Wednesday 9 April 2014


Firstly, soooooo sorry we had a Facebook hitch. Just too many health related balls in the air

We now have a Facebook page where you can share links you see joining the #BeyondBarriers debates, talk about ESA and Work Programme reform, and let people know what YOU think. Make your voice heard. Can you all be part of the team for a while and link to the site, ask for likes and share it around? Thank you

There are links all around the web discussing the Beyond the Barriers report and giving their first impressions. We're overwhelmed by the positivity and support from think-tanks to blogs, from Conservative MPs to Labour peers. From campaigners, still tweeting for all they are worth, hoping the public will hear and join them to charities.

Here are some new ones :

Catherine Hale, author of the Work Programme section of the report discusses it at Left Foot Forward

I start a debate at Progress

Richard Excell at Touchstone Blog welcomes the report :

False Economy share our press release

Claudia Wood at Demos writes an enormously thorough and supportive article

Luke Akehurst at Labour List shares his own experiences of disability and makes Beyond the Barriers come alive

I'm sure I've missed very very many, so if you could PLEASE list them in the comments thread the team would be so grateful.



  1. There's an issue with registering on the Spartacus website. Keep getting error message.

  2. Guardian article from Sue Marsh:

    Mirror article from Sue Marsh:

    Ekkelsia: Disabled and sick people call for an overhaul of failing jobs support system

    Disabled researchers propose alternatives to failed job tests:

  3. It is a job I did last time round with spartacus and its really invaluable. Keeping a record of all the places this is mentioned will be a valuable resource in years to come, as testified by my spartacus links blog. It involves keeping an eye on the news and collating all the stories together. If you have a blog then you can use that if not it can be emailed. I cant do it this time round and I am pleading that someone else can. Google news alerts are great and you can do keyword searches such as spartacus, beyond barriers and sue marsh etc. to find the stories. its really easy but really really valuable :)


    3rd para If we as Liberal Democrats believe in evidence based policy making, we need to look very carefully at these very real experiences of the impact of welfare reforms that our ministers have been responsible for implementing.

  5. Until the WCA is scrapped together with the removal of any compulsion for sick or disabled people to work, there will always be vulnerable people falling through whatever safety nets might have in place - leading to continued untimely deaths and suicides.

    When the doctors treating us have assessed us as unfit for work, this must be respected by the DWP with no bullying, compulsion or conditionality.

    Any 'back to work' schemes for disabled people should be entirely voluntary. with no loss of beneifts for those who'd rather not participate. And they should be managed by the Department of Education or the NHS with NO connection to benefits at all.

  6. I've tweeted links to MSP, including the Scottish Welfare Reform Committee who seem to get the fact that ESA was not working for disabled people at a recent debate.

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