Tuesday 21 February 2012

Anyone for Disability Ping-Pong?

I'm too tired to explain to anyone who doesn't read my blog why this is funny, so dear regulars, look on this as a private joke :)

Courtesy of the saucy, heart-lifting, belly-achingly funny @MargoJMilne


  1. Personally I've always seen the Goverments attempted reforms as a desperate attempt to try and solve the countrys economic problems, because simply put they have no idea how to fix things but claim too.

    They pick on us disabled because we're easy targets but at the end of the day they have focused on us and are trying to save money at our expensive which is wrong and evil.

    But the fact the Goverment hasn't come up with a single idea to realistically fix our debt problems says it all, the fact the Goverment wastes money on other projects and aid to countries that don't need it says it all.

    The fact the Goverment has kept us in Europe and pays 10s of billions a year to Europe, when no one in the UK wants to remain in Europe says it all.

    I think this Goverment is clueless in all honesty, the evil seems to come from their cluelessness.

    They do not seem to know how to fix our countries problems, maybe some day they will but they just don't have the experience, perhaps its down to Labour being in power so long and they're new to the whole governing thing

    1. No the financial crisis is real.If things go really bad then people in the UK and other western countries will face an economic collapse greater than anything in modern times.
      You are the ones used to a comfortable existence.
      Remember those in the African and Asian countries you speak about have to live on less than a dollar a day with little help from any state agencies.

  2. Ping pong is right. Some people have already had the letters re reduction in top earnings level to apply for tax credits.

  3. They can't even play a game of ping-pong without making up their own rules.

  4. ping-pong-pog love it

  5. All this carp from govt about how much certain clauses "cost" is hardly the full truth.
    They should be honest and say "This is how much we want to take away from disabled people"!

  6. well i heard that the govt having seen this have now decided that to play ping pong from now on you will have to take out private insurance against injury and to that end they have commisioned insurance company saferpingpong to establish injury rates from said pursuit and establish premium levels ...further to that the ping pong industry will be reformed..ie privatised.. but according to the govt rumours of wide scale job losses in the ping pong equipment industry are of course unfounded.Hmm as daft as that sounds it would not surprise anyone of us if the bloody dickheads at No 10 took the bloody joke seriously and actually did something along these lines.Insurance to watch football etc.Insurance to go out of the house in case the moon falls on you... This govt has no moral fibre what so ever.We all know this to be true and maybe we should now privatise the lying industry...then we could sack the lot of em....

  7. I had to laugh! ..Thanks for that Sue, Margo.

  8. Someone should make a 'space-invaders' style game out of it!! Only old trouts like me will even know what space invaders were, I suppose! How you can manage to make us all chuckle given your current situation is a mystery, Sue. Thanks you!