Wednesday 8 August 2012

Atos the Triumphant!!

What do you do with a company failing 1.9 million sick and disabled people?

Give them a few million more.

In this Alice-in-Wonderland-Meets-the-Excorcist cameo that is this coalition's approach to government-by-private-company, yet another -Atos Healthcare - has been rewarded for abject failure.

Atos Healthcare, the private company failing millions with its assessments of the most vulnerable, (remember them?) apparently unable to distinguish between a scrounger with 756 children and a terminally ill cancer patient, have just won a large slice of  the DLA to PIP contracts. So failing sickness benefit claimants is not enough - we MUST allow them to fail sick and disabled people claiming Disability Living Allowance too

Despite getting decisions wrong at least 40% of the time, this government of out-of-touch millionaires seem to find this an acceptable margin of error. So they want them to fail a few million more. The LibDems are fine with this. Only Lords reform raises their temperatures.

Don't just sit there and shrug, these are people already dealt the hardest of blows, or don't you care? Are you just glad it isn't you? It's fine for people who can't speak or walk or eat to lose everything as long as your weekly Sainsbury's shop is safe, yes?

So, take a bow, Atos Healthcare, and join the ranks of profit monkeys, creaming their luxury lifestyles from YOU:




Atos Healthcare

Standard Chartered

.....oh what's the point.


  1. It's a sad state of affairs that we are in and it is clearer than ever that this ConDem government care not an iota for those who are in the worst positions of society.

  2. if 0.5% false claim rate is completely unacceptable, how is 40% mistakes at all acceptable? Oh yes, it's in a way that the government profits by.

    Isn't there a way a private prosecution could be brought for conspiracy to defraud against the secretary of state and the senior civil servant involved?

  3. While the PIP contracts are bad enough, I think the thing about ATOS that actually completely and utterly beggars belief is that the International Paralympic Committee doesn't just have the company as a partner, but actually co-opted their CEO onto the IPC board. I expect to be kicked in the teeth by IDS, I sort of hoped that IPC might take the side of the crips.....

  4. This shower of hired-hands are NOT a Government, they are Hirelings! They are wolves and attack dogs of the toxic bankers, hedgefunders, the Ashcrofts & Nash's of this whole rotten set-up. We know we no longer live in a democracy - it is a Kleptocracy! The levels of indifference have been masked by the sickening appearance of 'objectivity' which has allowed so many to look the other way in case the media bring to light for tax-avoiding celebrities, their Silence and the silence of the conformed reveals that 'Objectivity' is indeed a mask for their Indifference... and Indifference is the first step on the path to the banality of Evil - where health 'professionals' play their part in WCA and support the gross injustice to the most vulnerable, the most fragile whilst they continue to gather their thirty-pieces of silver for doing a "TOXIC" job - there is NO Nuremberg Defence! A Bastard, is a Bastard, is a Bastard... Shame on those within the travelling Circus, within the Cult of Celebrity - too frightened to take a stand lest their deeds are brought to light by the medieval church (the media).. so the keep their heads down and collect their monies... and on 'Red Nose day they play the Prat and rejoice in their 'good deeds' whilst blowing their own trumpets! You know who You are!! The BMA should also take action against any 'medical professional' who goes along with actions that harm people! Such professionals need to be named and shamed and thrown out of the medical profession or threaten to have their licences withdrawn whilst they take part in such dishonourable work!

  5. Anthony Douglas8 August 2012 at 20:11

    ATOS = Authorised to organise slaughter

    1. That might be the Best Atos Acronym so far

    2. That might be the most libellous Atos acronym so far - I would exercise caution

    3. It would only be libelous if it wasn't true.

  6. It really is time for all these disability groups, organisations, charities and all others that speak up for the sick and disabled to come together as one and speak with one voice.

    Expose ATOS and this Tory Led Coalition for what they are otherwise they are going to set up funeral businesses so that they can also profit from your final end !

    Time to bring this evil saga to an end by coming together and exposing this injustice and profiteering.

    It really is time to fight legally BIG time.

    1. Sadly many of the charities have a vested interest in keeping this going for as long as possible.

      I cannot think of a charity yet that has called for the Immediate ending of the WCA system as yet, ask yourself why that is?

      Where do the vast majority of these charities get their main funding from?

      The other most disgusting thing as another person has said is the involvement of Atos in the Olympic games and especially the Paralympic games?

      The Paralympic games should be boycotted plain and simple...

  7. The point is the system of ESA using the Work Capability Assessment as opposed to the PCA that preceded it is designed to overrule a GP as a reliable witness. There is a good discussion on this from the point of view of doctors:

    Please read this link. Ceebs posting just above at 19.58 raises the question about bringing a private prosecution against Atos etc... but you would have to prove that the Gov't are illegally acting against medical advice. You could go to public interest lawyers but it would be one hell of a fight. Here's a quote from the article I've linked to: David Freud -
    described the idea of involving GPs in decisions as "ludicrous" (Daily
    Telegraph, 4th Feb 2008).

    You see what you're up against? I think it could be won in court, I think the WCA could be thrown out and people subjected to the WCA compensated (I can dream-- I know it's unlikely) but who is going to bring a case like that? It needs an organisation to get involved so that it isn't entirely on the shoulders of a physically ill/ disabled individual. How about it MIND?

    Sue-- the news on the new descriptors is great, well done. I know they're not perfect but some progress is far better than none. When I'm feeling frustrated about the whole thing I will remember one of your comments-- do you want to fight or do you want to win? I am slowly becoming an activist and it's because of people like you and Kaliya. :-)

  8. Anthony Douglas' new acronym for Atos needs to be spread about the net as fast as possible so everyone - get Tweeting/Facebooking/emailing!
    As for the article; I wrote a blog about this last week, which I humbly submit for your attention now. Here's the link:

  9. Grayling calls it "Tough Love". I for one am not feeling the love from this man who fiddled MP expenses to buy and renovate a flat as a second home when he lives 16 miles from London. Renovation costs were over the annual limit so he spread the £70,000 over 3 years. The value of this second home will have increassed by over £100,000. Feel the "love" Grayling.

  10. Who are these Atos 'doctors'? Where do they work? Is it too much to suggest that we should follow them hone and let their neighbours know what they do for a living, viz. making vulnerable people utterly destitute? They are no better than Joseph Mengele.

  11. Our government are not incompetent....they are working AS INTENDED.

    There are those of us that have been screaming out about this stuff for years.....what did we get for our troubles? OH you are just paranoid tin hat's different know though right? Now that it's actually coming to pass what we warned of years.

    Nobody EVER worries untill it effects them personally do they??

    Some of us 'more abled' HAVE been fighting your corner all along.

    Don't get me wrong I am totally 100% on your side backing you.....but for the love of god why didn't you listen to us instead of branding us as 'conspiracy nuts'????

    1. I posted an extract from this, but it disappeared:

      Diploma in"disability assessment medicine" delivered by Atos Origin:

  12. "this Alice-in-Wonderland-Meets-the-Excorcist cameo that is this coalition's approach to government-by-private-company" ........a brilliant and most exact description of this current faux democracy and its 'leaders'.
    It made me put the razor blades back in the packet for another helps when you know that you are not the only one who sees what you see and feels what you feel.
    Just thank you for being their Sue and venting our frustrations, as well as everything else you have done. You don't know how much you help and how much you mean to us. Thanks. :)

  13. Where are our pathetic,self-serving church leaders? Isn't it their God-given duty to speak out for the weak and defenceless people of this country?, or are they also profiting from the ConDem Coalition's theft of benefits from the poor and tax cuts for the rich? Elitists and Hypocrites all...

    1. Nice point, I'll have to research this before I coment!!

  14. Character Analysis

    Nurse Ratched desires order, and she wants complete power, so she manipulates her patients and the staff to do fulfill her desires. As the head nurse and as a woman with many connections both inside and outside of the hospital, she is able to maneuver things so that most situations fit her expectations. If she needs to, she uses the force of her hatred to get things done. Though she smiles a lot and talks sweetly, she’s definitely not a kind or charming woman. She is, however, a woman with strong will and a fanaticism for control. She pursues power with intensity and is very successful at getting people to do what she wants.

    Although Nurse Ratched is an antagonist of the worst kind in this book, even Chief knows that she’s simply the human face of the Combine – machine that Chief imagines is society. In other words, according to Chief, the system is larger than Nurse Ratched; she is only part of the system. She happens to be the patients’ direct link to the mechanical system, but she is not the system itself. This puts Nurse Ratched and her power into perspective. However, even with her little amount of power, she is destructive. In the short timeframe of the book, she destroys three men – two commit suicide and one is lobotomized. She gets what she wants and feels no guilt about how it’s accomplished.
    [about Nurse Ratched]
    McMurphy: Well I don't wanna break up the meeting or nothin', but she's somethin' of a cunt, ain't she Doc?

  15. Atos are everywhere.

    I get lower-rate care component DLA and I'm expecting to lose it when PIP comes in - despite having an indefinite award.

    So - I have a tiny NHS pension worth about £120/month, and I'm looking into cashing it in early on the grounds that, at 56 with a few degenerative illnesses, I'm unlikely to ever work again (unless there's a miracle cure...)

    I have to apply on the grounds of illness, which NHS pensions say I have to be assessed for. My GP/consultants aren't enough.

    Step forward - Atos.

    So not only do Atos get to decide if I can claim benefit from the NI paid, it now gets to decide if I can have my own money a bit earlier than planned.

    I'm so angry I could spit.

  16. Always going to be winners and losers, but ATOS just keep winning even with all evidence against them. I say they work very closely with DWP. Maybe Labour can shed some light on the whole process.

    1. Labour STARTED the whole process with cooper and purnell so dont hold your breath there..

  17. ATOS - Absolutely Toxic Opportune Solution

  18. Its not just benefits though. You'll remember how the government increased the Blue Badge fee to £10 to stop fraud, well, my Blue badge expires next month - i've had it for nearly 20 years - well my local authority now want to see me to assess my mobility. They've given me an appointment 3 weeks after my Badge expires - are they trying to tell me something????

    1. I think they are telling you that their deviousness and corruption knows no limit...


    Just can't believe this: two Disabled People's organisations (DPO's) Assist UK, and Croydon Disability Forum have took ATOS's thirty pieces of silver and apparently aided ATOS to get the PIP contracts and are to help administer the new PIP assessments, just what is next? , these were/are afaik grassroots organisations,


    definitely worth a blog post, Sue?

    1. There was an item on "you and yours" on R4 the other day in relation to the future PIP assessments. The disability spokeswoman commenting on the adjustments being sought - (to what is a process viewed-rightly so-with fear and trepidation) - was as forensic and impotent as a TURNIP in her dealings with the presenter Winifred Robinson.
      I'm so tired of the apologist approach by so much of the charity sector and their perceived collusion with the whole rotten damned agenda.I would dearly love to see a groundswell of opinion by US THEIR CLIENT GROUP (for want of a more appropriate term) turning on the organisations purporting to represent our interests and genuinely challenging them around the harm these policies are inflicting, and DEMANDING they stand SHOULDER TO SHOULDER WITH US by DISENGAGING with government and its private providers. INSTEAD persistently lobbying the press and broadcast media to expose and reinforce the REAL TRUTH of these reforms- their DEVASTATING IMPACT- and the prospects for all those in the future (quite apart from all of us currently ensnared in it's savage logic) who may need the support of the state that Politicians are seeking to remove to be replaced by the 3rd sector/family or a paper cup held up to the straight- ahead gazes of passing people while wearing a beaten expression !

  20. Someone more able than I should start an on-line petition with the intention of delivering it to Ed Milliband warning him that we will NOT vote for him or his party come the next General Election unless he guarantees us that he will scrap these brutal assessments and restore the current DLA,(being replaced with PIP) which is clearly less destructive on it's claimants and much less deviously planned to kick people off benefits no matter how ill/disabled they may be.At least it will make Labour sit up and listen to us at last.

  21. At the end of day only IDS and grayling know what's on their mind and their end game. I think it is to make people who become ill long term or who become disabled to think twice about claiming benefits us you will be persecuted and that while your fit and able you need to save for that rainy day

    And that claiming benefits is bad' bad for you and very bad for the country so over the next 20 years everyone in the country will think of it as bad and that children will grow up knowing that it's bad and not go down that very dark route of pain and suffering and that in fifty years time there will be no benefits at all as they will all be phased out

    That's my take on IDS and grayling mindset of course it could be worse but that is normally down to the mindset of the staff of ATOS/ and the DWP of which there will always be a small number of their staff with sinister intentions to cause suffering on others

    We have seen just recently on tv the on going series of born to kill on channel 4 i believe with the likes of dr shipmen and nurse Beverly allitt who on the face of things were lovely people but in reality behind closed doors were monsters and the same goes for any large sectors of people who have power over the vulnerable their will always be a few that will be born to torment or kill as it gives great pleasure as in their minds it's classed as helping you to escapee the pain and suffering of staying alive

    It's a very big subject and am sure we here will over time will be able to get to the master plan of what IDS and grayling really and truly wont for the sick and disabled and as long as we band together we will either sing or swim together and that my friends is about the best we can do


  22. c/o Paul Gray and Make SomeNoise for M.E.
    Sonia Poulton, freelance journalist who has written articles criticising the welfare reforms that have affected sickness and disability benefit claimants and has written the most radical expose of the politics surrounding ME in the mainstream media, has received an email from an anonymous source at Whitehall. This is what she posted:

    Sonia Poulton: 'E-mail just now from 'friendly insider in Whitehall': 'You are too outspoken and should be careful with your words. You make some people uncomfortable'.
    Sadly, could not respond as e-mail just bounced back, but I wrote: 'Good. I'm not here to provide room service for elitists. By the way, I always make sure to let people know that if anything happens to me then it shouldn't automatically be assumed it's an accident.'

    PLEASE SHARE WIDELY. — with Sonia Poulton.

    Sonia Poulton, the great campaigning Daily Mail (yes, thats right) journalist/commentator who has been fierce in her condemnation of the welfare reforms, appears to have had a 'warning', I'm not sure if it is dramatic as she thinks, but it does show the inner workings of the establishment and how they respond to a real threat, the Guardian, etc is clearly not seen as one as they have given excellent critical coverage as well...

    1. Sonia spot on in what she has to say their are many deaths that have taken place since 2008 with regards the welfare reform bill in which many sick and disabled people have lost their lives in a very wide range of circumstances

      some have lived alone and although David Cameron insists it's to be expected death happens every day it's only right that Sonia Poulton.speaks out to stop any more deaths from happening and we here should all be very much behind her and support what she and the likes of sue are doing

      If your living alone who will be looking out for you ? if you die at home who will be speaking out for you ?

      you could kill everyone who lived alone in the welfare reform bill and how we would know any different i tell you now no one not even a coroner not even the police it would just be passed off as a another suicide and no further questions asked

  23. I feel extremely helpless most the time. I know that I will not get my DLA renewed and frankly I don't want it to be because I am terrified of the witch hunt that ensues.
    For this very same reason I'm afraid of being politically active for the witch hunts that ensue; especially those of us who have hidden conditions.

    ATOS head the charge of oppression and it's not ideological, it's simply for money. I often find that to be the worst of it; the sheer ruthlessness of it has no compass, no goal other than the increase to "double digit growth" as a previous company director I worked under would put it.

    The question I have is this; is there anything that I/we can truly do to change our evil government, voting doesn't seem to help as ideologically and politically they are ultimately the same. It's just so frustrating and depressing.

  24. off topic but very sad news in that Lord Morris of Manchester dies

    Disabled rights pioneer Lord Morris of Manchester dies

    Lord Morris's campaigning led to the 1970 Chronically

    Disability rights pioneer and Labour peer Lord Morris of Manchester has died at the age of 84.

    As Alf Morris, he was MP for Manchester Wythenshawe from 1964 to 1997 and became the UK's first minister for the disabled in 1974.

    His work led to the first disability rights legislation, 1970's Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act.

    Baroness Royall, Labour leader in the Lords, said he had "transformed the lives of millions".

    Lord Morris' act, which sought to give people with disabilities equal opportunities in society, faced opposition from within his own party and was almost scuppered when the 1970 general election was called by Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

    However, it survived in the short 'wash-up' period before the election and became law, the first of its kind in the world.

    It set down specific provisions to improve access and support for people with disabilities.
    'Transformed lives'

    Lord Morris went on to become the UK's first Minister for Disabled People in 1974, introducing benefits for disabled people and their carers, including a mobility allowance.

    He was made a life peer in 1997.

    Baroness Royall said she was "deeply saddened" by the death of Lord Morris, whom she described as a champion of disabled people.

    "With his Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act - the very first act to give rights to people with disabilities - he transformed the lives of millions and millions of people throughout the world," she said.

    "He championed the rights of disabled people, including injured service personnel, throughout his life and was deeply committed to public service."

    Lord Morris died in hospital on Sunday after a short illness. He is survived by his wife, Irene, two sons and two daughters.

    of all the lords to die we've lost the best one

  25. i knew lord morris way back in 1974 when we bumped into each other at the bank of england and i remember thinking in that at just the age of 18 he was a good man it's just a pity i cant take over from him but even in those days there were many in the labour party who didn't care much for him the conservatives hated him

    the same is true today anyone standing up to be counted in the supporting of a sick or disabled person is frowned upon and if your in the work place and are caught you are enviably sacked

    maybe sue will turn out to take over from lord morris in my mind i think she is certainly his equal

    His record is one of solid achievement, and his legacy is one for which many millions of disabled people have cause to be grateful.

    Just one of the many measures he secured - the setting up of Motability in 1978 - has provided over 2 million vehicles for more than 700,000 disabled people.

  26. Thanks for your writings, Sue. As others have said, they mean so much to people who are struggling to live through what feels like a nightmare. I have M.E., Asperger's, depression and anxiety and since having to appeal to get my DLA continued last winter my conditions are deteriorating daily. Currently dealing with my transfer from IB to ESA; it's taken me 3 months to complete (in advance) the online ESA50 form and the process is utterly soul destroying.
    I appreciate what you and others write, Sue, thanks again ♥

  27. As the so called government & Atos have decided to declare war on the sick & disabled generally & in particular myself, I feel happy to oblige them! The two Atos quacks who lied about me I have tracked down, I have their full names, addresses, other contact details, quite a bit of personal info & even photographs that they very kindly put on the net! They took a little bit of finding but it wasn't too much of a task, I'm letting them know all this before I do anything about it all because I'm fair like that & I know that a little anxiety usually goes quite a long way! I've already spoken with a few other genuine people around my area who've also fallen foul of that particular pair of lying quacks, they tell me that like mine, some of their family & friends would like the chance to have a little word or two with them about a few things, I can't imagine what they mean by that though. I think it's in the general public interest to give them all the info I have about them just to even things up a bit & to do my bit. I wonder what the hell DWP & Atos will think about that little gem when it hits the fan!

  28. Atos Healthcare: Requests engagement with Disability Rights Groups on Personal Independence Payment (PIP)'

    'As we announced last week, we have been selected as one of the regional partners by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to deliver assessments for those claiming the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP) benefit, which replaces Disability Living Allowance (DLA) in April 2013.
    We are currently speaking to a number of Disability Rights Groups to understand their views on how we as a provider can make our part in the process work effectively. We are also asking their advice on which communication channels we should use when PIP is underway to make sure that those people seeking PIP support are fully informed. We recognise that there is a wide range of disabilities that PIP will support and we are keen to speak to a cross representation of groups so that everyone’s view is considered.

    We are interested in building strong relationships with a small group of organisations who can coordinate views and work closely with us. If your organisation has not yet been contacted by us and would like to be part of this process, please let us know by using the Contact Us form on our website. You will be contacted by a member of the PIP team over the next few days.'

    More on ATOS seeking support and offering contracts to disabled groups, specifically Disability Rights Groups(yes thats right!) This is from their blog...

    The cynicism and calculation is breathtaking, they clearly have serious advisers with experience of disability issues/politics, guiding them..

  29. ATOS Heathcare = ATOS'sers

  30. Some research material?

    Investigate this?

    The lies can be seen and then some. ;)

  31. Have any information on the charities backing and advising ATOS been leaked yet??? Someone out there somewhere knows.
    Anyone have Wiki Leaks E-mail he’d know how to access what they are hiding…charity starts at home folks!!

    1. I have just read Assist Uk are one of these charities. I wonder how much of a kick back chief exec Alan Norton has been given! it all stinks! and robbery has now more or less for white collar workers been made legal.
      More info on the legal money laundering services of our tax monies known as charities will be revealed when the assessments start as I understand it ATOS are to make use of their premises and staff etc, but if any one finds out more names before then, get it spread around!

  32. Im 47, Bronchitis turned to double pneumonia, into TB, broke ribs many times coughing. Pain clinic giving monthly epidurals decided to operate and kill the nerve unfortunately they pierced my lung. Now live in constant pain, on 3 forms of morphine, and 2 different anti depressants.

    I was advised to apply for some benefits. I have worked every day of my life from 16 thru to 37. Paid tax etc.

    I was told I qualified for Disability, DLA, upper level mobility (I am in constant pain from broken ribs and failed operation, along with pleurisy and COPD, and pain 24/7.

    I was so relieved, my bills got sorted out slowly, I was able to get a motability car, and get out once a week for a few hours drive.

    I dont leave home ever, once a week for shopping and a 30 minute drive. I have oxygen.

    Im told I will lose all this from PiP, lose my benefits and my life, my car, my support, my housing benefit, everything . Please, stop this PiP to give tax breaks to rich people.