonderful at self propaganda but not so good at caring for its vulnerable.'

    Well that is why so many Brits are moving there the hard working ones? You cant get away with what you can here there. There if you dont contribute you end up in a storm drain. Who can argue with that when their country is thriving and ours is in the dumps?

    'Would you choose that as a 'lifestyle' rather than getting up for work each day, earning a good living, doing a good job and feeling proud of yourself and then going out with friends/colleagues after work to celebrate a job well done.'

    Helooooo there are plenty of people doing this every day who do it out of pride when they know benefits would pay them better. What u call them? Fools? Fact is they do it to set an example to their kids. They know benefits would make them better off but pride stops them. Sad but very true.

    Fact is at present you can pull every stunt in the book to get benefit. The system is slowly changing that the status quo should not be benefit but it is too slow at present. Come on IDS public support has never been greater.

    I give lots of money to charity but on one STRICT condition that is not a penny should be used for people in this country. It must be used in countries where poverty has an actual meaning. I dont count not having the latest iphone or the latest xbox game as a definition of poverty which is what people on benefit here think is the idea of hardship sadly.

    1. You need to recognise that there are poor people here in the UK as well but as you give overseas well that's something

      you could help out you know for a charity to get a feel of how things are for some folk

      There are many elderly people that need looking in on in most parts of the country which could appeal to you

      Try to lighten up and try to be more positive when posting about the sick and disabled and learn forgiveness don't end up bitter like IDS and the like where all he can do is attack the sick and disabled at all times

      It'll probably end up killing him all that hatred being built up inside him' his wife finds it most boring like most wives do when there husband only has one topic of conversation so please think of the likes of sue who run this blog so wonderfully despite the ever ongoing battles with her health

      Try to be like sue and put others before yourself

    2. I already help out overseas that is how I KNOW what true poverty is and seeing how ungrateful people are here despite having a roof over their head, food etc paid for by someone else.

      When overseas I see how grateful people are even for a bowl of rice. Here people think they are entitled to an Iphone 5 at the cost of someone else.

  39. Firstly, you are right, I would be horrified if someone broke into my home, in my kitchen and started begging me for anything. I'd call the police or boot them out the door for the cheek of trying to bully me in my home.

    Secondly, making sweeping statements is not really gonna solve anything. Ask yourself your aim, is it to slander and become political, or to state facts and back them up? I ask this as someone who has three times now been in a situation where I can work due to physical and mental complexities, and my treatment was a door in my face. Does that make me angry? No, not really, it made me empathetic and desperate, it put me in a situation where I lost years of my own life trying to resolve matters. My family were not there for me and equally slammed the door in my face. Perhaps encouragement should be made to families and communities to support each other, rather than giving out handouts? What makes one person who believes they re unable to work too ill etc more worthy than another who is in a similar or worse scenario? The second person perhaps finds another solution, on their own, with no support, but you won't see them begging despite paying their taxes for decade?

    There are too many people justifying actual scrounging, and not enough differentiation between those leeches and the genuinely who temporarily need support.

    I have first hand stats of lazy people who simply refuse to try ways out or to find their own solutions, Won't get a job, refuse to work when they can as they think they are above it, or by being born that life itself owes them a living. In over six years helping people into work, I can think of only one person who preferred to work in any job (that was far lower status than her capabilities), because she didn't want to scrounge.

    Having had cancer, mental illness, plenty of bereavement, debts, family crises, and been abused, I still get off my proverbial and do my bit to pay for my way and that of my child (I'd desperately love more, but won't, as I know I can't afford more!), I could have a million excuses to present my begging bowl.. But I did not. I dealt with my life, I got on and was grateful for what I did have, forced myself and learnt that you are your own best friend and your family. If I can do it, thousands more who claim they can't, also can.


    1. it's all very well saying disabled people should get back to work, but a lot of people have physical problems they need assisting e.g. toileting getting books and files and physical assisting, which will hamper their role as an employee. No employer is going to take on with somebody who has extent physical needs. To that extent. Insurance would be far too high and costly. Employers want somebody who is reliable, a high performance in their duties and low costs.

    2. "If I can do it, thousands more who claim they can't, also can."

      With all due repect, no they cant.
      Youve managed to cope admirably with what life has thrown at you and are clearly, and most deservingly, proud of that. I am glad that youve come through your issues feeling stronger.

      But that in no way makes you capable of judging how other people could or can cope with their problems, even if they are the same one. Its a misunderstanding Ive seen repeated many times before when people take their own experiences then seem to think they are a standard for others instead of what they are - their own experiences.
      Ive had decades of illness that are both physical and mental. My issues are complex and damaging. That doesnt mean that I can decide I know how anyone else would react or indeed dictate how they should react.
      We are human beings and have completely individual responses to disability even when two people have the same diagnosis it doesnt mean they will both cope the same way!

      If people cannot cope they arent wrong. If they ask for help it doesnt make them scroungers or leeches. That sort of language is insulting at best and encourages the sort of horrendous behavior we've seen from the press and government regarding the 'undeserving'.

      People should be able to ask for help and support without fear of being branded a scrounger for it. There are people who only need support temporarily. Indeed there are many who claim ESA while they have treatment and recover. There are also people who will need support their entire life for a massive variety of reasons and who will never recover.
      They shouldnt be subject to the 'Hawking' argument which boils down to 'If he/I can do it, so can you' which isnt remotely true and show a deep lack of understanding.

      That youve managed through having things like Cancer thrown at you is wonderful and deserves congratulations. That others cannot manage though that and other problems is not wrong and does not mean they deserve to be characterised as leeches.

  40. Wrote to the Radio 4 Today programme this morning:
    "The interview with Henia Bryer [Holocaust survivor] was remarkable. What is also remarkable is that governments - UK, Europe & elsewhere - who have embarked upon the neo-liberal project of "austerity" are fostering the exact conditions in which another holocaust may arise. What is unclear is whether they do this deliberately, to wipe out whole swathes of the population, or whether, intent on their project of redistributing all wealth & resources to those who already have plenty, they simply do not care if it happens."

    1. yes i think the government's aim is just to let the sick and disabled die and keep with the current trend of them killing themselves' and with the BBC and newspapers not reporting the deaths as they haven't bar a few over the past few years it will probably turn out that way whilst the rest of society turns a blind eye to events

  41. even price William and harry don't read the newspapers and for a very good reason it's all a load of cods-wallop

    I know for a fact that at best that the news in papers is never accurate and most is just copied from other journalists hence the garbage in them

    even the BBC is poor with it's accuracy only around about 10% the rest having been copied from CNN and the likes who themselves are only in to sensationalism at every turn

    why people read papers is a bit of a mystery and in all probability just down to a bad habit

  42. well what about the single parent with couple kids at school? why cant they work but they dont? are they sick? no disabled? no cant be arsed? probably. scared will lose benefits if get a job? ABSOLUTELY. so.....break the cycle stop the benefits dont give ppl a choice b/c they will always choose welfare over work. that is perverted GB at present.

    its much more easy to make excuses not to work as opposed to getting a job. hence ppl say I am too stressed to work, ok then no benefits still too stressed then?? doubt it.

    come on GB sort it before country sinks under welfare dependency.

    1. You seem to misunderstand about the way the benefit system works.
      A single parent would only be entitled to Income Support until their youngest child was 5.
      It means JSA. JSA requires that you be seeking work and prove it. The new universal jobsearch lets the JCP track everything you do. If you’ve claimed for 6 months you’re long term and now on the Work Programme. A Work Provider will mandate you onto courses that tell you how to change the font on your CV. You will still do the same amount of jobsearching.
      You will be mandated onto 'work experience' which is 30hrs per week unpaid work for a company. 6 months before you’re sent back to the provider and they repeat.
      Unfortunately there are several million people searching for jobs - 2.5 million? And a further 6 million who are underemployed - in part time jobs and want to work full time. Finding work is difficult but don’t fear! The WP gives you a 2.3% chance of getting a job that lasts at least 6 weeks or a 1.4% chance if you’re disabled.
      You spoke of stress but seem to misunderstand the way the benefit system works (again).
      The out of work benefit for sick and disabled people is called Employment Support Allowance (ESA). It is split into two groups. The Work Related Activity Group (WRAG) which is people who aren’t capable of work but will improve. The second group is called the Support Group which is people who aren’t capable of work and will never be. If you are 'Fit for work' you don’t get ESA.
      The form is called ESA50 which is 21 pages of as much detail about the way your condition affects you and your ability to work. You have to back it up with medical evidence - letters, reports, care plans, test results, treatments.
      Then you await the decision on a Work Capability Assessment or WCA performed by ATOS. Sometimes you won’t get one and be assigned to the WRAG regardless of your condition. That means an appeal and a year without support.
      If you do get a WCA then you will be sent to ATOS. Bear in mind the buildings aren’t all disabled accessible. If you can’t get in it will count as you not showing up.
      AROS have a tendency to find people fit for work who should, by common sense, not be. This includes people in comas, people who are sectioned and even people who are dead. When James Wright suffered a fatal stroke and died during the WCA, the assessor walked out of the room to leave him to his 'play-acting' and found him fit for work.
      ATOS employs people who are not registered or practicing in the UK. You may find that for your condition of stress that you are assessed by a midwife or a physio who does not have any training in mental health or one who does not speak a lot of English and can’t understand medical terms.
      You can expect to be asked questions such as 'do you own a mobile phone?', 'Do you have a pet?' and required to show if you are capable of lifting an empty box or picking up a pound coin. This is what your ability to work will be assessed upon. When you are finally put into the correct group ATOS will call you for another WCA, even a matter of weeks after you had just won an appeal.
      If you are put in the WRAG you will be put on the aforementioned Work Programme where you will be mandated into doing unpaid work for 30hrs a week - the very activity you’ve just been assessed as incapable of doing. Failure = sanction.
      For more information on this please go to the DWP website where more details can be found to prevent you misunderstanding.

      You think that removing all benefits will somehow fix the situation.
      Removing benefits won’t generate 8.5 million jobs make disabled people less disabled.
      It will ensure that millions of disabled people will starve. Millions of low paid workers will lose their housing. Millions of unemployed people will end up without shelter. Millions of pensioners will end up freezing to death. Millions of children will have to beg for food.

      They say society is only 3 meals away from anarchy.
      You seem determined to test that.

    2. sorry but u are incredibly naive the hardcore benefit claimants will never give up what they can get for nothing.

      as spoke to GP friend recently he said moms who going lose benefit when child hits 5 do one of 2 things

      1. bang another kid out from a new boyfriend that gives them another 5 years grace of free cash

      2. get a sicknote as they have never worked for so long they have no idea what it means to support yrself so they get a sicknote with some bs reason e.g stress and it just carries on the cycle of benefit and worklessness

      What u write above is complete crap as the benefit addicted individual can make all what u write defunct by simply getting their GP to write a sicknote for x months which makes all yr work programme stuff redundant as the DWP cant force them to do jack when the person has a sicknote no matter what bollocks is written on it.

      sorry u are looking at things with rose tinted glasses fact is if u want to stay on benefit u can if u know how to game the system and a sicknote is all u need basically.

    3. You seem to misunderstand the way the benefit system works (again).

      1 - banging out another kid will not get free cash. Anyone who thinks that having children brings in more money that it costs is seriously lacking in maths... I think we covered that above.
      *Child benefit is £20.30 for the eldest child and £13.40 for evey child after. CTCs are £3235, £5925, and £8615 per year after that there is no additional support.
      *If their child is shared in custody with the other parent they may not get CTCs.
      *The 5yr limit for IS is dropping to 1yr. Unless you think women are going to stay pregant permanently for the rest of their lives you may have to change your preconceptions.

      2. Sicknotes dont exist anymore and havent for a while now. That you use that language suggests you have an outdated view of the system.
      *Getting a 'sicknote' will not allow you to claim out of work benefits. It would preclude you claiming JSA as youre declaring youself unavailable for work - a key part of the JSA agreement - and it would not be remotely enough to claim ESA as described above which requires the ESA50 form, the WCA test, extensive medical evidence - just a GP 'sicknote' will get you nowhere - and involves reassessment as often as every 3 months.

      All of this can be easily found on the DWP website if you would like to read it and prevent future misunderstandings.

      Apparently your 'GP friend' has not interacted with the benefits system in some years if he is informing you in this manner.
      Sicknotes were replaced by the Statement of Fitness to Work (Fit note) about 2 years ago. The original sicknote was required as part of a claim for Incapacity Benefit which no longer exists either and was replaced with ESA in 2008, the benefit I described above.

      A Fit note can be used to allow you access to the assessment phase for ESA which means you will be paid £71 until ATOS assess you, the results of which (ffw, WRAG and support) I described above. You cannot avoid the WCA. If you fail to show up you are cut off.
      Having a fit note will get you nowhere beyond the assessment phase and you cannot stay there indefinately. You cannot stay there beyond that point when ATOS call you in for your WCA or judge you without a WCA.
      The idea that you can just keep going back to your GP for note has no basis in reality.

      Id suggest you go back to your 'GP friend' and explain he is using outdated information and has led you to beleive thing that can be easily verified on the DWP website is 'complete crap'. It appears to be at least on source of your misunderstanding.

    4. So there we have it. Our troll interloper is a fraud. He is American ('mom') and makes fundamental errors about the UK benefit system. Of course, people can be out of date with their facts, but the fact that his 'GP friend' makes the same errors suggests that this person is actually a fabrication.

      Someone else pointed out that this troll on other threads at this blog has recorded a range of lies and inconsistencies.

      When I remarked that he has himself received his entitlements under the Welfare State when he went to school, he conveniently remembers that he went to a private school. When I remarked that his children have received their entitlements, he conveniently doesn't have any children.

      When someone remarked that he might learn about real life if he did some charity work, lo and behold! What has he already done? Charity work!

      The private school business is obviously a lie, as he cannot even string together a simple sentence without more errors in it than the number of words it contains.

      His accounts of anyone getting benefit just by having their GP write a Sick Note or a letter preposterously requires GPs to be fraudulent, and without evidence (he has none) should be dismissed as fiction.

      I was once on a forum where it was established that we had a troll who was a CIA agent, and we could prove it.

      The troll here may well be someone of a similar ilk. Not elk, as an American person might misread that.

    5. that what state education taught you then an unending sense of entitlement huh?

    6. Yes. Absolutely. Everyone is entitled to what the Welfare State deems they are entitled to. I have pointed out that you yourself have been drawing on your entitlement all your life, in all aspects of your life, all the time, day in day out, just like everyone else.

      You have not addressed my criticism that I think you are American, and if that is so, it makes your entitlement to comment here questionable, perhaps illegitimate.

      The times at which you post are very hard to reconcile to the timetable someone would need to adhere to to do a full-time job, so my suspicions are aroused that you are very much a fraud, complaining about the support others are entitled to in the Welfare State, while claiming your own entitlements.

      Your posts are bigoted, inaccurate or downright false. You are motivated by a hatred of truly desperate people whose illnesses and disabilities you cannot even conceive, yet alone accept people's honesty in talking about them.

      Any attempt to develop a proper discussion with you results in more insults, bigotry and hatred. Probably, you do not understand what is really happening when people debate, since you do not make the slightest effort to accommodate the unwritten rules of reasoned argument.

  43. YOu use the word "moms" - I don't think you are even British. If I owned this blog, I would delete all your comments as you have no idea what you're talking about. You don't seem to get it through your thick head that you cannot "choose" to stay on benefits. It's not up to the claimant. And doctors' notes mean nothing. YOu don't know what you are talking about.

    1. mothers then? who cares about pedantics?? also if doctors notes count for nothing why do you keep asking for them and moaning if a GP charges £20 for them? yet if a solicitor charges for letters you are ok about paying that for some reason???

    2. You appear to misunderstand the way the benefit system works (again).

      A GP Statement of Fitness to Work and a GP letter are completely different things.

      As I explained above a GP note IE a 'fit note' will get you only to the point where you can be assessed to recieve ESA and no further. It means nothing on its own and is just a statement of the GP's belief that you are either fit or unfit for work. It is also what is used when having to be absent from work for more than 7 days for your employer.
      An NHS doctor cannot charge you for a fit note if you have been sick and off work for more than 7 days. For less than 7 days you need to fill out an SC2 form.

      A GP letter is a different thing.
      Typically these are dictated by the GP and written up for them to sign. Normally this will be written at the patient's request as a form of evidence and contain information about their conditions, medications, tests, treatments, and how these thing effect them. These will not be accepted to enter into the assessment phase of ESA or by your employer. It is a form of evidence only to be submitted with the ESA50, at the WCA, or during an appeal or tribunal.
      Many GP's will charge for the time it takes them to compile such a letter and these charges can vary depending on the content and the GP. For example I recently requested my GP write a letter which outlined my conditions and symptoms and how they would effect any study to submit as evidence. The charge was £35 due to the complexity of my illness and it necessitating him going back through my extensive notes in detail.

      In order to prevent future misunderstandings please have a look on the NHS website for information about fit notes and GP letters.

    3. theboundangel is correct you can not stay on benefits
      i have studied the benefit system for around 33 years and according to my Tory mp am a specialist in this area

      in future c2c832f6-61d3-11e2-a01a-000bcdca4d7a please do not get involved in discussions that you know nothing about

      it's bad enough having a government that don't know how the system works without the likes of yourself joining in

      it takes a minimum of 5 years of study to be able to lecture on the benefit system it involves the reading and interpretation of thousands of papers even myself with years of experiences can get something wrong as the wording on the draft documents change yearly and for around 99% of the public would never even understand the documents in the first place such is the deliberate way their written

      they are written specifically that you cant understand them and to try to make out that you do or your doctor can is daft

      the press they to know nothing and those that go on tv to say how much they get on benefits is just selects groups of the public who try to get their 15 minutes of fame as in reality they don't exist

      The criminal fraternity claiming benefits that's another story and just like in banking fraud is impossible to stop

    4. ok but point is it is very feasible to go on benefits straight from school and with a bit of effort, a fit note here a bit of anxiety there etc is possible to remain on benefits until repairable age it seems.

      fact is that ppl are more keen to hang onto their benefits than get a job than a leech is keen to stick to its blood vessel.

      ppl get fit notes why they called that when they say u aint fit for work?! anyhow by getting one u dont have to sign on for the dole so u can smoke and watch at sky at home with no disturbances right?

      conclusion: get rid of the welfare system then u wouldnt have all this abuse and nonsense right?

    5. The is just nonsense, the rant of a fool. Why do you not cite the evidence? 'Cite' means quote or refer to -- I am even going out of my way to educate you out of your ignorance, even in this small way.

      Here's another question I doubt that you will answer:

      Do you actually know anyone who cannot get out of bed without help, who cannot dress themselves, who needs round-the-clock medical procedures, and needs help in the toilet?

      If you do, have you actually provided that help, 24 hours a day, for, let's say a week? For 10 years? For 30 years?

      In your view, is that person entitled to all reasonable assistance from the Welfare State?

      Please may I call you out? Unless you make a proper account of your views, the bigotry and hatred you have so far displayed leads me to think you would wish this person dead.

      And in the aftermath of some disaster, where help is hours or days away, would you yourself wish to take care of this person? Or would you spout your hatred of them to their face while you watched them die?

      Your posts give every impression that you think all sick and disabled people are frauds. (You certainly think I am, and in the foulest of language at that -- despite knowing nothing whatever about me.) Is that really your belief? In all your ranting, have I missed something?

    6. Sorry, that should have been

      That is just nonsense, the rant of a fool.

    7. You seem to misunderstand the way the benefit system works (again).

      A fit not does not just 'say u aint fit for work?!'. It is used to show the GP beleives that you are unfit for work, will be fit for work within a certain time period, or are fit for work now and can return to it.
      As I stated above it is also used to provide employers with the needed paperwork to show that you are not fit for work by medical standards and also that you are fit for work and will not be violating any issues with insurance etc.

      'anyhow by getting one u dont have to sign on for the dole so u can smoke and watch at sky at home with no disturbances right?'

      Incorrect. The fit note by itself is worthless. It will prevent you from signing onto 'the dole' JSA because they require you be capable of seeking work. It will allow you to apply for the assessment phase of ESA as explained above. You cannot stay in the assessment phase. If you do not fill in the forms you are cut off. If you fail to turn up to the WCA assessment then you are cut off. You cannot avoid or delay these. It is not actually possible to use a fit note to stay on benefits 'without disturbance'. If someone is advising you that this is possible Id suggest that you visit the DWP website where you can see it is easily verifyable as false.

  44. From a spoof news website but about sums up this govt -

  45. We Are Taxing the Bedrooms of Dead Children

    It was reported today that when seven year old Becky Bell died of Cancer, her council sent her family a £672 bill for her newly empty bedroom due to the new Spare Bedroom Tax on the poor.
    Britain is a colder place since the passing of the Welfare Reform Act 2012, which seeks to radically change the concept of social security. The social contract is being replaced with a Victorian welfare system. Today we look at the creeping impacts of the Welfare Reform Act and how it is making the poorest in the land suffer the consequences of the crimes of the wealthiest.

  46. maybe daniel could look at this and it probably explain why people love the benefits system so much?


    also nick why shouldnt they pay the bedroom tax when the room is empty?! working people would get a lodger why shouldnt they? please explain. about time such legislation was bought in to stop people in their free social housing funded by others wasting space other people could use.

  47. come on IDS working people are fed up if you look at this site and then read articles like this

    you would think you were looking at 2 different countries. truth is this site is about a tiny minority who wish to complain that the handout is not enough whereas the media openly portray what is going on in millions of households up and down the land. see any sickness or disability here? nope, neither do i!

  48. "mothers then? who cares about pedantics??"

    Again, a British person would have come back with the word "mums", not "mothers". Idiot.