Tuesday 10 April 2012

PIP survey - Please help?

The wonderful Sam Barnett-Cormack and wearespartacus.org have designed this survey to help them put together an official Spartacus response to the PIP consultation.

We'd be REALLY grateful if you could spare a few minutes to take part. The more people that reply, the more reliable the results will be.

We don't feel that we should speak for you - but would love to base our response on what YOU think and need.

Thank you so much.



  1. Thank you sue
    and this is for you to take a look at


  2. Survey links are OK but 'We are Spartacus' site should be http://wearespartacus.org.uk/

  3. Why oh why didn't the DWP send letters to everyone in receipt of DLA, information about their intention to stop all DLA payments and ask ALL of the people that this will effect what they think about it? Let everyone have their say about what's best for them? How can they have a genuine, open, and inclusive consultation about this new personal independence payment when the very people it effects don't even know what it is?

    1. easy there would be an outrage the mp's time would be filled up for months with thousands of enquires

      bad news is best dealt with by the DWP sending you a letter and then watching you suffer and that's precisely what the government will be doing

      There'll make you sweat at night so much you'll end up like me to never be able to sleep again and i tell you now it's very tough it's a living hell and if i was to tell my story on the bbc it would go down in history as riveting viewing with record numbers of people tuning in

      I'm not unique either as every story is worth watching irrespective of the illness or disability

      many will die that's the bottom line on the change over in to pip etc and that's a fact and i will in history be proved right

      As i have said before the only thing you need to understand about welfare reform is how many people will die over the next 3 years and whatever you do is to remember those that have died so far and those that will continue to die in the future

  4. Thanks Sue. I've filled in and submitted the survey.

    The poster above makes a very good point. Copies of the draft proposals should've been sent to all DLA claimants long ago. I wonder why the Gov. didn't do this. Oh yes, they think that disabled people don't deserve to be listened to.
    They are wrong.

    We are many.
    We are Sparticus.

  5. Please forgive me – I’m a bit donart (as my auld granda used to say!) Can someone tell me, would it be the “DLA reform and Personal Independence Payment – completing the detailed design consultation” on this link http://www.dwp.gov.uk/consultations/2012/pip-detailed-design.shtml that we should be reading in order to respond to the survey? Or is it something else?

    Much obliged!

  6. It's the PIP Assessment stuff, 2nd draft regulations, thresholds and so forth... not got the formal name and URL to hand.

    1. Thanks Sam,

      Thats very kind of you - though still looking for idiot guide links? (for an idiot I should mention!)

      The link below has an "audio" if that helps anybody. It has helped me come up with a few questions for the survey (I will need to listen to some of it again though!). However, any other links would be just swell?


      Thanks kids

      Kind regards

  7. you must remember with the survey to stick to the facts like if you can walk with crutches you wont get the high mobility rate so you will lose your car ?

    likewise if you get the middle rate care you will probably drop down to the low care rate thus losing your care allowance

    the only people who will be unaffected by pip will those who at this time get the high rate for care as that is very much a small secluded group and their lives will not be changing

    those on high rate care don't normally work so there mobility rate if high now will drop down to low i would think as the government will be thinking on those lines

    I myself struggle to live but i can walk with pain at all times and because i struggle i only get a low rate but theirs no way you could get a high rate just with heart pain that is not enough

    My care rate is middle as i need to have someone with me when out for my protection but if you can stand up pain or no pain there is no way you will get the high rate keeping the middle rate and being thankful is the best you can do

    my bet is most people will just be dropped down from where they are now to low for care and low for mobility and that's my prediction

    anyone getting nothing on pip will need to contact their mp as the press will see you as a con merchant a scrounger and worse a fiddler

  8. Another informative blog… Thank you for sharing it… Best of luck for further endeavor too.

  9. Done, at last, I had tried a few times on the Spartacus site but got bogged down in detail. Thanks to all those who put together this survey.