Wednesday 10 October 2012

Compassionate Fascist Conservatism

Today, we are told that David Cameron will use his Leader's Speech to Tory Conference to re-iterate his commitment to Compassionate Conservatism.

I am disgusted by this.

Here are some quotes :

""My mission from the day I became leader was, yes, to show the Conservative Party is for everyone: North or South, black or white, straight or gay," he will say.

"But above all to show that Conservative methods are not just the way we grow a strong economy, but the way we build a big society."

"That Conservative methods are not just good for the strong and the successful but the best way to help the poor and the weak and the vulnerable."

Mr Cameron will also remember his son Ivan, who had cerebral palsy and died in 2009 aged six. And he will pay tribute the work done by Paralympians - including swimmer Ellie Simmonds, whose gold medal he presented in September - in removing stigma from disability.

"When I used to push my son Ivan around in his wheelchair, I always thought that some people saw the wheelchair not the boy," he will say. "Today, more people would see the boy and not the wheelchair - and that's because of what happened here this summer."

He will add: "Because it's not enough to know our ideas are right. We've got to explain why they are compassionate too."

Well, Mr Cameron, that sled faded into the snowy outreaches with the huskies and hoodies and disabled people you used to get your slice of power.

You used us Mr Cameron.

You said you understood, you said you valued our NHS, you said you would protect the vulnerable.

You lied. You lied like a cheap watch you disgusting, cruel, ignorant, uninformed, ideological prat.

Here is a list of your "compassion" - your incompetence I will leave for another day.

  • Halving Support for disabled children, 
  • Scrapping the "Youth Premium" that ensured independence for the most profoundly disabled children; 
  • Scrapping Crisis Loans; 
  • Cutting housing support for disabled people; 
  • Cutting council budgets so hard that they cannot provide social care to some of the most vulnerable people in our communities; 
  • Introducing PIP to replace DLA with the aim of cutting 500,000 vulnerable people from the figures without a single assessment; 
  • Introducing unlimited, unpaid work for those with significant illnesses or disabilities; 
  • Cutting all benefit support for sick and disabled people appealing their ESA decisions; 
  • Lying to the public about Work Capability Assessments and failing to make them fit for purpose while disabled people suffer and die; 
  • Encouraging hate crime by constantly feeding the media "scrounger" stories about the sick and disabled; 
  • Closing Remploy factories, throwing over 1500 working disabled people on the scrapheap; Exaggerating fraud rates and implying all sick and disabled people are "feckless, festering, stock"; 
  • Lying about the levels of disability benefit fraud repeatedly and feeding politicised press releases to the media; 
  • Turning neighbour on neighbour and fostering a climate of hate towards the sick and disabled; Forcing cancer patients to the jobcentre; 
  • Privatising our health service despite promises that you would protect it; 
  • Rationing access to NHS treatment; 
  • Cutting respite care despite promising you understood and would help; 
  • Suggesting in PIP that a sick or disabled person can "bathe" if they can wash above the waist only; 
  • Re-classifying paraplegics as "fully mobile" if they use their wheelchairs too well; 
  • Blocking improvement in Atos assessments; 
  • Lying about Workfare repeatedly to the press; 
  • Falsifying internet documents to make your workfare lies look like the truth.

And this is just disability!! You lying, dangerous, smug, uninformed piece of fluff.

So don't you DARE Mr Cameron. Don't you dare try to re-claim what you never had. Don't you dare invoke the memory of your disabled child. Don't you dare tell the country that because your Dad worked with a disability, everyone can. Don't you dare tell me about your compassion, I see the effects of your "compassion" every day.

I see people found fit for work dying days after their assessments. I see the stories of profoundly disabled children left in their own filth, their parents wondering how on earth they will pay the rent or buy food. I see the desperate pain of carers simply unable to cope any longer under this onslaught of ignorance and cruelty. I see the stories of the many thousands reliant on food banks, the disabled people in wheelchairs begging on the street, the ex-servicemen who lost limbs defending OUR country told they aren't entitled to any support in return, the vilification of those who suffer substance or alcohol abuse or mental illness, the hospices closing, the women's refuges shut, the charities folding as you cut their funding.

Don't you DARE tell me about Big Society Mr Cameron. Don't you DARE.


  1. Thank you for putting into words what just leaves me mute with fear and rage.

  2. Wow, I think "Dave" has upset Sue, after all he has ONLY lied, & lied again, caused unnecessary suffering & death, but he has in a way never achieved before united a whole country, the position is now so large, so loud, so vocal, he and his advisers are running scared, we know Sue & @bendygilr blogs get to them, upset & concern them, and we (Me) should be so grateful they do what they do.
    Cameron is so thick skinned he will not hear or understand whats wrong, so will not fix it, until its too late (for him ) & the nasty party

    Thanks for this fab blog Sue, I hope his advisers show it to him as he walks on stage to an orchestrated standing ovation

    ex Tory @blindmike47

  3. David Cameron should frankly be ashamed to speak his disabled son's name, never mind try to use his memory to score cheap points. According to the BBC, his speech today will include the following lines:

    ""When I used to push my son Ivan around in his wheelchair, I always thought that some people saw the wheelchair, not the boy," he will tell activists.

    "Today more people would see the boy and not the wheelchair - and that's because of what happened here this summer." "

    Well actually, Mr Cameron, thanks to your actions when *I* go out in my wheelchair these days I am met with hostility and abuse that would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

    1. JanieJynx,

      Thank you for raising the hate crimes that have changed public consternation, courtesy of SCameron's using his son Ivan's memories and the wheelchair analogy while being either that clueless or that cruel to use the wheelchair provision, part of what he was able to receive through the DWP's DLA Benefits, which will reduce in April down 20% next year, and by 50% after the 2015 Elections.

      The abuse I receive in MY HOMETOWN is appaulling and it has risen at a rate that reminds me of genocides of the past and present. I'm scowled at, called all sorts of names, laughed at, and even spat on this year at 30% of the times I go to get out. I've never felt so threatened, so his use of his son's life and his CP is the most vulgar. The loss of mobility aids while attempting to enforce an "Arbeit Macht Frei" mentality is appropriate, because they are placing their foot down on taxing mansions but hide the 'guns and loads of butter' economy, combined with unethical derivatives that destroyed pensions.

      Snap Elections now! The immediate dismissal of Osborne, the world's banking buffoon, Grayling for eliminating the human rights to correct the Tribunals, where Claimants receive NOTHING while they wait. The Conservatives are soulless people, and I wish them the same struggles that I endure every bloody day.

      I will cheer the day when you are all sent to the Hague for crimes against humanity.

  4. Hi Sue

    another great article - I will link to this on my blog today. As someone who is both disabled and primary carer of a disabled partner - I am tired of Cameron claiming he understands us because he had a disabled father and son. He has clearly drawn nothing from his experiences. I think both will be turning in their graves at how he is using the disabled to bail out his rich friends

  5. I completely agree with you: Cameron is a complete liar. I must add though, that those who ever believed him where extremely naive. No Tory can be compassionate. They've always supported a specific idea of society: one where minorities have no place. Conservatism is the antechamber of the far right. It's always been and always will be.

  6. Excellent post. I've never seen all the Tory policies against the disabled listed in one place. It's depressing reading. I believe we can no longer call ourselves a civilised society judging from these policies. The fact that he uses his late son in such a way to get the sympathy vote and to justify his policies is abhorrent. Gordon Brown never used his poorly child in this way . Someone needs to remind Cameron that actions speak louder than words, and the disabled community hear him loud and clear.

    Well done on your piece - Keep fighting!

    Amy - @thisisamy_

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  8. Sue, not to nitpick as I think this is a fantastic post that should be read country-wide.

    Could you please, when you've a moment, change the formatting of the list so it's not a big block of dense lettering? A bullet pointed list or similar would be a lot easier to read & digest.

    Thanks for your work - and your clarity of thought!

  9. Sad reading, and unfortunately true.

    I hate to type this, but his poor child Ivan has been used and abused for cheap political purposes by his megalomaniacal Father.

  10. Our trouble is that the poor and disabled do not vote Tory. The rich and enabled do and it is their vote he is wooing. We must all vote next time around1

  11. I have struggled with depression for years but only recently have been made to feel "less than" because of it. Cameron and Osborne make me want to weep from anger and despair. Have either of them struggled to make ends meet? No of course not. Compassion is realising the next person IS you in a different set of circumstances. Mr David Weir kept saying thanks to the National Lottery after every gold medal victory, not thanks to the Prime Minister!!

  12. Actually the Tory vote is geographically based: small towns and villages in rural areas, particularly in the south but also the rural north (hence William Hague got a Yorkshire seat), the middle classes in the suburbs. They cannot get too many votes by appealing only to the very wealthy, but there are a lot of people with a little bit of wealth who don't want anyone else getting their hands on it - particularly when someone becomes better off and then gets a bigger tax bill. They can also use the rhetoric of empowerment, morality and nationalism (particularly anti-Europe) to win over less well-off voters (very effectively done among poor whites in the USA).

  13. this needs a wider airing! Good work Sue!

  14. Thank you Sue!

    *kisses* for you :)

  15. Cameron is right.(wait for it)
    People no longer see the wheelchair. They just see a fraud and feckless scrounger.
    The Tories used to be the Nasty Party.
    They have changed.
    They are now the Nazi Party.

  16. Well said Sue ignorant so &so needs to be taken down several pegs! My hubby isn't in a wheelchair, he uses a stick or our daughter's buggy, she was 2 months when hubby got ill. I would so like to see dear Dave fall on hard times. Even my 6 yr old thinks he's an idiot as he makes mummy & daddy cross. I am a mum to 3 children, carer to hubby & have mental health problems of my own. Thanks dear Dave for yet again selling us up the river, everything I go out with my hubby & toddler I feel eyes glaring at us, the hospital, the supermarket, the playground! We are being judged by so many because my hubby now qualifies for motobility car, we are frowned at when we park in a disabled space because we have a family, & both of us are sick to the eye teeth of struggling day to day when it's automatically assumed we are faking! My hubby last year already had a replacement heart valve, then he developed endocarditis & multiple organ failure, he has frontal lobe brain abscesses & damage to the caudate nucleus area of his brain because of a stroke. As a family we have gone through so much in this past year I'm surprised we have survived, only to be thrown aside, laughed at (hubby's w.r.a.g) & seen as scroungers purely because of an illness & a heartless fraud for a prime minister!

  17. 2% of all benefit payments are estimated to be fraud / error (£3.3 billion): (This is the whole figure, not relating solely to disability.)
    £14 billion is lost in tax fraud: (page 49)
    - Megan Kerr

  18. well said sue as i said in one of your previous blogs it's the same old story full of lies and double talk all meaning that it's the sick and disabled that will have to bear the brunt of the 10 year plus recession

    That along with the unemployed

    No Tory can be compassionate. They've always supported a specific idea of society:and that has always been their own small minority with their deep roots in slavery across the world

  19. Have you noticed how every time one of these nobbers gets on stage, all people on benefits are on £ 30k a year housing benefit and have been enjoying a lobster and champagne lifestyle at the taxpayers expense all of their lives?

  20. Disabled Scots spared Atos assessment after firm forced into retreat thanks to Record campaign

    THE Record has been congratulated, by politicians and campaigners, for helping force Atos into retreat by exposing the stories of disabled Scots who were denied benefits by the firm.

  21. Sue one of the benefit hungry divulged today to the media what they get in handouts it may surprise you to know just how lucrative it is

    single mom 2 kids

    income support £125 a fortnight
    child tax credit £230 a week
    child benefit £220 a month
    housing benefit £400 a month
    council tax benefit £100 a month

    so this equates to an annual tax free income of £30k!!! yes £30k if i didnt read right so someone in work needs around a salary of £60k to equate that.

    Sue cameron isnt a disgrace the benefits system is a disgrace that lavishes such huge sums on feckless individuals.

    Who are the real fools in this country? Me who has a job for half that amount or those that choose to pump some kids out then go stick the begging hand out.

    The country cannot afford such lavish handouts and all working people endorse the fact that finally NOW something is being done to make work pay. If you got so much in welfare (£30k) would u bother working? No, exactly thats why he have millions of economically inactive people in this country. the system encourages it.

    time for the welfare party to end i'm afraid. what u write above is a load of tosh considering the vast sums of benefits dished out to everyone.

    1. You shouldn't be including the child benefit if you're comparing a person on income support with one in work, as people in work also get child benefit. Inclusion of housing benefit and child tax credit are also debatable, as people in low paid work also get both of those. Although technically, they don't in the case of housing benefit, as the money goes straight to their landlord.

      You don't want the state to be paying out so much money to people? Then campaign for a living wage, so families don't need to get their incomes topped up with tax credits, and for rent control, so that landlords can't charge obscene rents that are more than ordinary working people can afford.

    2. Here are the real figures calculated using official Govt figures for a 19yr old single mother with 2 children.

      Inc Support £71 p/wk
      Child Tax Credit £113.68 p/wk
      Child Benefit £33.70 p/wk

      That equates to an annual income from Social Security benefits of £11355 with Rent and Council Tax paid (£6000).

      It can be seen that the total benefits are £17355. Hardly the miscalculated £30,000

    3. yes Mark... I have to say I have been recently made a single mother with 2 kids... not through choice. sacrificed my career to look after the kids (as childcare too expensive) so my ex could pursue his career (he earns over £100 000 now), he has left me semi-high and dry and I would not be coping without the benefits I receive... we'd be freezing and hungry to be quite honest, so thank God for the welfare system. I view myself as prime candidate... suddenly in need and very grateful to receive it. I am looking for part time work, trying to finish my degree and marketing studies, looking after 2 kids all alone in a country where I have no family, no help, no support. Its exhausting, frightening and I struggle... so the little help I receive takes a weight off my mind to a degree... albeit I still have to budget very carefully...

      so whoever you are c93f60a6-12f9-11e2-a1c3-000bcdcb471e10 October 2012 17:44,,, remember as a previous commenter has noted....

      'Compassion is realising the next person IS you in a different set of circumstances.'... yes I did not choose my position and never thought I'd be here in a million years... but I am.. and you could be too and if there was no financial assistance,, then you might change your tune very quickly.....

      ps Mark, your figures are correct, that is what I fact a slight bit less, so he is grossly miscalculated.

    4. ps, before you accuse me of being a foreigner scrounging benefits... I am british citizen... and was a taxpayer...

    5. c93f60a6-12f9-11e2-a1c3-000bcdcb471e10 - what is forgotten or deliberately ignored in the "make work pay" debate is that THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH JOBS!! The whole debate is thoroughly dishonest.

  22. your figures above are way out and am not sure on where you got this information?
    all anyone need do is to go to HM Revenue & Customs: Home Page for the correct figure

  23. Wasn't it Cameron who instigated simplifying the DLA form because he found it too complicated to fill in on behalf of the son he paraded publicly to get the sympathy vote.

    Now he is scrapping the benefit for one that changes the definition of disability from an illness or condition that affects a persons ability to participate in every day activities to someone who must be a wheelchair user and have someone permanently on hand to push it.

    1. Multimillionaire Cameron shovelling DLA into his bank account, making the tax-payer pay for a super-rich posh-boy to be richer still.

      Whose the real scrounger in this situation?

  24. "Vast sums of benefits dished out to everyone."
    Have you ever been on benefits, person with the long string of digits for a name?
    Have you ever worried every time the postman came because it might be a bill that you can't pay yet?
    Benefits are anything but lavish.
    And, by the way - my mum was a single parent. My gran was a single parent. My great gran was a single parent, back to 1911. One was a widow, one a war widow, and one got divorced. None of them decided to have a few kids and get benefits. All of them worked full time to keep their children - so thanks for insulting my entire family back a hundred years!
    And well done Sue for pointing out the truth here! Keep going!

  25. sue in David camerons speech he said he will look after those that need help ?
    Like you i don't see it unless you have very good support you'll end up in the creek without a paddle

  26. The saying "know your enemy" could well be replaced by "know the mindset of your enemy"

    As I have said before, I think stopping the anonymous posts was a mistake. I think it would have been better to remove the ones that personally attacked Sue. People may have had good reasons to remain anonymous especially those who quoted from personal experience.

    The numbers posting have dropped dramatically and I feel it is a shame that people are now reluctant to share their experiences.

    Other posts quoting other viewpoints helped to identify the "mindset" that has to be dealt with.

    1. you are very wrong Hollie if people wish to take part in a forum or blog then it it is only right that they have a screen name to identity them with the other contributers it also shows respect for the blog owner

      the vast majority of blogs and forums now adopt this rule as the trolling nature got out of hand and sue has enough to do without removing those just out to stir things

      this is a leading blog read by thousands every day and must remain serious if it's to be taken serious by all of the mp's that view it

  27. @nick those figures came from a benefit consumer herself so i see no reason for her to exadurate them. if anything she is gloating at the working fools that fund her lifestyle.

    yes its an eye opener how good it is ppl in work dont realise how much better off they can be on benefits where they dont have to pay rent/council tax etc and get pocket money every week!

    you think ppl in work dont get bills?? at least on benefits u have a guaranteed income source u know u are getting something someone else has worked for.

    the taxpayers alliance recently said that over the half the population get more in welfare then contribute. how can any country survive that? also said maybe 15-20 mill economically inactive.

    support for benefit caps and reform has never been higher. if u are a 16 year old girl and are told bang 2 kids out u will get a free house and 30k income or u can get a job what u gonna choose?!!!

    but if u are told get a job or u get nothing what u gonna choose? exactly u going to be more responsible!

    why is the US out of recession? their welfare system doesnt reward laziness and irresponsibility and u dont have generations of families living on welfare who have never worked like here.

    the working pop have had enough of funding the lifestyles of those who choose not to by pumping kids out etc

    cameron has his finger on the pulse and support for benefit reform has never been higher from those that contribute. naturally those that dont are fearful the gravy train is about to end but TOUGH!

    1. Your knowledge of punctuation is sounder than your grasp of facts.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. She is wrong and it is very common for that type of person to get these facts wrong i live among these types of people and their lifestyle is far from cosy

      A woman with two children gets approx. £800 month, which includes child tax credit / child benefit/income/jsa/support/tops plus free rent and rates worth around on average £700 per month

      Which is a grand total of £1500 per month, which is well off the £30000 a year mark?

      You can’t include rent and rates as that is a system that has been around for years and is not of the claimants making

      So this person in cash terms gets around the £800 per month mark which if she was working would be a minimum wage salary of which that is the intention

      To be able to pay her own way in life and pay her own rent and rates she would need to earn a salary of around £18000 per year, which is above average

      the average wage per year where i live near gatwick airport is only £15000 per person so you can see that in reality i know more then most about what wages are in this country as i have all sorts of contacts in all of the fields in the work place from the window cleaner to the fat cat lawyer in the city

      In addition, David Cameron talking about the average wage being £26000 per year in this country is complete nonsense

    4. thank you Nick...
      you are correct... and remember anonymous commenter that my childcare costs are £23/child/day times 2 kids... so for 5 days a week for a month that is £966... prohibitive to work full time...

      and I am a worker... and don't dare come tell me I shouldnt have had kids! I had them in a good place, in a secure marriage... and that has broken down due to me be subject to neglect and abuse... not my choice... be very careful before you judge as we are not each other judge... only God is and everyone of us will stand before him one day...
      have compassion...

    5. your welcome Karen
      and you yourself are right in that we shouldn't judge others

      were only in this welfare reform mess because David Cameron and co have tared us all with the same brush and have not shown any compassion at all which has resulted in many people dying

      Now IDS wonts to hand out some tough love or cupboard love (lol) as some will call it all without any compassion and yet still wish to attend church

      They should be banned from church as that is a sacred place for those only who show compassion towards others and not destroy their lives

    6. The problem c93 is that that are too many gullible people who believe all the false and misleading stats that are presented to them. Firstly the Taxpayers Alliance is actally a pressure group of the Tory party. Yes there probably are 20 million economically inactive, but this includes children and pensioners. Find out what a real person actually receives in benefits and then compare it to the sums that are quoted, and then maybe you might start to doubt the people who are giving out this info.
      If you believe people are better off on benefits then give up your job and see for yourself.

    7. "if u are a 16 year old girl and are told bang 2 kids out u will get a free house and 30k income or u can get a job what u gonna choose?!!!"
      Well if they were brought by the kind of 'person' that puts a higher value on property, money and goods etc then probably the former. Maybe 'certain types of people' need to look at the greedy grabbing mirror images they are producing, eh c93f60a6-12f9-11e2-a1c3-000bcdcb471e?

    8. Anyone who believes the clap trap from the tax dodgers alliance clearly has issues

  28. Cheap watches are somewhat insulted by being compared to D-Cam and the Cleggster. They point out that they are doing their best and cannot help being wrong.

    D-Cam and his followers, however, have access to the correct information and choose to spout garbage.

    1. And at least they tell the truth twice a day...

    2. They do indeed. Although I believe that D-Cam and the Cleggster tell the truth twice a day. They clean their teeth and look in the mirror and say, "Gosh, my teeth are nice and clean and shiny!" Then their respective wives say, "Yes, and you have such a lovely smile that everyone in the country will love and trust you" and the lying and BS begin again!

  29. Hollie - As I said before, if someone wants to comment under a made up name they are free to do so.

    My life is not a public resource, I own it myself.

  30. I am both disabled myself, and carer to a disabled child. I'm not in receipt of benefits because my bizarre collection of unusual problems are not sufficiently convincing to the DWP even under the old system. My son does receive DLA, but I wonder for how long. I wonder how my partner can possibly support both me and my son on one income, without any state help? This government has left us feeling disempowered, dependent, dispondent, scared for the future and treated like fraudsters. Where's the compassion in that?

  31. It is possible to receive welfare and also to pay tax. Many benefits (including some types of ESA and all types of Carer's Allowance) are taxable. There is no great divide between those who pay taxes and those who receive benefits. Often people do both.

  32. the PM spoke at the confrence and held back tears as he spoke about his late father Ian and his late son Ivan, both of whom were disabled.

    He implied that his father was hell bent on doing well for his family as a stock broker in the city. For the record his family go back many generations in the city with Panmure Gordon.

    If all the sick and disabled were like ian and from wealthy families of many generations then yes we the sick and disabled would all be working as the phone would be going non stop on the basis of your wealth and contacts

    Life is not like that David Cameron sick and disabled people have got many hurdles to clime to get back into work most with very little spare money and along with their aliments and depression need very careful handling

    David Cameron some will make it and do ok but i believe that most will not fit your ideal and that you keep punishing them will just lead many to an early death

    Having listened many times to your speech i find that you do not understand the average person and never will and they likewise will never understand you

    I fear for the sick and disabled's future of one of constant persecution until their death and with regret that is the only message that came out of your conference speech of great emphasis

    everything else in your speech was as i have heard for the past fifty years in which like all the rest have been and that's looking rosy but going nowhere

  33. @nick u forget the £800 u quote is a tax free sum so to earn that u probably need a gross income of £1200 approx

    also why not include free rent and rates?? working ppl have to pay it they dont get it gratis like those who dont do.

    so £1200 a month job needed plus 700 say £2k a job needed which is £24k a year plus u get free dental/scripts etc which must be worth a few quid.

    So a 24k job needed that entails getting out of bed every morning etc when u have the equivalent for doing nothing at all?!! can u see why millions choose the latter in the UK??

    if u are 16 yr old and u got the option of finding a job or pumping 2 kids out and getting equiv of a 24k job in handouts what u gonna choose? exactly thats why millions do it.

    u hit the nail on the head @nick if average wage in gatwick is £15k and benefits pays more which fool will bother working??! also working ppl cant afford housing in the south but on benefits u will get a cushy number thrown in gratis.

    finally politicians are realising working people have had enough. they cant afford to live in parts of london where ppl on benefits live. they cant afford children but ppl on benefits can afford as many as they like.

    that is the ethos make work pay. if there were no benefits would ppl take up the £15k job in gatwick. YES! course they would. if there were no benefits would brits do the jobs eastern europeans would. course they would? who did the jobs before they came here?!!

    if average wage in gatwick is £15k why is benefits cap £26k. current reforms are a start but dont go way far enough.

    time for the gravy train to stop. working ppl have had enough of SUBSIDISING others. u dont see them complaining about benefit reform. only ones that do are those that realise the good times are being curtailed slightly.

    1. "also why not include free rent and rates?? working ppl have to pay it they dont get it gratis like those who dont do."

      You keep repeating this lie. 95% of new housing benefit claims are from the working poor, so some working people do get their rent paid. The problem is not those who need help to keep a roof over their head, it's the unreasonable rents charged by private landlords.

  34. look the average wage in the south of england is around £15 to £18000 per year which under certain circumstances allows people to claim benefits.

    Employers need to play their part in paying a proper wage so that those in work get no benefits at all

    it is very wrong to work and claim benefits just so the boss can live in a life of luxury like Richard branson

    if he paid his workers a decent salary they would be over the thresh hold and be unable to claim benefits so he is just as bad as the non don't wont to worker in my eyes

    why should the tax payer subsidize his billionaire lifestyle ? which is very wrong but then that's the conservatives DNA slave labour

  35. there are an odd bunch with David Cameron holding back tears at the conference when speaking on behalf of his son and his father trying to imply he knows about disability and illness

    I can tell you now he knows nothing if he did the sick and disabled would be all behind him every step of the way that's what vulnerable people do they all love a compassionate leader

    sadly that is not the conservative party or it's slave like Apartheid history

    They are as they are and with my daughter at uni studying international politics feels they will never change and it will be her generation that will be making the changes across Europe in the years to come with a completely different style of politics

    my daughter believes that a leader must be first and four most honest at all times along with complete integrity

    i think she's meaning myself and i always have told her that their are many like me in the country but with much regret none of them in the house of commons or lords

    if we as a country could just focus on getting honest and honorable mp's elected only that would be the best start in going forward for this country and the sooner the public wake up to this fact the better

  36. joseph many emotive words have been used to describe the conservative party for the very reason they say one thing but behind the scenes are up to no good that's their history and their is nothing anyone can do about it hence you should expect emotive language being used

    Labour are just as bad saying one thing but behind your back up to no good hence that's why the majority of people in this country don't vote and if they did they would vote for someone like myself IE honest with a great emphasis on integrity

    well I'm not standing for leader and on that basis i would say as a country were stuck and going nowhere and the only people who need to watch out in the coming years will be the sick and disabled

  37. one further thing Joseph is that democracy is only achievable if you have a honest house of commons and lords

    We in the uk don't have that so therefor anything said by a politician counts for nothing hence the majority don't vote so therefor democracy doesn't exist

    i myself am a conservative but have never voted for that very reason

    you should only be voting for those in government that are honest and can lead we do not have that at this time and in my opinion never have and on that basis I'm out

  38. sorry @nick but u just still dont get it if someone is better off on benefits than getting a job they simply wont get a job period. if u are getting 18k job equiv. gratis from HMG which fool would bother working??

    there are millions of people in this country that have never worked 1 day in their life and never will while they continue to feed off others and the system allows them to.

    the only solution is stop benefits. if u say to someone ok heres an 18k job take it or u get nothing. what they gonna say?? if u say heres an 18k job or u can have 18k from the state to sit on yr butt all week what u gonna choose??

    working ppl are struggling to feed their own families rather than having to feed those who cant be bothered to work and they have had enough of them having better lives and more disposable income than them.

    26k benefit cap u having a laugh?! just shows how lucrative it is if someone can get that much for nothing. the benefit reforms are forcing ppl into work but those hell bent on not working are still able to milk the system dry.

    simple answer stop benefits u will see those that have never worked getting a job what choice they got? the gravy train ends now period.

    1. i agree that those that are fit should be working but this blog is about the sick and disabled who cant work

      There are many mp's who have never done a days work in their lives a mp is not working all he is doing is like going to a wealthy club for a chat with his mates at the tax payers expense

      What should be happing is that the wealthy businesses that make huge profits should be paying a living wage so that the workers earn enough so that aren't entitled to any benefits

      it is very wrong for big businesses to make vast profits for the few which keep the workers on low pay and that first and foremost needs addressing

    2. c93f60a6-12f9-11e2-a1c3-000bcdcb471e I worked my entire life up until 5 years ago when i became sick. I am now not able to work because of my disability. Do not tar everyone on benefits with the same brush, do you really think i enjoy being at home alone day in day out? I would much rather be out there working for a living. Do you think it's easy to be in pain 24/7, sometimes not sleeping for days because the pain is keeping you awake? Do you think i enjoy not being able to walk and having to be pushed around in a wheelchair when out of the house? (when i do manage to get out of the house that is). I didn't ask for my life to be this way. At the age of 16 when i left school i didn't think to myself shall i work for a living or sit in a wheelchair all day virtually housebound? I just hope that you do not wake up one day in such severe pain that you cannot even get out of bed, because then you may need to rely on those exact benefits that you are talking about getting rid of! it happened to me, it could happen to you or a member of your family! Karma will bite your a*** big time!

  39. Mitt Romney and David Cameron are like brothers and that's the main problem the world faces they get caught out time and time again for all policy's errors for the very good reason they have had a very privileged isolated upbringing and think they are the the cure for the worlds Ill's but in fact are the reason for those Ill's in the first place

    they don't get it and the blind public knowing no different don't see it and there's not much you can do about it as history dictates the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor and that's how it's gonna stay

  40. In response to the list of rapidly rising 'tacit' taxes on the poor. Did we overlook the 10% contribution to council tax planned for April 2013. How does this help those living on a subsistence of £71/week ?

    It's rather like the endowment mortgage scandal, pay National Instance on the expectation that you will be treated fairly in helped back to work rather than 'coerced' and starved.

    In response to mismanagement of the economy and lack of jobs, any 'responsible' government would take a 'salary holiday', in which case we would save a 'minimum' of £45 million. They can always make up the short fall by fiddling their expenses. The PM's salary alone is around £142,000, plus expenses!

    How about refundable VAT for the unemployed, that would ease the cost of fuel and provide some assistance in travelling to interviews. Furthermore, what happened to the idea of having a 'credible' opposition !

  41. I don't understand any of those figures. My 'amount the Government says you need to live on' is £71 plus c £20 for my many illnesses. Out of that I pay everything including all utility bills. That's nowhere near a wage. I don't complain as long as I can manage basics and to keep warm but those things are becoming unaffordable and constant victimisation has taken a toll on my health. I sit indoors all day. Just sit. If you want to swap with me you're welcome. I'm out of breath, in pain and unable to care for myself. Gravy train indeed!