Monday 27 February 2012

Spartaci – we need you – to get the message out…

Posted by Jane on 27/02/2012

… that our PIP Consultation Guidance is available

Sometimes you come across something that inspires and uplifts you. I have struggled all day to write something uplifting, something inspiring that would spur you into action, not only to respond to the Government’s consultation on PIP but to take it further and inspire others too.
I was shattered and ready to go to sleep after nearly 15 hours of hard slog, preparing to launch the documents on which the small but dedicated team of volunteers have been beavering away, when I stopped to read a post. The bone weary tiredness vanished and I was inspired by this:
Please, please, please, please, please, please…. let this be the way for advocacy. We have waited so long for a consolidated effort.
How true. Each of us has our own reason for being involved or wanting to make our voice count. Perhaps this is the first you’ve heard about what’s happening and can’t quite believe it; maybe like many you’re scared and feel so powerless that fear translates into a worsening of your condition.
The internet gives access to information, support, friendship and a sense of community, in a way that perhaps you only appreciate if your life is spent within narrow confines, even while your enthusiasm and passion transcends your limitations. You feel reduced to a label, a diagnosis that cannot possibly show that you once sailed the seven seas, created art or had a degree in maths.
This is the next chapter in the Spartacus story – it’s our story, one we write together, inspired by a few and supported by many. It’s hard, we know that, but the truth is on our side. Never again should we be made to feel any less than the brilliant, talented unique individuals that together achieve great things.
Have a look at the documents here or join us in the forum – we have 8 weeks to respond. Let’s see if we can get to 10,000 responses; that would be amazing. Why not aim high? The more we succeed the louder our voices become. We are Spartacus!
For more information, please go to and HUGE aplause, congratulations and love to all who worked so hard. 


  1. Let's be fair here - the 'I' in the post is fibro_girl. I don't write inspiring stuff like that and I didn't work for 15 hours yesterday (not sure actually, didn't count lol)!

    1. Well, to all of you responsible for the website, advice on PIP consultation etc., thank you very very much for your tremendous work

  2. Im all for replying but after spending 3 weeks replying my own DLA consulation, of which they have taken no notice its hard to believe that they will listen this time. Im not giving in but its tough to imagine having to explain to someone why pushing yourself 50 metres in your wheelchair means you no longer need high mobility payments for a car. 50 metres dosn't get you to the end of your road. Would they like to stop going places that are over 50 metres?

  3. Wow, that's a lot of work. I will start working through it. I will put everything I can possibly think of in it in the hope that it will help but I'm already worried that the government is not going to take one blind bit of notice. They get to say they have acted in consultation with us but will still do whatever they want.

    1. When I say 'that's a lot of work,' I mean the people who have put this together. Am utterly grateful that you have done this.

  4. I totally understand the feeling of will they listen?
    when these kind of consultations are designed they expect a V small repsonses so having more begins to send a very strong message.

    there are other things to consider - DWP and the gov know we are watching they had to cencede a lot
    we are gettign more and more organised so are able to not only respond but in a way that is credible and sensible.

    Its not about sending 10,000 I hate PIP and its all terrible - its about being considered and explaining exactly where the gaps are, how the system they have devised might impact in practise.

    The more measured, detailed, sensible and factaul we are the stronger our voice is.

    There is room for all sorts of action, I know from experience on the inside using policy and civil service speak in a clear non emotional language means we choose the field and take the fight to them in a way they are least able to dismiss

  5. Just seen the folllowing articles on the benefitsandwork website Sue/Kaliya..which others might be interested in :-

    DWP sabotaging right to record ESA medicals

    ESA to end for claimants who want to appeal

    Welfare Reform: Thousands of sick and disabled Scots facing poverty

    DWP reveals billions in benefits unclaimed each year.

    Jobseekers forced to clean private homes and offices for nothing.

    Disabled people’​s organisation faces criticism over ministerial invitation

    With your newly found press connections...and media interest..and expert knowledge maybe a 2nd Mini Spartacus Report is needed? Dunno how else to get this info to you as can't find a direct email 4 you this is really the only forum I know of. I will of course be sending this to my MP who has been quite supportive in the past on WRB issues...if theres anything else I can do to help or suggestions where else to post..just let me know..i'll happily do my best My Best Wishes to You Sue, Kaliya, Your families..and other supporters...I now think democracy in this country idead...its more of a dictatorship IMHO...

  6. I think the response from many charities and groups that represent the disadvantaged, be they unemployed, ill, disabled, elderly has been very poor. The same of the media.

    The work programmes/schemes were never going to be scraped but today we saw thanks to the take up of the media regarding sanctions against benefit being withdrawn(if you don't complete a work placement being)the Government have taken away that threat.

    If more truth had been out there and the media had taken up the cause over welfare in general, it would have been so much more harder for the changes to be brought in.

    But again...I'm equally speaking for the many who do work and are taken advantage employers who pay the minimum wage and who have to have their wages made up with various benefits. So in a way that is still like working for benefit. Only the name has changed.

    I can quite understand the latest call by the unions to make their point when the olympics are on, at least the hope is that what is happening in the UK may get seen on a world stage.

    Also, if a lot of the jobs associated with the smooth running of the Olympics are mainly down to the public services, if they are withdrawn it will perhaps make people realise how valuable they are.

    It might've been good to have some support from the athletes taking part in the Para Olympics. Surely, once they've been done their events, they'll be affected like the rest of us? Or perhaps they hope they'll be moving in different circles working in the media and earning much more.

    Private companies may play their part in the Olympics but a lot of it depends on the goodwill of the public at large.

  7. I should add that whilst any concession is welcome this is small potatoes and affects only one scheme(mainly one that takes on the young)

    It is probably more of a worry having an older person who has more responsiblities of keeping a roof over their heads and looking after a family having the threat of their beneifits being removed and being forced to do some pretty "Iffy" placement. So until the concession is put across all schemes, it doesn't amount to much.

    Then again on the BBC Radio 4's PM programme(as I write this)the main back to work programme this coalition has been promoting is running into further problems and has some companies pulling out of that including Boots. So the unrest may be spreading...

  8. Any e petitions on the NHS or welfare reform will not be discussed by mp's in parliament so we need to bear this in mind in going forward
    I have this on good authority and i am of the the opinion this to be true and not up for debate

  9. Well, as always they have plenty of get out clauses. Our Government praises and encourages public unrest and the change it brings about in countries like Libya but if the population does something similar in the UK...its wrong and should not be happening and is condemned.

    Unfortunately, everything is being put through by using the tricks that can be done using clauses in the constitution/Parliament procedures and because there are the numbers to carry virtually anything they wish through so you can call it democracy but in the present situation its more like a dictatorship.

    I mean its silly playing the patriotic card against a union because they suggest it might be a good time to make a stand when the Olympics are on, it might be the very time they should take action in the hope that they'll get maximum publicity.

  10. And now its reported on the BBC Radio news that the House of Lords has approved all of the welfare bill(but mainly because the Government used procedure)that stopped the Lords bringing in any more clauses. So we've all been stiched up!

  11. Even the carry on about the use of spare rooms has all but been lost.

    A Parliamentry Committee is already saying that the rights of many disabled to have an indepndent life has been taken away.

    I'd say that is the case of virtually everyone whatever situation you are in, now or the future.

    I can imagine a scene with many with their heads in their hands and saying "What have we done!"

    I don't like my country any more(well those running it)there are no differences between any of the main parties.

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