Saturday 31 December 2011

A year in the Life of a Diary

Being the original thinker that I am, I thought I would join everyone else in posting a list of my favourite articles from last year. A year of unthinkable excitement, horror, exhaustion and miracles.












And just because I love them so much, some cartoons :



  1. All deserving articles...As I have said before I am looking after Mum and though I am/was worried that she was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer and I am looking after her as a carer, the dementia seems to have worsened so that could be more of a problem than the cancer. I should be thinking of Mum but knowing I will probably lose her sooner than later I too worry about the future...

    Will I have a roof over my head? Will I still be entitled to DLA or the new benefit that will replace it? Will I come out of the assessment with it removed?

    I have had 14 extra years to what I might've had using very strong drugs but my condition could worsen and I may need dialysis or a transplant, who knows how the future will pan out?

    I've just talked to a neighbour and he's in his 80's going blind and looking after his wife who has Parkinson's. They are getting no help and are afraid to call in the authorities because they want to be in charge of their own lives.

    How many people are saving this country lots of money that would have to be found if such people end up in care.

    The BBC are producing another series on people claiming benefits in the New Year...From the BBC Press Office...

    What’s the Benefit

    Large sections of the unemployed population have been accused of feigning disability and illness, they've been labelled as greedy and lazy, preferring to live off generous state benefits rather than contribute to society.

    It's this 'Shameless' generation that coalition government changes to the benefits system aim to hit hard.

    In a two-part documentary, Tom Heap aims to get behind the tabloid headlines and talk to today's unemployed along with the companies, government agencies and charities charged with getting them back to work.

    Presenter/Tom Heap, Producer/Alasdair Cross

    Ep 1/2 Monday 16 January 11.30-12.00pm


  2. I wonder what their previous work is like.

  3. Tom Heap has a site called My impression, formed over the course of mere minutes, is that there is a reasonable chance he will come up with something fair and insightful. Fingers crossed!

    Off now to google t'other chap.

  4. Found this. Hope it is a sign that Mr Cross will look at the facts instead of resorting to stereotypes.

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  6. Wishing Sue and everyone else a very happy new year.
    Let's go into 2012 with a fighting spirit and keep on telling our stories to everyone who will listen...let's damn well make them listen.
    All the best everyone x


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