Wednesday 12 June 2013

John Pring's Disability News Roundup

The latest from the tireless John Pring


  1. Re. Recording your assessment:-
    It certainly seems to me vital that all assessments are recorded. Let's face it, Atos want to prove you are a liar! It is possible they may twist facts given the chance, and a recording is essential evidence for you.
    Why do you think the Police record's just the same!

  2. Thought would like to share a happy story with everyone. My wife works in a housing-benefits department and she was talking to a lady claimant who has five disabled children. My wife told her that a mistake had been made on the ladies claim going back a few years and she was to be given the back-dated money she had been underpaid. It came to over £3000 and the lady passed out on the end of the phone! My wife was shouting to her for half an hour down the phone until the lady came round. She was so pleased and said she was going to put the money in a bank account and use it when the children need anything. I think that is a great story, i hope you all get as much pleasure from it as my wife and i did, thanks.